The Next Door Neighbour 2

Harry goes on tour and Katie moves back to America. They loses contact and don't speak for ages. Katie moves on, but Harry is still heart broken. But what happens when Katie's friend, Liv, brings her to a 1D concert? Do the boys recoise her? Does Harry get her back? Does she confess to her friend Liv? ... Cover made by: HSxox_


7. 7

Katie's POV

I woke up the next morning at 7am, but I was in such a good mood I didn't want to go back to sleep. I practically jumped out of bed and skipped over to the shower. As I shampooed my hair I sang 'live while we're young' really loudly. I dryer my hair with a towel and put on some sweats and a hoodie. I couldn't really be bothered to wear proper cloths. I skipped into the kitchen and put Liv's take me home CD into the CD player. I blasted out the music whilst buttering slices of toast. I sang along and whipped my wet hair around madly. I wasn't really concentrating on the toast and I ended up buttering 24 slices!
"You look happy!" Liv said, walking in and raising her eyebrows at the pile of toast on the table.
"I'm in such and good mood and I hope your hungry," I said.
"I guess.." She sat down and helped herself to a slice.
"How many did you make!?" She said, staring at the pile.
"24, but there like 20 now as I ate a couple," I said. She slide into her chair and started to eat. I ran over to the CD player and turned up the volume. It was 'rock me' now playing. I sang along as I sat on the table whipping my hair back a forth.
"Hmm..." Liv said, taking note of my singing.
"I'm in such a good mode!" I smiled.
"Ok, what happened last night?" She said. "I obviously missed something!"
"We'll I found that Louis put a piece of paper with his number on it, into my pocket. So I rang him me we talked about stuff and he asked me why I left them. And I explained about none of them answering my texts or called. And he explained that they all got mugged and there phones were stolen," I smiled. "So Harry didn't ignore me!" I beamed this time.
"Aww, that's great," Liv said supportively.
"And I'm meeting them today...and err you coming too!" I said quickly so she couldn't but in.
"What?" She replied.
"I don't want to go alone," I said giving her the puppy dog eyes.
"A year ago they were your best friends and your boyfriend," she pointed out.
"I know, but that was a year ago," I gave her puppy dog eyes again.
"Fine," she sighed. "So where are we meeting them?" She asked.
" at the cafe down the road," I shouted whilst lacing up my vans and grabbing my bag. Liv grabbed her bag too and she was already were shoes.
We rushed towards her car and raced off to the cafe. I stepped out the car and then realised what I was wearing, oh well! Louis, Eleanor and Ellen were already sat at a a large table in the cafe. I ran up to them and hugged them both.
"Ellen, this is Auntie Katie," Louis said handing her to me.
"Aww, she's so cute," I said. "Wait, I'm an auntie. I left you guys and I'm still an auntie..?" I said puzzled.
"Shhh, she doesn't need to know," Louis said pretending to cover baby Ellen's ears. I sat down next to Louis with Liv at my side.
"Liv right?" Louis said. She nodded. I then saw the rest of the boys and their girlfriends walk round the corner. Niall and Shayla, Zayn and Perrie, Liam and Molly. And Harry.
They all walked into the cafe staring at me. I guessing there didn't know I was going to be here.
"Surprise!" I said, breaking the silence.
"W-what you doing here?" Zayn asked.
"Nice to see you too," I said hugging him.
"I missed you so much!" Perrie said, pulling me into a big hug.
"Me too!" Shayla said hugging me aswell. I hugged everyone but Harry, he just stood there staring at me.
"Umm...I think you too need to talk," Louis said, pushing me towards Harry. I smile awkwardly as we exited the cafe together.
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