The Next Door Neighbour 2

Harry goes on tour and Katie moves back to America. They loses contact and don't speak for ages. Katie moves on, but Harry is still heart broken. But what happens when Katie's friend, Liv, brings her to a 1D concert? Do the boys recoise her? Does Harry get her back? Does she confess to her friend Liv? ... Cover made by: HSxox_


32. 32

Katie's POV

"Oh my God, Harry are you okay?!" I exclaimed as the door slammed behind me. I walked over to him, he was in the bathroom examining his nose. He damped a towel and held it up to his bleeding nose. "Here let me do that," I smiled. I tock the towel from his hand and he turned to face me. I touched his nose gently with the towel, he winced in pain. He begin to get used to the pain and he smiled at me. I tock the now red towel away from his nose, there wasn't much blood left, only the smallest bit. I looked at him and he sighed knowing that I wanted an explanation.
"I heard Liam telling you that he loved you. I heard it all. Then I don't know, he saw me and told me it was rude to eaves drop. And then I don't know. I lost it, you are my everything," He smiled.
"But what about you and Liam?" I whispered, knowing Harry had ruined there friendship over me. I couldn't help but feel guilty. Harry sat on the edge of the bed and I sat down next to him.
"We'll I mean sure things will be awkward, I mean they are never go back to how it use to be," He sighed, realising he had lost one of his best friends. I felt so bad, so guilty. I burst into tears. "Katie, don't cry, I will be alright," Harry smiled.
"But I won't," I sobbed. "I made you lose your best friend, and you can blame me, I don't care," I cried. Harry put his arm around me for comfort and I cried into his chest.

Authors note:

Don't worry, Harry and Liam will eventually make up! I promise! But oh my god, so sad! Katie feels so bad, poor her! The next chapter will be on Louis POV! Enjoy! xxxx
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