Why Me?

Jay's dad Robin, has a new wife as well as she has a son. Jay and 'the son' become best friends as well as brother and sister and when she meets his friends she falls in love, not with one of the boys, but four. what is she going to do? she asks Harry and he says its her choice, but she cant pick.


3. the day..

Jay's POV

I stepped inside my house and threw my bag on the floor taking my homework out of it. "how was your first day?" my dad said wallking into the hallway where I was. "it was great, made a few new friends." I said smiling a bit. "thats great what did you do today?" "boring work" I got all my homework and brought it up to my room. I had math, english and social studies to do, ugh so stressful, like who even likes all dis shit? not me!

I was finishing up english and was about to do social studies when I got a call from one of my besties before I moved here. "heey babe!" I said to her " Hey Jay, I miss you a ton and so does Cathryn, when are you coming home?!" she said with Cathryn in the backround saying ' i miss you Jay' i miss you' 'i love youuuuu' "I miss and love you to Cat but you guys know I cant come home I moved here because of my dad and his work.." "and his girlfriend.." Taylor said. "mostly work though" I argue back." whatever I still want you back, want you back wa-want you want you back UHH" Tay sings. "listen I have to finish my homework text me eveyday or how many times as you need to." I say hanging up after she says okay.

I finished all my homework then I started texting Tay and Cat, after a while of laughs and memories in our conversation the door bell rang. I got up went downstairs and when i opened the door I couldnt believe my eyes. it was Harry standing there. "umm..can i help you?" I ask. "oh, um...well this is awkward.." he says, "oh yeah Anne and her son were coming over" my dad said walking towards the door. "who and what??" "my girlfriend and her son Harry" "oh dear lord.." I said turning around and walking upstairs to my bedroom, I laid down on my bed holding my phone over me and started to tell the girls about this until Harry came into my room and I dropped my phone on my face "OWWWW" I say sitting up, covering the part of my face where my phone landed on. Harry sat down next to me on my bed, "you okay there love?" he said taking my hand away to check if there was a mark. "everything looks good, no worries" it still hurt but i didnt really care anymore after we started talking. it was for a while until Anne said that they had to leave, i wish they didnt have to, I consider Harry maybe a best friend now even though I have only known him for only about a day. I hugged him and Anne goodbye then I went off to bed.


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