Not So Ordinary

I never thought my ordinary life, would turn so not so ordinary. I'm eighteen, my Dad is an alcoholic and is very very strict. My Mum, well, she left when I turned fourteen. She got sick of Dad and just left. Leaving me behind, leaving me to put up with him.

So, I left, in search of a better life. I moved in with my friend, who lives next door to Harry Styles . . .


3. Jealous

"Anna, I talked to Harry!" I squealed as I entered her flat. 

"No way!" She screamed and ran up to me. 

"He's so nice." I told her. Her green eyes were filled with excitement. 

"I bet! You have to try and get him to ask you out!" she gushed with excitement. 

"OK!" I agreed, "But how?" 

"You just keep bumping into him and talk to him, flirt with him. Always look attractive, no going out in slobby clothes." She advised, I just nodded as I took it all in. 

The following day I went out to work looking nicer than usual, but not so it was really noticeable. There was no sign of Harry on the way to work. Work dragged by so slow, as if it was taunting me, knowing I wanted to see Harry desperately. When my shift ended I left the library as quickly as I could and crossed my fingers. Harry had to pass me. 

He did, finally. He was across the street from me. He waved and I waved back, giving him a small smile. Harry ran across the road. 

"I know we barely know each other, but do you wanna go on a date sometime?" He asked. I blushed. 

"Of course!" I replied quickly. I ran home and told Anna the great news. 

"Wow! I'm so jealous!" She exclaimed. 

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