No definition of love 2

To can understand the story you have to read No definition of love.


2. After a week...

Adyna P.O.V.

After a week from Harry went to America I heard a knock on the door. It was Harry!! I didn't open the door. After 10 mins he was still knocking and he was calling me. He sent me a message saying:

" Where are u? Open the door!xxx"

What he means by "xxx"??? Hell!! I'm not a doll. He can buy a doll from the market.

I went to open the door.

-Hello honey! Harry said.

- Honey??!! I shout.

- Do I look stupid ?? I shout.

-Do you think I can't see or I can't read??!!! I shout again.

- What's happen?? Harry said.

He was still calm but  I was too nervous.

- Look at this!!! I shout again.

-Is photoshop!! Harry shout.

-You can't believe me? Harry said.

-And what was that noise last night when we spoke at the phone?

-It was Louis being sarcastic. He said.

- And why you was arrgoant? I said.

 - I was nervous because of Paul.


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