No definition of love 2

To can understand the story you have to read No definition of love.


3. Love is in the air

After 6 months....

My marriage with Harry is good now. I was just stupid. He really loves me and I love him back.Darcy was getting bigger.Harry was really romantic and when he has free time he come with me and Darcy everywhere, even sometime we go with him on tour.Today we went to a park.



We was sitting on the grass and Darcy was playing with the kids from there. We was looking at her and talking in the same time.Harry was trying to snog him but we was in public so we try not to.

Harry: What's wrong?

Me: Nothing, but we can just do this in public.

Harry: We can.

He was pulling me into a kiss.

Me:ahhhh!!You're heavy.

Harry:Hahaha! I love you.

And we snogged a long time.

Me: Love you too.


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