What you wish for love

This is not really a Story. I just write down what I think makes a perfect realitionship.


3. Fun

I love messing around. When I'm in a relationship we're going to laugh a lot.

I hear a song on the radio and silently sing to it.

He notices and starts singing loud and worse and makes me crack up by it. We yell the song loud and don't even bother not to hit the notes.

We sit on the couch and soon on the floor because we laugh so much. We sing/yell until someone complains.

No matter how worse the songs are or how worse we are. We crack up even more up when someone finally starts complaining and just laugh.

When we finally calm down we look into each others eyes both grinning wide.

Nobody of us says something. It is a silence, but not an awkward one.

We sit back on the couch. My legs spread over his lap while he holds me tight. I snuggle deeper into his chest and we are still giggling a little from what happened just seconds ago.

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