Why Me?

Jay's dad Robin, has a new wife as well as she has a son. Jay and 'the son' become best friends as well as brother and sister and when she meets his friends she falls in love, not with one of the boys, but four. what is she going to do? she asks Harry and he says its her choice, but she cant pick.


4. yes

Niall's POV

I asked Jay out, she is really sweet and beautiful and I hope she says yes.   I got up for school, got ready and ate breakfast and head out the door for school. as I was walking I saw Harry hugging Jay then started walking, hmmm he better not have taken  my girl.

Jay's POV

when I was walking to school I saw Harry and I went to him.

"hey Harry!" I said starting to walk with him, "how are ya love?" he said and smiled. "pretty good..umm, I kinda need advice.." I said looking down at the ground "yea and whats that?" he said looking right at me. I stopped and stood in front of him, "umm, well i dont know..Harry I think I like your four friends" I said looking up at him. "ooohhhh someones got 4 times the crush!" he said kidding around, "this is serious, I judt dont know what to do or who to pick!" "well tell me whats going on right now" "well Niall asked me out and I think I'm gonna say yes" "well you should, and if you arent happy in the relationship then move on, in the end you will see who is the one, you decide though" he smiled "thank you! that helps!" I told him and hugged him.

we got to school and I saw Niall heading towards our first period, i decided on telling him in class.. we got into class and sat at our desks, i got out the note he had handed me yesterday and wrote in capital letters across the whole paper, 'YES!' and at the bottom of the exclamation point, i put a heart, i have a thing with hearts and i dont know why.

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