Talented Directioners

The worldwide famous boy band, One Direction gets their very own talent show! Directioners, boys and girls in all ages, from all over the world, enters the competition, to show off their talent. As we get closer and closer to finding the winner, the competition gets heated... Not only between the competitors, but also between the judges! And who knows! Maybe somebody finds true love... And maybe the love wasn't so true after all...


4. Chapter three

~*~Lauras POV~*~

"Where is it we're going again?" I asked the girls, as I took a seat next to Ricky on the plane. Pernilles and Ann Celines seats where right in front of us, and Anna was behind me and Ricky, with Pernilles and Ann Celines friend, Claire.

Pernille, Ann Celine and me are going to the place where the auditions are taking place, and Ricky, Anna and Claire decided to come and support us.

"Hawaii!" Ann Celine said, sounding slightly irritated.

Okay, I may, or may not, have asked that question non stop for two days... But hey, watcha gotta do!

"So Laura, excited?" Ricky said, once we all was seated.

"Yeah, I mean, who wouldn't be?" I smiled at him.

"That's right..." He mumbld something.


"I... I have to talk with you... About, something... Important..." He looked down at his hands sheepisly.

Uh oh... 'Something important' never means something good.

"Yes?" I looked around nervously.

"Uhm... I... I like you." He blurted out

I looked at him with big eyes.

"Wha.. Wha... What?" I stuttered. "But I thought you liked Pernille...?"

"No... No. I just... Didn't want you to figure out I liked you..." He blushed and looked everywhere but me.

Wow... Never in a million years, would I have thought, that Ricky liked Me. But... Did I like him? I'm not sure... I mean, he is so sweet and we always have so much fun, when we're together. And he never fails to make me laugh... He has the cutest smile ever, and his eyes are just... Wow.

Maybe I do like him... I don't know... I'm confused...

"Laura. Say something?" He whispered and learned a bit closer to me.

"I don't know what to say..." I mumbled.

"Do... Do you like me..?" Looked at me with his eyes filled with hope.

"I don't know. Maybe?" I looked at him, and found myself getting lost in his, beautiful, green eyes. I have a weakness for green eyes.

"Can I try something?" I whispered, and learned a bit closer.

He slowly nodded, and learned a bit closer. Our lips connected and moved in sync. And it was magic, fireworks, colors everywhere!

It was amazing. In that second, I realised... I was in love with my bestfriend.

Oh god!

We parted, and we both breathed heavily.

"Wow... Just wow." He whispered, and rested his forehead on mine.

"I know."

I looked at him, and got lost in his eyes, once again.

"So... Do you... Maybe... Want to be my girlfriend.?" He looked at me, and he was so adorable. Like a small child, asking for candy, even though he doesn't expect to get a yes.

"I would love to." I smiled at him.

He smiled and learned in for another kiss.


I walked out of the airport, and into the streets, holding hands with Ricky.

Everyone knew about us now. Unfortunatly Ann Celine and Pernille hates him even more now, and keep sending him looks. They better watch out, or I'm gonna come with my elephant Annika and tickle them!

Okay, kidding... I could never dream of tickling them.

But I don't really get them. Ricky is an amazing guy, sweet and caring, not like some of the jerks, they have dated... Yet, they don't like him. I don't think it's because they don't like him... I just think it's because, they don't trust him.

We just stood there, looking around, for our car, but there was too many people, they were like, everywhere! I couldn't even see the road.

"Okay everyone, please be quite, and stand still." A lady, that stood on this bick grey box, yelled at us. She looked around 30, wore a suit, and had her brown hair up in a, ponytail.

Everybody stopped moving, and looked at her.

"Thank you! My name is Joan. I'll be the one with all the responsibillity, here, since five teenage boys, probably can't handle that." She chuckled. " Okay, everybody, can ya'll see the big red busses over there?" She pointed at a lot of red bussed. Fifty at least. " now you're all gonna split up, and enter the busses, with your family and friends. We'll have four to five contestants in each bus. Now chub chub, we don't have all day!"

She finished and walked over to some men, in black suits.

"Well, let's go!" I said, and pulled Ricky with me, towards the busses. Everyone followed us, and we picked a empty one, at the back.

The driver was outside the bus, and helped us, with our luggage. After that we walked into the buss, but stopped in the middle.

"Now, where should we sit? I mean, if we sit at the front, everyone is gonna think we're total snobs! Which we're not! And if we sit at the back, we'll look like we don't want to talk to anybody else..." I stood and stroked my non-existing beard.

