The Next Door Neighbour 2

Harry goes on tour and Katie moves back to America. They loses contact and don't speak for ages. Katie moves on, but Harry is still heart broken. But what happens when Katie's friend, Liv, brings her to a 1D concert? Do the boys recoise her? Does Harry get her back? Does she confess to her friend Liv? ... Cover made by: HSxox_


19. 19

Katie's POV

"Tomlinson," Louis smiled at the lady at the front dress of the restaurant. She wasn't that pretty, I wouldn't say she was ugly but wasn't pretty. She was quite young, maybe just a bit older than us.
"OH MY GOD! IT'S LOUIS TOMLINSON!" She screamed, her shaking hand pointing to Louis.
"Hi," He replied, and waved at her. The lady looked at all of us.
"OH MY GOD! IT'S ONE DIRECTION!" She screamed even louder. The whole restaurant turned to face us. A couple of old people sighed, but teenage girls came running over to us. We all tock photos and did sighing. After about 20 minutes we finished with the teenage girls and they soon went back to their tables. I spotted in the distance a group of teenagers about our age heading for the restaurant. One of them reached out to pull the door opened.
"Harry..." I whispered nudging his arm. He turned to look.
"OH MY GOD, IT'S HARRY STYLES!" One of the girls screamed.
"OH MY GOD, IT'S NIALL HORAN!" Another one screamed.
"LOOK, IT'S LIAM!" The third one screamed.
"OMG IT'S ZAYN!" The last one screamed.
"GO GO GO GO!" Louis shouted, as we pushed past the screaming girls. We carried on running down the high street until we were out of breath. We lent against the wall to a building and we all burst of laughing.
"OH MY GOD IT'S HARRY!" I shouted imitating one of the girls.
"OH MY GOD IT'S LOUIS TOMLINSON!" Perrie shouted imitating the waitress. She made her hand start to shake as she pointed to Louis, she looked deadly serious at him. And then burst out laughing. We carried on walking down the street, not really sure were we were going. We came to a small parade of shops, all closed at this hour. There was a small restaurant at the end. We all walked inside, there was a young, blonde lady at the front dress. She looked about 18, our age. Oh god!
"Do you have a booking?" She asked Louis, who stood at the front.
", but we were wondering of you have a table for 10?" He asked.
"No, but I'm sure we can fit something up for one direction," she smiled at us, before walking off to rearrange to tables. I saw Harry staring at her and I slapped his arm playfully.
"Don't worry. I have a plan," he whispered.
"Ok," I replied.
"I just wanna say now, tonight what ever I do, it's all acting." I nodded, not really knowing what I meant.
"Over here," The blonde girl said, leading us over to our table. We sat down, thanking her.
"Any drinks I can get you?" She asked, we all told her our orders. She walked away and we talked about everything and nothing. Harry hand was firmly placed on my lower thigh and I felt it creepy upwards. Why did I wear a dress?!?!?! We ordered our food and it came fairly quickly. I saw Harry look the girl up and down as she brought us our food. As she walked away, we started to eat.
"So Harry.." Louis smirked.
"What?" He said with a mouthful of food.
"Oh yeah like none of us just saw you check her out," Niall laughed.
"What, she's hot," Harry said. My heart dropped, but then I remembered he told me he was acting and I felt his hand creep higher up my leg. The conversation carried on, turning into a conversation about goldfish. I'm not really sure how the subject changed to that! The lady cam ego clear up our plates, she tock half and then came back for the other half.
"Excuse me, my friend thinks your hot," Said Louis pointing to Harry. Louis was so childish, what was he, like 7?! Harry half smiled at her as she looked him up and down, smiled and left.
"OOOOOHHHHH! Mate, she is into you!" Zayn shouted, probably louder than he intended to. I laughed to myself, they would never know.

Authors note:

I'm really annoyed, because I wrote half this chapter and then I lost signal and it deleted and I couldn't be bothered to write it again. So I watched Harry potter instead and the I rewrote it so yeah. Hope you enjoy. And if any off you haven't seen Harry potter and the deathly gallows part 2, watch it NOW! I watched at the Harry potters in the wrong order, so I'm just like ha yeah! I watched the 1st one, the last one, the 2nd one, the 4th one, the 5th one then the 3rd one and I still havnt watched the 6th one, then I watched part two again, I sorta get it this time! Anyway, it's amazing go watch it. I am officially a Harry potter fan! Just thought I might tell you guys! :) anyway, so bye! Sorry for my blabbering.....won't happen again!:)
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