The Next Door Neighbour 2

Harry goes on tour and Katie moves back to America. They loses contact and don't speak for ages. Katie moves on, but Harry is still heart broken. But what happens when Katie's friend, Liv, brings her to a 1D concert? Do the boys recoise her? Does Harry get her back? Does she confess to her friend Liv? ... Cover made by: HSxox_


18. 18

Katie's POV

I came downstairs at about 3'o'clock. The kitchen was empty, the living room was empty. I walked outside to find everyone sunbathing on the beach. I walked over to them and sat down next to Niall.
"You wanna come and join us for dinner later?" Louis said, more of a statement than a question.
"Sure." I replied, knowing I didn't really have a choice.
"Good, wear something nice," He said, I nodded and lay my head on the warm sand.

-later that day-

I sat on the bed crossed legged checking my twitter. Some of the fans had tweeted me asking of me and Harry were back together. I didn't want to rely as I hated the fact of deny our relationship.
"We'll hello there," Harry said, walking out of the bathroom and adjusting his bow tie. He tock my hand as I stood up from the bed. He twirled me around and stared at me.
"Take a photo, it will last longer," I laughed, before pecking his check and leaving the room. I walked downstairs and towards the front door. It was about 6pm and the sun was just setting, it was beautiful. I stepped into the black car waiting for us on the driveway. I was the first one and I felt a little odd sitting in a huge black car on my own. My loneliness soon went as Harry took a seat next to me. He kissed my lips passionately as he lent over me, the back of my head touching the cold window. I heard footsteps and quickly pulled away. Niall walked into the car tacking a seat next to Harry.
"Ah, it's only Niall," Harry said, leaning over me again.
"Guys, Louis," Niall whispered. I looked up and sure enough Louis and Eleanor were walking out towards the car hand in hand. I sat up straight and smiled as Eleanor tock a seat next to me.
"So, where are we going, I wasn't paying attention earlier," I said.
"Umm...some restaurant called Murrays," Eleanor answered.
"Cool," I replied. Then we all sat there awkwardly. Is it weird how five close friends can be so awkward around each other? Soon everyone else arrived and we started to drive. During the journey Louis and Eleanor started to make out, as did Niall and Shayla. I guess Zayn and Perrie got the same idea.
"Umm...guys, some people are single over here," I said putting my hands up to state my point.
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