The Next Door Neighbour 2

Harry goes on tour and Katie moves back to America. They loses contact and don't speak for ages. Katie moves on, but Harry is still heart broken. But what happens when Katie's friend, Liv, brings her to a 1D concert? Do the boys recoise her? Does Harry get her back? Does she confess to her friend Liv? ... Cover made by: HSxox_


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Katie's POV

We arrived at our new flat, it was so nice. Harry had to go meet up with Louis somewhere, but me and Liv managed the boxes on our own.
"I love this house!" Liv shouted.
"And it was worth the three hours of bringing all the stuff up!" I sighed flopping on the sofa. We started to unpack boxes and put things into place. By 8'o'clock we were done.
"I'm so hungry now," I sighed.
"Oh yeah..." Liv replied.
"What?" I asked.
"That's what I forgot...." Liv said. She looked at me hopefully.
"We'll I didn't remember!" I laughed.
"So know what?" She asked. "We go hungry?"
"I think it's time we meet the neighbours!" I grinned.
"You can't ask the neighbours for food, are you crazy?!" Liv exclaimed.
"What I did it last time I moved and I meet Harry," I smiled.
"Ok, but I'm not a part of this," she sighed.
"No, your coming with me," I grabbed her arm and we walked into the corridor. I knocked gently on the door.
"I've changed my mind," I said turning around.
"Do you wanna go hungry?" Liv asked.
"Ok," I turned back around as the door opened. A boy answered it, he had his hood over his eyes and face and I couldn't see him properly.
"Hi we just moved in next door, I'm Katie and this is Liv," I smiled.
"Enter if you dare!" He said and walked into the flat. I looked at Liv.
"Wait. Come back," I shouted. He walked back and I studied what little of his face I could.
"Louis?" I asked, pulling his good off. "What are you doing here?"
"I came to hang out with Harry," He answered.
"And what's Harry doing here?" I asked.
"He lives her," He replied.
"Oh well ok, we came for some food," I smiled letting myself into the flat. Harry was sat at the kitchen table on his phone.
"Hey Harry," I smiled walking over to the fridge.
"Umm...Katie, what ya doing here?" He asked.
"Oh I moved in next door, and needed some food," I smiled scanning the fridge.
"Again!" He laughed.
"Yep," I giggled.
"I'm glad you came for food the first time," He smiled.
"Me too," I replied. Our faces we inches apart, I looked deep into his eyes.
"Sorry if I'm ruining the moment, but are you guys gonna take food or stay for dinner?" He asked.
"We'll if your offering!" Liv said. I stood back from Harry as Louis and Liv were still watching.
"Guys, you don't need to move away, I'm sorry I ruined the moment pretend we aren't here," Louis said.
"But you are here," I pointed out.
"And kiss!" He shouted.
"...why would I ....kiss him?" I laughed.
"Because he's your boyfriend," Liv pointed out. I looked up at Harry.
" did you guys know?" Harry asked.
"Oh we have know for just over 6 months," Louis smiled drinking some orange juice from the bottle.
"And you didn't say anything?" I asked.
"We were waiting for you to tell us," Liv said.
"We'll we were actually going to tell you tomorrow." Harry said.
"Ha, one day early, who cares?" Louis laughed.
"Anyone else know?" I asked.
"Yeah, like everyone," Louis grinned. I looked at him.
"What like the pap and the fans?" Harry exclaimed.
"No, like Zayn, Perrie, El, Liam, Niall, Shayla, me, Liv," Louis explained.
"Oh ok," I nodded.
"And kiss!" Louis shouted.
"Leave 'em to it," Liv laughed dragging him out of the room.
I looked up at Harry and he pressed his lips against mine. Our lips moved in sync and we soon pulled away.
"That was a magical moment," Louis pretended to sob. Him and Liv were standing by the door spying on us.
"Louis!" I shouted.

Authors note:
Before any of you get confused nothing is happening between Louis and Liv. Glad I got that cleared up. So it all happened again! And Louis told hem that everyone knows. The knew character will come into the next book I decided as I though of a good way to get her in. The next chapter will be the last chapter before the new book. Hope you enjoy it!
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