A poem about he beauty that is Music


1. Music

A magical mellifluous melody, 

Speaking through the air,

A hollow space filled with warmth,

Hot with musical flare.   


A single note with so much meaning,

A power all on its own.

But paired with another, three maybe four,

All beauty will be made known.  


Instruments crafted by man,

Vessels for this ineffable element.

Domineering the seas of silence

Turning cacophonies into sediment.  


Such soft serene sounds,

That echo through the ages,

An art that started verbally,

Is now all written in pages.   


A manuscript of pulchritudinous dots.

A song of capricious chords.

All the tones of life,

Well worth our applause.  


The one and only language,

That everyone understands.

A beacon of communication,

lit by gods irreproachable hands.   


Some say it inspires people

In everything they do.

I like to think, it inspired life,

love, and friendship too.  


Older than animals and older than plants, 

Yet still it soldiers on,

An ode to music, shall I sing

And this shall be my song.  


The beating heart of our society, 

A ringing bass for our ears.

But the reliable thing about music,

Is its been here, for years and years. 

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