Do We Really Need Homework

If your teacher gives you too much homework, show them this! It was my homework to find out that homework is bad!


3. Do We Really Need Homework Rewrite - CrazySloth

Kids are always complaining about the amount of homework they're having, especially when the homework is assigned on Friday and due that Monday. The question that remains in all of the minds of those associated with the school system (i.e. students parents, teachers, etc.) is: Is homework beneficial for a child's education? And furthermore: Should students have homework? Based on the evidence that is shown below, homework is unnecessary to the progress of a child's education:

First of all, homework creates a lack of a social life with their friends and family. According to Alfie Kohn, “[Assignments] include children’s frustration and exhaustion, [and] lack of time for other activities...” (Alfie Kohn). The ability to connect with people is a great skill for business in the future and if kids aren’t able to connect, they will not be able to perform adequately to standards of business. Due to the fact that homework prevents the time for satisfactory social abilities, it isn’t good for students to do.
Secondly, there is no proof that homework does anything for the benefit of a child. Ayelet Waldman wrote in her article that “There is no correlation between how much homework...children do and how well they comprehend material or perform on tests.” (Ayelet Waldman). This was coming from a professor at Duke University that she nicknames in her text “The Homework Guru”. This being said, homework shows to be more of a burden than a good thing.
Lastly, there is too much homework for kids and gives children a lack of energy to do other things. A few examples from the text from Ayelet Waldman’s are here:
“Sixty problems correctly answered in four minutes. We parents are supposed to stand over our kids with stopwatches. My children are very different from each other, but they have this in common — they have both been in tears due to their fear of failing these inane tests.”
“We had to set up an interview with someone in the community, transport the children, supervise the interview, take notes, take photos, print the photos, assist the students in making note cards for a speech, and help the kids make a poster about the community member,”
...spent days trolling newspapers looking for “io” and “ou” configurations in order to begin her “Rainbow Words” assignment. “Do you know how many thousands of words we had to read to come up with enough to satisfy that assignment?”
Not only are these students being given a lot for even the MYP standards, but these kids are in second grade or younger! These kids are giving up too much time for something irrelevant to real world and interest of the children. This is evidence is all pointing to the burden that homework gives when it's too much, and that homework is completely unnecessary and shouldn't be given to students.
After gathering these pieces of knowledge, I have evidently concluded that the need for homework is very little and homework in general is frustrating and goes unappreciated. The only question left to think about is: If homework isn't essential to a child, why are teachers and schools giving it to them anyway? That is the last question we need answered before homework is permanently abolished.

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