"So let's sit in the middle?" Ann Celine putted a hand on my shoulder, and sat me down, next to Ricky, on a seat.

We all sat down, like we did on the plane, Pernille and Ann Celine together, Ricky and me, and Anna next to Claire.

We just sad there and talked for a while, before someone finally decided to get into this bus.

It was a girl, looked a few years younger than us, black haur, quite long, brown eyes. She was actually really cute.

Behind her walked another girl, same age as the first, and that was all. I was a bit surprised, cause the girls seems young, but they didn't have any grown ups with them.

"Hi! I'm Annaleah, and this is my bestfriend, practically my sister, Linda." The first girl said, quite excited, and the girl behind her, made a small wave. They sat down, next to us.

"Who are you?" Linda looked at us, with couriosity.

I looked around, but everyone was looking at me. I guess it's my time...

"Hi Annaleah and Linda! My name is Laura, this is Ann Celine, and Pernille, and we're all three contestants. Then there's Ricky, my boyfriend, his sister, and my friend, Anna, and last, Pernilles and Ann Celines friend Claire."

I pointed at each person, as I mentioned them, and smiled at the strangers. I couldn't help but chuckle. They looked so confused.

"Wow, that was a lot of info. Okay, let's see if we got it right. Laura. Pernille. Ann Celine. Ricky. Anna. And Claire? Was I right?" Annaleah said, and looked at us with a smile.

We all nodded eargerly, and smiled at her.

"So how old are you guys?" Linda asked, and looked at me.

"We're all seventeen." Ann Celine smiled back. "What about you guys?"

"We're both fifteen." Annaleah said and blushed.

"Omg! That's awesome! I've always wanted friends, that we're fifteen years old!" I smiled excited at them, and bounced up and down in my seat.

"Laura... We just met them... Relax!" Ann Celine said, and looked at me, with her usual, don't freak out the new people'. Like I would..!

Okay! It happened one time! But it was no biggie! I mean, it was just this really cute boy, that Ann Celine met, at a club. And of course, drunk me, had to ask him a lot of weird questions, and then poke him on the cheek, several times, asking him if he was real, or made of plastic.

Okay... I wasn't drunk... But anyway, enough about me, and my boring stories.

"So, are you both contestants or...?" I looked at Linda.

"No, only Annaleah." She smiled politly.

"So, what's your talent?" I smiled big at Annaleah.

Omg! I really hope she's not a singer. If she is, I'm going home. I just know it!

"I can draw..." She blushed and looked down.

Thank god, she's not a singer!

"What about you guys?"

"Well, Laura is an amazing singer. Like, really! You should hear her! Ann Celine is a dancer, and I must say, she is one hell, of a sexy dancer. My talent is styling. You know, make-up, hair, and outfits. I really want to be a designer." Pernille smiled at Annaleah.

She was just about to answer, when somebody else, walked into the bus. A boy, around my age, I think... Maybe a bit older.

He was actually cute. Brown hair, and brown eyes. Behind him, walked a girl, who also had brown hair, and brown eyes. And behind her a boy... Brown hair... Brown eyes... And they all had the same facial feautures...

"Triplets!" I suddenly yelled out. "You're triplets!" I was so proud. I figured it out. And they didn't even tell me!

"Yes, we are triplets... Who are you?" The first boy said, and chuckled.

"My name is Laura. And this... This is my grandpa. Tommy." I said like it was a big secret, and pointed at Ricky. They all three made a weird expression, and I bursted out in laughter. Seriously, I couldn't even control my body, so I ended up, with my head in Rickys lap.

"Babe... I'm sorry about her. Sometimes we consider taking her to a doctor." Ricky chuckled. "I'm Ricky. I'm not her grandpa, I'm her boyfriend. This is my twin, Anna, next to her is Claire. That's Pernille, the one with the long brown hair. The one with red hair, is Ann Celine. That's Annaleah, and that's Linda." He smiled, and I tried to control my laughter. But it was hard.

The three triplets, sat down. Actually it makes sense that they're three. I mean, it wouldnt be triplets, if they were two, would it? No, because that's called twins.

I know. I'm smart!

"Hello everybody! My name is Courtney. This is Cody, and that's Chad." The girl said and pointed at the boys, as she mentioned them.

"So are you all going to audition or..?" Cody looked at me and smiled.

"No. Annaleah, Pernille, Ann Celine and me, are but not the rest." I smiled back. "What about you guys?"

"No, only Courtney and Cody. I have as much talent as your little finger." Chad said, and chuckled.

