Not So Ordinary

I never thought my ordinary life, would turn so not so ordinary. I'm eighteen, my Dad is an alcoholic and is very very strict. My Mum, well, she left when I turned fourteen. She got sick of Dad and just left. Leaving me behind, leaving me to put up with him.

So, I left, in search of a better life. I moved in with my friend, who lives next door to Harry Styles . . .


4. Date

Harry told me he was taking me out somewhere nice on Saturday night, he wouldn't tell me where though. I slept in on Saturday, making sure I wouldn't be falling asleep, he said he will be picking me up at six in the evening. 

"I'm so excited!" Anna giggled as she was doing my make-up.

"Same." I replied quietly. 

"Don't talk! You're making me ruin your make-up!" Anna hissed. 

When Anna had finished, I looked, well, nice. She luckily knows how I like my make-up, she just made it a little bit thicker and nicer. I got dressed into my nicest pair of jeans and a long flowery top. I slipped on my brown sandals and grabbed my small grey bag which held my phone and purse. 

"You're looking fabulous, have a great night." Anna complimented. I blushed and smiled. 

"Thanks. Really, for everything." I replied and Anna smiled and blushed a light pink. 

"It really is no problem." She returned, then she walked to her bedroom. The doorbell rang and I answered the door to find Harry standing there looking amazing. He was wearing light blue jeans and a blue shirt. 

"Hiya." He greeted. "You're looking wonderful." 

"Hi, thanks. You too." I returned, blushing. 

"Thanks." He said, smiling. He took my hand and we walked down the steps to his car. 

I climbed into his car. 

"Excited?" he asked curiously. I turned to look at him. His eyes concentrating on the road. 

"Yup, you?" I returned, trying my best to keep the conversation rolling. I didn't want the date to be a complete disaster. 

Harry P.O.V 

I looked at Ellie quickly, not wanting to crash. 

"Yup, you?" She returned, not taking her hazel eyes away from me. 

"Yup. So, who's your friend?" I asked. Her friend was pretty, but not as pretty as Ellie. No one could ever be as pretty. The first time I saw her, I knew I had to get her to be my girlfriend. I had to know her more. Ellie always seemed to look a little frightened, there was always this fear in her eyes. I wonder what causes that fear. It always seems to just sit there in her eyes, even now. 

"Oh, her name is Anna." Ellie mumbled, taking a quick glance out of the window. "She's really pretty." I watched Ellie nibble her lip from the corner of my eyes, then suddenly quickly drawing my attention back to the road. 

Ellie P.O.V 

I had this gut feeling that Harry was only taking me on this date because he wanted to get to know Anna. I hate this about boys. I nibbled on my lip nervously and watched as the world flew past.

"She's not as pretty as you, though." Harry mumbled. 

I blushed and turned to look at him. 

"Thanks." I replied, smiling. He could be lying though. He could be just saying this stuff so I don't dump him so he can go out with Anna. 

Harry P.O.V 

Ellie looked worried, I kept glancing over her. 

"What's up?" I asked her curiously. I parked into a suitable parking spot and turned off the engine. She turned to look at me. 

"Nothing." She said unsure. 

"There's something, as soon as I mentioned my friend you changed." I explained, wanting to know what's up.

"Fine. I'm just worried you're only dating me because you want to get to know Anna, a few boys have done it to me before." She explained, looking down at her lap. 

"I'm dating you because I like you, when I say you're prettier, I mean it. I have seen Anna a few times since I moved in but I was never interested in her at all." I explained confidently, hoping I would win her trust back, if I had her trust  in the first place. 

"Do you promise?" She asked shyly, looking up into my eyes. 

"Of course." I promised. 

Ellie P.O.V 

"Of course." Harry promised, giving me a quick smile. I climbed out of the car and waited for him to walk up to me. "Ready?" I nodded. 

We walked in, we were going bowling. 

"Bowling? I'm terrible!" I complained. He laughed. 

"Don't worry, I will teach you how to be awesome." He replied winking. 

I have only been bowling once, my Mum took me when I was seven. I could never forgive her for leaving me behind. 

Harry helped me, and with his help I won. 

"Thanks!" I said giving him a hug. 

"It's no problem, really. Did you have a great time?" He asked, looking me in the eye. 

"Yeah." I giggled. He took my hand and squeezed it. We went to the restaurant part. We both ordered pizza and chips. 

"Sorry if the food is crap, it saves fuel driving somewhere else, but I promise I will take you to a decent restaurant one day." He apologised. 


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