Why Me?

Jay's dad Robin, has a new wife as well as she has a son. Jay and 'the son' become best friends as well as brother and sister and when she meets his friends she falls in love, not with one of the boys, but four. what is she going to do? she asks Harry and he says its her choice, but she cant pick.


1. I Love You

Jay's POV

"Good morning dad!" I say walking into the kitchen "morning sweetie, whats with the good mood?" he asked handing me my breakfast. "Well although im going to be the new girl, I think I'll make some good friends, I did easily at my old school." I said, winking. "well I hope you do, by the way you might wanna start walking to school now" he said pointing to the time. I nod and head out the door and start walking.

Me and my dad moved here from business and his girlfriend lives here, I havent met her yet because I was always doing something but I will meet her sometime soon, I hope. I wanna see my 'maybe soon' step mom. anyways I am going to my new school named CPHS Cheshire Public High School, I have a feeling I will make great friend and I hope there wont be any mean people but then again, there always is. I had to leave my best friends and other friends, It was hard but I am a social butterfly so this will be easy.

I see the school and many people, I walk inside and look around, I must have gotten carried away because some how I didnt see someone there but I bumped into him and and fell face first but but elbows landed so it wouldnt be too embarrassing as if it could have been my face that got hurt. "I'm sorry didnt see you there love." A sweet boy said with curly brown hair and emerald eyes. " its alright im used to it at first, new school for me " I said getting up with the help of his hand pulling me up. "Harry" he said putting out his hand. "Jay" I said, shaking it. "short for anything?" he smirked. "if you mean my height its in the family...haha....no just Jay" I say as I giggled in between. "Oh I see...your very social for a new girl." he said "where is the main office  I need to get my class sheet" "down that hall, turn left and second door on your right" he said pointing into a direction "okay, see you later?" "sure" and with that, he was off to his first class. I walked down the hall and reach the door that said 'Main Office'. this place is huge! i thought to myelf, I walk in and said "hi, Im a new student here, I think I need a class sheet?" I asked, as if I didnt know what to do."Jay, is it?" "yes, Jay Swane" she nodded and handed me the papers, I thanked her and I was out to find my first class which is Music. I dont know where anything is, so I just asked a blonde boy for help "Hi, Im looking for music class, do you happen to know where it is?" I say as I stared into his sparkling blue eyes "Yeah, Im on my way there anyways, I'll walk you there?" he said, ooohh he has braces too! I like that;) I nod and we walked to the music class and we talked the whole way. "I'm Niall by the way." he said before we entered the classroom "Jay" i said opening the door. he walked over to someone and everyone else was talking and goofing around. I spotted Harry and said hi, we talked until the teacher said for everyone to be quiet and sit down. i sat beside Harry and Niall in front of me. I past them both a note saying hi with a heart, dont know why but its a habit to. and Niall wrote 'how are you enjoying school so far?' and Harry wrote 'Hi :) ' and me and Harry had a fun conversation about random things and Niall and I had a funny conversation about how badly dressed the teacher was. I didnt know what to write back to Niall's last note.

*Niall's note*


W1!! Y0U 60 0UT W1TH M3??

figure out the code...



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