Not So Ordinary

I never thought my ordinary life, would turn so not so ordinary. I'm eighteen, my Dad is an alcoholic and is very very strict. My Mum, well, she left when I turned fourteen. She got sick of Dad and just left. Leaving me behind, leaving me to put up with him.

So, I left, in search of a better life. I moved in with my friend, who lives next door to Harry Styles . . .


1. Hell

Ellie P.O.V

"Dad, please let me go out. I just want to see Anna." I begged. Dad was drunk, as usual. 

"No. You're not leaving this house. You're grounded." Dad barked at me. 

"For what?!" I screeched. 

"For asking to go out." Dad replied.

"I'm eighteen! I need freedom! I wanted to see my friend!" I yelled at him. 

"You don't need freedom." He barked back. 

"Just 'cause you stay at home and drink all day doesn't mean I need to stay trapped in this hell hole!" I screamed. My Dad stood up and slapped me. 

"Just go upstairs to your room and shut up. You're not going out and that's final!" He screeched in my face. I turned around and walked upstairs. This isn't new, I'm trapped at home. I rarely go out. Most nights, when it's like this, I starve. Dad only shouts at me and makes me go back to my room again.

I curled up into bed and fell asleep. I woke up to bright sunlight. Maybe I should leave, like what Mum did. I should pack my clothes and the very few belongings I have and find somewhere to stay, I could stay at Anna's. I walked round to Anna's and knocked on her front door. 

"Ellie?" She asked, shocked. 

"Yeah, um, could I stay here for a bit?" I asked her. 

"Sure, come in." She replied and let me in. 

"I left Dad, I have had enough, I'm eighteen. I need freedom." I explained. 

"Great. You will never guess who lives next door!" She shrieked. 

"Who?" I asked. 

"Harry Styles!" She shrieked. I looked at her in shock.

"You must be kidding!" I screamed, jumping up 

"Dibs!" She called. 

"No fair! Doesn't he have a girlfriend?" I asked her. 

"No! OK, fine, none of us date him." She gave in. 

"Good." I mumbled. "Anyway, he won't ever know we live here." 

"True." she murmured. 

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