Not So Ordinary

I never thought my ordinary life, would turn so not so ordinary. I'm eighteen, my Dad is an alcoholic and is very very strict. My Mum, well, she left when I turned fourteen. She got sick of Dad and just left. Leaving me behind, leaving me to put up with him.

So, I left, in search of a better life. I moved in with my friend, who lives next door to Harry Styles . . .


2. First time

After a week of living at Anna's, I managed to get a job. Since my Dad was so strict, I couldn't leave the house to get one. I finally got one at the library near Anna's house. I had to help put all the books back etc. 

"Bye!" I called out as I left. Just as I walked out, Harry was about to walk into his flat. He saw me and smiled, I smiled back and blushed. Wow, he was so hot in person. I looked down and walked down the steps. 

Work was fun. I got to talk to a few people. On the way back, I passed Harry again. He waved this time, I waved back shyly and blushed once again. I bit my lip and carried on walking. When I got back I brushed my messy brown hair and tied it back into a bun and re-outlined my hazel eyes. 

"Someone is in a good mood." Anna pointed out, looking at me curiously. 

"Work was fun, and I saw Harry twice. He smiled at me the first time, and waved at me the second!" I informed her. 

"Wow. But you can't date him." Anna reminded. 

"Aw. No fair!" I protested. 

"I see you like him, OK, it's fine." She finally gave in. 

"But Harry won't date me anyway, I'm not exactly pretty." I confessed. 

"You are pretty!" Anna returned. "Deal with it." 

I pursed my lips and sat down on the sofa and watched TV. I got bored and decided to go to the shops and buy myself some chocolate. I walked out the house and saw it was raining. I walked down the steps carefully and pulled the hood up over my head. It was a very quick walk to the shops. I walked straight to where the chocolate was, I know this shop very well, except it was a ten minute walk from my house and I used to always sneak out. I grabbed a bar off of the shelf and turned around to see Harry behind me. 

"Oh hi!" I said, startled. 

"Hi, you're the girl who lives next to me, right?" he replied. 

"Yeah, I moved in with my friend because I had no where else to go." I explained. 

"Cool, why didn't you have anywhere to go?" He asked curiously. 

"My dad was strict, wasn't allowed any freedom even though I'm eighteen. So I packed my stuff and left." I explained, we were walking to the tills now, he had several bars of chocolate in his hand. 

"What about your mum? Didn't she let you too?" He asked. 

"She walked out eight years ago, got fed up with my dad." I told him. 

"Oh, I'm sorry." He mumbled. I paid for my chocolate bar and waited for him to pay for his. 

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