"Oh really. With what?" I asked them, curious.

"I'm a singer, and Cody can dance." Courtney said, and smiled proudly at me.

I knew this was gonna happen. I bet she's amazing. Oh, I'm so going home.

"Really? Ann Celine dances too. And Laura sings. I haven't heard her yet, though..." Annaleah looked at me.


"Can you please sing a song?" Linda said, pleadingly.

"What?! No!" I freaked out. I can't sing infront of strangers. Exspecially not infront of another singer!

"Please Laura." Ricky smiled, and winked at me. "Just a quick song. Like, Summer Love, or White Horse."

I looked over, at Ann Celine and Pernille, to get help, but they just gave me, the puppy eyes. Damn it! I can't resist those eyes.

"Fine!" I said ekstremly loud, causing Ricky to wince, and cover his ears. "Sorry!" I gave him a quick peck on the lips, and winked.

I took a deep breath, and sat up straight, before starting the music in my head.

Say you're sorryThat face of an angel comes out just when you need it toAs I paced back and forth all this time'Cause I honestly believed in you

Holding on, the days drag onStupid girl, I should have knownI should have known

That I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytaleI'm not the one you'll sweep off her feetLead her up the stairwell

This ain't Hollywood, this is a small townI was a dreamer before you went and let me downNow it's too late for you and your white horse to come around

Baby I was naiveGot lost in your eyes and never really had a chanceMy mistake, I didn't know that to be in loveYou had to fight to have the upper hand

I had so many dreams about you and meHappy endings, now I know

That I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytaleI'm not the one you'll sweep off her feetLead her up the stairwell

This ain't Hollywood, this is a small townI was a dreamer before you went and let me downNow it's too late for you and your white horse to come around

And there you are on your kneesBegging for forgiveness, begging for meJust like I always wanted, but I'm so sorry

'Cause I'm not your princess, this ain't a fairytaleI'm gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well

This is a big world, that was a small town

There in my rearview mirror disappearing now

And it's too late for you and your white horse

Now it's too late for you and your white horse to catch me now

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoaTry and catch me nowOh, it's too late to catch me now

I finished the song, and looked around. Everyone looked at me, and smiled, Cody and Courtney looked a bit surprised, and Linda looked like a horse just asked her, if she wanted to dance...

"What...?" I asked, and blushed. I knew it... I sound awful! I should never have signed up for this competition.

"Thats was just... Wow!" Cody smiled at me, and looked at Courtney. "Looks like you've got competition." He pushed her lightly on the shoulders. She just smiled, weirdly at him and looked away from me.

Hmm... Wonder who peed on her ice cream.

"It was amazing..." Annaleah mumbled, and looked at me, with a big grin.

"Yeah..." Linda agreed and looked at me.

I couldn't help but blush a bit, at their words, and looked down at my hands.

"How many contestants, do we have in this bus?" A old man, asked from the entrance of the bus.

"six!" I yelled, and smiled sweetly at him. He wrote something on a notepad, and then he walked out, again. But then another old man, walked in, and smiled at us.

"Hello everyone. My name is Paul, and I'll be driving you to the audition place. When we arrive at the audition place, you'll see tweentysix people, each standing at a table. The tables will each have a letter on it, from A to Z. If your name starts with an A, you go to the table with an A, if your name starts with an K, you go to the table with a K on it. does everybody understand?" He looked at us, and smiled.

"Yes. But what about, our friends, and families?" Ann Celine, asked, and we all looked at him.

"They'll all be showed to a hotel, we're they'll be paried up, with another contestants friends and family, and then, they'll be showed to the room, where you'll all live, from round two to round 5." He smiled at us, and sat down. Then we drove off to the hotel. This is gonna be interesting...


I walked a step futhter to the table, with the big, fat L on. Apparantly there is a lot of girls, named something with L... Who would have thought that?!

Another step. And I don't even have anybody to talk to... I mean, I could talk with the one, in front of me, or the on behind me, but they both seems like some, bitches...

When I said hi the the girl infront of me, she just gave me that 'you're not good enough'- look...

And when I said hey to the one, behind me, she litterally said "Eww, stay away from me"

So I just feel really beautiful today! Note the sarcasm!

Luckily, there's only about twenty people left, and the It's my turn.

The A table is worse. There's like 40 infront of Ann Celine. But at least she can talk to Annaleah.

And it looks like they met another girl, to talk to.

She has long dirty blond hair, and a cute face.

Damn! What's up with all the beautiful girls here?

Hello! Girl with really low self esteem here!

