Talented Directioners

The worldwide famous boy band, One Direction gets their very own talent show! Directioners, boys and girls in all ages, from all over the world, enters the competition, to show off their talent. As we get closer and closer to finding the winner, the competition gets heated... Not only between the competitors, but also between the judges! And who knows! Maybe somebody finds true love... And maybe the love wasn't so true after all...


7. Chapter six


Ann Celine walked through the big red doors, that her two best friends, Pernille and Laura, walked through a while ago. It was her turn to go on stage, in a few minutes, and she was so nervous. Her hands and legs where shaking, and she couldn't focuse on, one thing at a time.

Plus, she didn't know what she was supposed to do now. Luckily for her, a small bald mand, waved her over, to him. She slowly walked over there, even though it was hard, because of her shaking legs.

Fortunately for Ann Celine, her new friends, Annaleah and Arden just entered the room, and was right behind her. They also had to go over to the bald man.

The man, felt sorry for the three girls that walked over to him at the moment. They where obviously nervous, and the one with the red hair, had trouble standig on her feets. But, he understood them. They where about to go on to a stage, and perform, and their performance might be shown on TV, all over the world. Even he was nervous, and he just stood for the microphones.

Finally the girls, reaches the man and he started to fasten microphones on their shirts.

The atmosphere in the room, was filled with preassure, and the girls, could definetly feel it. While the small man fastened their microphones, Annaleah had a tight grip on Ann Celines right hand, and Ardens left. She was also ekstremly nervous, but was better at hiding it, than Ann Celine. She was literally shaking.

Finally the man finished, and our three girls walked over by the stage. They all had a tight grip on eachothers hands, and kept sending eachother weak smiles, and reasuringly looks. Finally it was Ann Celines turn, to go on stage. But was she able to do it? She could barely move her feets. Which is totally understandable. Afterall, she is just about to meet her biggest idols, ever. The five boys she spend two years fangirling over, with her two bestfriends. The five boys she is madly in love with, and who doesn't know she exists. Until now.

With shaking feets, and legs that could barely keep her standing, Ann Celine walked on stage. The five boys at the table all looked at her with couriosity. It was so obvious she was nervous. So what did they do? They all smiled sweetly and prepared their ears, for another screaming fan.

"Hi love!" Louis started of and flashed her a smile, he hoped would be calming. But judging by the look, on her face, it was the exact opposite.

Suddenly Ann Celine had trouble breathing, and had to take, very, deep breaths, or else she would faint. Calm down, she kept thinking, hoping it would help.

"Are you okay?" Niall asked, with a concerned look on his face. It wouldn't exaclty be good, if a girl fainted on stage. And she wouldn't get a chance to show her talent.

But the poor girl didn't answer Niall. She simply, couldn't.

"Louis, go check on her. We can't have any girl, dying around here." Zayn whispered, holding a hand on his microphone, so only the boys could hear him.

Louis nodded, and slowly got up from his chair, grabbed Zayns glas of water, and walked on stage. It took some time, because his pants where so tight. They looked damn good, and showed of his bum perfectly, but they weren't exacly comfortable.

When he got up there, he positioned himself infront of the girl. She was around four inches shorter than him, had long red hair and big brown eyes. She was actually really cute, but Louis didn't notice that.

"Hello love. Let's start of slow, shall we?" He said and gave her the glass of water. "Here, drink a bit, and take some deep breaths." He smiled resurrenly at her.

Ann Celine was still in some sort of schock, that Louis Tomlinson, was standing right infront of her, so she couldn't do anything but obey him. She took a few sips of water, and then she took a deep breath.

"Better?" Louis smiled, one of his breathtaking smiles, and putted an arm around her shoulders.

Ann Celine slowly nodded, not acutally being able to move, on her own. Louis chuckled and gave her a hug, before walking back to his chair, and the long table and gave Zayn his water back.

"Let's take it from the top, shall we?" Liam said, and smiled kindly. Ann Celine nodded and blushed, now clearly emberassed.

"Tell us a bit about you love!" Louis said, and smirked.

Ann Celine took a, very, deep breath before speaking.

"My name is Ann Celine. I'm seventeen years old, and I'm from London. I'm here with my two bestfriends, who are also contestants." She smiled, this time with a bit more confidence. " In my spare time, I dance. I always have, and I always will. And, that's what I'm gonna do today."

Her voice was only shaking, lightly now.

"Great! Well, we're ready when you are!" Harry smiled sweetly at her, and all five guys leaned back in their chairs, ready to enjoy the show. Afterall, Ann Celine had a great body.

Ann Celine placed herself, in the start position, and the music started. She was gonna dance to Heart Skips A Beat by Olly Murs.

The music started, and Ann Celine began dancing the familiar rutine, she learned a year ago.

Everything went perfect, her body twisted in all the right ways, and she had a smile on her face all the time. The boys were impressed. She made it look like it was so easy, but obviously, it wasn't.

