Do We Really Need Homework

If your teacher gives you too much homework, show them this! It was my homework to find out that homework is bad!


2. Do We Really Need Homework - CrazySloth

Should Students Have Homework?
Kids are always complaining about the amount of homework they're having, especially when the homework is assigned on Friday and due that Monday. The question that remains in all of the minds of those associated with the school system (i.e. students parents, teachers, etc.) is: Is homework beneficial for a child's education? And furthermore: Should students have homework? Based on the evidence that is shown below, homework is unnecessary to the progress of a child's education:
Firstly, homework can be an inconvenience for the students that it is assigned to. It interferes with their family life and can prevent social activities with their friends. Having relationships with family and friends is just as important to a child's developement as the education that is recieved through school. Secondly, homework frustrates the children when they don't understand the concept of the assignment. Although some schools have made contact through email an option for clarification, whereas at other schools, students do not have a way to request assistance in understanding the expectations of the assignments. When children are unable to seek guidance from their teachers outside of school hours, they will go to their parents. The parents and teachers can give conflicting information which confuses the student as to which process to use. (Paragraph citation -
Secondly, there isn't a need for homework in the Middle School (MYP) because frankly, it doesn't help or lessen your grade and is not proven to be beneficial to a child's learning. It also makes kids unappreciative of the education they are recieving, making it not important to the child and making it unneeded. (Paragraph citation - http://
After gathering these pieces of knowledge, I have evidently concluded that the need for homework is very little and homework in general is frustrating and goes unappreciated. The only question left to think about is: If homework isn't essential to a child, why are teachers and schools giving it to them anyway? That is the last question we need answered before homework is permanently abolished.
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