The Next Door Neighbour 2

Harry goes on tour and Katie moves back to America. They loses contact and don't speak for ages. Katie moves on, but Harry is still heart broken. But what happens when Katie's friend, Liv, brings her to a 1D concert? Do the boys recoise her? Does Harry get her back? Does she confess to her friend Liv? ... Cover made by: HSxox_


29. 29

Liam's POV

I lay across the sofa thinking about how mucked up my life was. I broke up with my girlfriend who I started to dislike about two months ago, I told the girl I love that I loved her, yet less than a week later she lost her memory. I had to tell her again, this was my chance this time. She still had Harry in her mind last time, this was my time to tell her. I told her once, come on Liam man up! You can tell her a second time. I sat up as I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I turned my head, there was Katie...with Harry. It wasn't that I didn't like Harry, I mean he was one of my best friends. But it's just I was jealous of him, he had Katie and even though he doesn't now, I see the way he still looks at her. I looked back at Katie, she looked amazing in high waisted shoots, a shirt and some sandals. She was so effortless. No makeup, and her curly hair was natural.
"Umm..Katie can I talk to you?" I asked.
"Sure," She said as her happy, bouncy self. I walked around the corner from the living room, there was a small toilet round the corner and a long corridor. Seconds later she joined me, she stood in front of me and I tock in the sent of her sweet perfume.
"Katie, I need to tell you something," I said slowly.
"Don't worry Harry told me the story of my life," She smiled.
"I know, but there is a part he doesn't know," I said even slower.
"Yeah.." She said, arguing me to tell.
"Harry told you about Molly right," I asked, she nodded. "We'll when she left you came to see if I was ok, and I said I loved someone and you said they would be perfect for me and then I told you was you." I finished. She stared at me. "Say something, you scaring me." I said. She just stared at me though big eyes.
"I'm sorry Liam, I have to go," She ran off outside the back door and down the beach. I sighed and turned the corner, Harry was leaning against the wall staring at me. I froze and stared at him. Crap!

Authors note:

I have a half term right now, that's a weeks off school for those who don't know. So there will be a lot of updates this week! Enjoy!
So Harry probably heard? You think he will beat Liam up or something? You think he will tell him, that him and Katie are a thing? Why is Katie so upset? IT'S ALL HAPPENING!
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