I sighed, and took another step.

Okay, only three left.

I started humming the melody to 'She's Not Afraid', and then another girl joined in. She stood in line, at the M table.

Then another girl joined us... It didn't even take one minute, before almost everyone was humming along, and a few was singing.

It was really fun, and a few girls started to make small dance moves.

Then I heard, someone fake cough loudly, and turned my head against the table.

Ups! My turn.

I quickly walked over to the lady by the table.

She gave me a grumpy look. "Name?" She snapped at me.

Wow, someone is on her period.

Okay, Laura! Let's not start thinking about that, shall we?!

"Laura White." I smiled sweetly at her.

She just rolled her eyes, and crossed me of, on the list.

"Just follow everybody else, threw that door, and wait till someone, says your number." She said, and handed me a sticker with the number 345 on it. I nodded yes, and followed all the laughing girls and boys.

When I walked through the doors, I entered at big room, filled with couches, bean bags, and chairs. I looked around, and saw Pernille sitting on a couch, alone.

I think she's playing on her phone, because she kept making weird noises, and turned around in a lot of different directions... Not only in One Direction.

See what I did there?

I sighed, and walked over to Pernille. I was just behind the couch, ready to jump at her, when someone sat down next to her. That someone was a him... And he was not Pernilles type at all! He was Ginger, and had freckles everywhere. Sometimes, it can be kinda cute, but deffinetly not on this guy.

They talked, and he moved a bit closer, and put his hand on her thigh. She moved a bit away from him, but he didn't remove his hand.

Oh he did not just do that! I'm gonna beat the shit out of him, if he tries anything! She is mine, and Ann Celines, and if we have to share with a guy, we have to do the test on him first. And he'll never survive the test!

I walked around the couch, and sat down next to Pernille. She smiled at me, and gave me the 'help me' eyes.

Hm... Something to get a guy away from a girl... Hm... I got it!

"Hey babe." I said, and rested my head, in the crook of her neck. She quickly understood, and threw an arm around my waist.

"Hey beautiful! Missed you." She said, and kissed the top of my head.

She started playing with my hair, and I threw my arm around her stomach.

"Oh, hi! Didn't see you there." I said, and fake smiled at the guy.

He just mumbled a hey, and quickly got up, to go hit on another girl.

We stayed in that position, until we were sure, he was gone, and then we bursted into laughter.

He looked so embarrassed, when he saw us. Oh, how I love pretending I'm a lesbian! It's so fun when the boys freak out.

"That was hilarious!" Pernille said, after a few minutes of laughing.

"I know it! I'm a genius!" I said and did a flip with my hair.

"As long as you believe that!" She smiled at me, and putted a hand on my shoulders.

"Hey!" I yelled and pretended to be offended.

She was just about to answer, when Ann Celine, Annaleah, and that other girl they were talking to, joined us on the couch. Or, Ann Celine grabbed two bean bags, and placed in front of the couch, for her and the new girl.

"Yay! New girl!" I squealed and jumped up to give her a hug.

she chuckled and hugged back.

"Arden, this is Laura... Yeah... I'm sorry about her... I should really take her to a doctor sometime... And that is Pernille." Ann Celine said, and glared at me.

Apparently I'm not allowed to hug the new girl! Boo!

"Yes my name is Laura, and we're about to play Truth Or Dare." I smiled at her, and sat down on the couch between Pernille and Annaleah.

"we are?!" Pernille looked at me with big eyes.

"Yes, we are! But first, what are your numbers?" I asked and looked around.

"127!" Pernille said and chuckled nervously. She probably figure out she's first.

"422!" Ann Celine smiled.

"423!" Annaleah said and chuckled.

"424!" Randi said, and smiled politely at me.

"Then we loads of time! I'll start! Ann Celine. Truth or dare?" I smiled sweetly at her and winked.

She sat there for a moment, thinking... please say dare! Please!



Okay, a dare... Dare... I got it!

I made my 'I got it' smile, and Ann Celine made big eyes at me. This is gonna be hilarious!

"I dare you to, go over to that boy over there, and ask him if he has a tampon! And when he says no, scream 'No! I won't dress up like a monkey, and eat cheese with you!', and then, walk away like a real diva!" I smiled proudly at my idea, and pointed at a guy, with brown hair, that looked like it haden't been washed in weeks. Ew! Then he wore a black shirt that had 'STAFF' printed in white on the back. Oh this is gonna be so fun!

