Why Me?

Jay's dad Robin, has a new wife as well as she has a son. Jay and 'the son' become best friends as well as brother and sister and when she meets his friends she falls in love, not with one of the boys, but four. what is she going to do? she asks Harry and he says its her choice, but she cant pick.


2. I dont know..

I kept the note in my pocket and continued with the rest of music class. the bell rang and I quickly walked out of the class when Niall ran after me, I put my headphones in and turned the volume up, I walked through the hall to my next class listening to my favorite song.

but you gotta keep

your head up ooohh

you dont let your head

down, ehhh.

I know its hard

oh its hard.

the song ended and I went to change the song when Niall yelled "Hey, HEY!" "oh, hi Niall" "I was calling after for a few minutes now" he said out of breath. "sorry, music takes me into my own world" I smirked. "its alright, where to next?" "umm..english" I said then rolled my eyes, I dont enjoy english really. "I have english to, so have you thought about my question?" I dont know what to say, I think im in love with him but I just met him! "let me think about it" "sure" he said and we were off to english.

the day went by and Harry and I started talking on the way out of the school. "I want you to meet a few of my friends." "sure, but I have to be home soon." "yea no problem" we walked to a group with four guys. "YO LOUIS!" he yelled to one of the guys in the group. "HARREH!" they man hugged and I stood back and then Harry came back over and introduced me to them, one of them was Niall and I hugged him, as well as the rest of them. I stayed for a bit and then said I had to go. "Isnt she lovely?" I heard Harry say as I cotinued walking. I got to know them well.  there is Zayn that is a bit mysterious, fun, funny and you would think he's quiet but he is actually pretty loud, oh and he loves looking at his reflection or just mirrors and his hair.. Louis is hilarious and him and Harry have somewhat of a bromance going on, he is a great person to talk to and he is so much fun and he loves carrots?. Niall, I already met him but he is so sweet and funny, he LOVES food and he is very kind. Liam is sensitive, loving and caring, sweet and mature, he also is afraid of spoons. Harry is a great guy, he's fun, funny inmature and loves cats.

I dont know...but, I think Im in love with the four of Harry's friends

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