Everybody 'ooed' and Ann Celine glared at me, before she stood up, and started to walk over to the boy. I heard her mutter the words I hate you.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Ann Celines POV *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

I muttered the words I hate you, as I turned around and walked over to that guy.

I'm gonna kill her sometime. She's so mean, and sly. I don't know where she gets it from. I should have picked truth. I really should have picked truth.

I nervously glanced, behind me, where all the girls, where watching me, with excitement filling their eyes.

Ok, here we go.

I tooked the last two steps. The guy, looked up from the paper, he had in his hands, and raised his eyebrows, at me.

"I... Can I... Uhmm... Do you have a... Tampon?" I whispered the last word, and blushed deeply.

"Uhm... No?" He looked around the room, obviously nervous, and blushed.

Okay... And now, the big final.

"No! I won't dress up like a monkey, and eat cheese with you!" I yelled, and turned around, flipping my hair.

I walked away, like I was on a real catwalk. When I reached, the girls again, I quickly sat down, in my bean bag again. I was probably red like a tomato. I'm so gonna kill Laura someday.

Someday, when she is sleeping... I'm gonna kill her. Okay, I'm not. Obviously. But I'm gonna do somethings... I just have to figure out what...

"Ann Celine?" Arden said, and waved a hand infront of my face. I snapped back, to reality, and realised that it was my turn.

"Oh yeah... Uhmm... Arden truth or dare? Oh, and don't worry, I'm not as evil as, the small devil over there..." I glared at Laura, before turning towards Arden.

"You know you love me." Laura said, and smiled sweetly at me.

"You're lucky, I do..." I muttered, and waited for Arden to say something.

She thought for a moment, before she hesintantley answered, dare. Okay, think Ann Celine... Think.. Something that's fun, and not to mean... Hmm... I got it!

"I dare you to, walk over to that girl, witht the long red wavy hair, over there, and ask her, if she likes cheese." I smiled at her, and winked at Laura.

You see, Laura has, quite a big obsession with cheese... Don't ask me why, I mean, you never know when it comes to her...

Arden looked at me, a bit skeptical, but, she got up, from the bean bag. and made her way through the crowd, over to the red haired chick.

They stood there talking for a bit, the red haired chick, seemed a bit freaked out, by the question, but to my surprise she also smiled.

"Wait a minute!" Laura said, and looked like she just figured out life.

"She has red hair..." she said.

"Yeah...?" Pernille said, as confused as I was.

"And so do you!" She said, and pointed at my hair, smiling proudly.

"Not shit sherlock!" I just said, and chuckled at her slowness.

She smiled sarcastically at me, before turning her attention, back to Arden.
It looked like they finished talking, and when Arden walked back, the chick, followed, closely behind her. Yay! New girl!

Arden sat down in her bean bag, and the new girl, sat down on the floor between the bean bags, and the couch.

"Hi everybody! I'm Rachel. And you're Laura, Pernille, Annaleah and Ann Celine!" She pointed at us, and smiled proudly.

"Yes we are... How did you know?" Laura said with a pout.

"Arden told me." She smirked, and looked at Arden. "Why are you pouting?" She then asked Laura

"Because, I wanted to fool you, and say that my name was Line..." She said, with another pout.


I looked up, at the big screen, with the red numbers, that indicated, who was on stage, and who should go and get ready.

121 was currently on stage, and 127 just appeared, which meant that Pernille should go through the big red doors now!

"Pernille!" I said, ekstremly loud, and pointed at the screen.

She looked at me, confused, before she noticed the screen.

"Oh shit! That's me! OMG! I feel sick..." She started to freak out.

Laura grabbed her shoulders, and slapped her acros the cheek.

"Ouch! Thank you..." Pernille said, and blushed.

She slowly got up from the couch, and then she started walking, over to the doors.

"You go girl! You can do it!" Laura started to yell, probably for Pernille to feel better, but she just turned paler, than before. Annaleah, covered Lauras mouth with her hand, and mouthed a good luck to Pernille.

Then Pernille walked through the big red doors.


Okay, so I decided to end it here, since I would be too long... So...

Their first performance infront of the judges!

Who's excited?! I know I am! :3

Okay, I seriously can't wait to write more, because I have so many ideas for this!

And of course, Ann Celine and Pernille ( My friends) always says something, that reminds me of something, and then I have a new idea!

Ugh! I have a tough life!!!! :/ <3

Ohh, right, there was something I had to tell you... What was it again...Oh right!

I ate cheese four hours ago! And I really want more... But apparently, you can't eat cheese at 11pm...

UGH! :(

Oh well...

Love ya! Xx
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