Louis gave Niall and aproving nod, and they both smiled at each other.

The song finished, and the whole sale, started clapping, and whooing. Ann Celine smiled, and bowed, so proud of her self. She didn't make a single mistake, and her legs stopped shaking as soon as the music started playing. She was in the world of music and dance. Unfortunalty, she was about to get judged by the boys. Maybe she wasn't good enough, or maybe, the dance didn't look good. What if, there already was a girl, who had danced the exact same rutine?!

Those kind of thoughts kept running through her mind.

"I just have one word to say! Absolutly amazing!" Zayn started of, by saying.

"That's two words dude!" Louis said, in a teasing tone.

"But I'm gonna have to agree, with you on this one. Absolutly amazing! Where have you been all my life?" He continued, and winked at Ann Celine, who blushed, a deep shade of red.

"Thanks a lot guys." She stuttered and suddenly she wasn't so nervous anymore.

"Let's vote lads!" Liam said and smirked. "It's a yes from me!"

"And me!"


"Well, I'm saying yes!

"Congratiulasions, Ann Celine! You got five yesses!" Niall finished it off.

Ann Celine couldn't believe what the five, boys at the table just told her. She lit up in, the biggest smile ever, and she was on the edge of screaming. But knowing, it would probably look kinda pathetic, and that it wouldn't give a good first impression, she stopped herself, and just said 'thank you' a thousand times, before she left the stage.

Backstage, Arden and Annaleah, was waiting patiently, for Ann Celine to come back. They saw the performance, and knew from the very first beat, that she would be getting five yesses. She was an amazing dancer, and it was obvious she knew what she was doing. After Ann Celine it was Annaleah, and she was so nervous. She had her box with pencils and all the other things you need to draw in one hand, and a canvas in the other hand.

Finally Ann Celine came running over to them, and gave them both a huge hug.

"You were incredible!" Arden said, and smiled at Ann Celine.

"Thank you!" Ann Celine smiled back. " You're up Annaleah! Good luck!"

Ann Celine and Arden both gave Annaleah a good luck hug, before she walked on stage.

Unfortunatly Ann Celine couldn't wait, and see Annaleahs performance, because, a lady came over and pulled her out to a bus. Inside the bus, Ann Celine sat down next to a very young girl. Seven or eight years old. Long brown hair, and big green eyes.

"Hi! I'm Clarity! Who are you?" The little girl said, very excited that someone actually wanted to sit next to her.

"Nice to meet ya Clarity! My name is Ann Celine!" Ann Celine said, and shook the little girls hand, happy that the girl was so entuthiastic to meet her.

"So what are your talent?" Clarity asked, and turned around in her seat.

"I am a dancer!" Ann Celine said, and smiled at the little girl.

"How cool! I'm a singer! I just love music! Isn't One Direction just so amazing?! I love Harry! He told me that I was cute and adorable, and that I deffinetly could get a lot of votes!" She rambled on, and on about the boys, and her performance.

The bus started moving, and drove to the hotel, but no one noticed it, before they were holding outside the hotel.

Everyone walked inside, some happy that they where through, and some sad that they had to go home. Our girl, Ann Celine walked up to the lady, that had all the information they needed, with Clarity by her side. The little girl was still talking about the boys. It was so cute, that she was so young, and was comepletly in love with these five, adorable boys.

After getting to know they're room numbers and roommates, they both walked to the lifts, and soon Ann Celine was standing on her floor, alone. Clarity had to go to another floor, unfortunatly. But hopefully we'll meet her, later in the story.

Ann Celine walked through the hall, and over to her room, all bouncy and happy. She was through. Never in a millions years, did she think, she would get that kinda response. She was simply hoping for a 'you're a good dancer' or 'you're not bad'. But five yesses, and a 'absolutly amazing' was just incredible. She couldn't be more proud of herself.

She took a deep breath, and walked through the door, ready to fangirl with Pernille and that girl Rayna and possibly Laura.

But, the sight, that waited on the other side of the door, wasn't something she was prepared for.

Pernille was on the bed, crying, and a guy was beside her, holding an arm around her, trying to comfort her.

"What happened?!" Ann Celine asked, and quickly sat down next to Pernille.

Pernille looked up at her Bestfriend, and pulled her into a hug. She was so devastated. You see, their other Bestfriend, Laura, had just called her a bitch and a slut. You see Laura thought that Pernille had tried to kiss Ricky, Lauras boyfriend. And then she got mad, and started to scream things at Pernille. 

That wasn't a very good idea, since Pernille didn't try to kiss Ricky. Actually it was Ricky that tried to kiss Pernille. I know, he's a big jerk. Unfortunatly Laura couldn't see that. Poor girl. 

Pernille was still crying, and hugging Ann Celine, who was sat there confused, trying to comfort Pernille.  

"Please tell me, what happened Pernille."  Ann Celine said.

Pernille looked up, and sniffled. She had to tell Ann Celine, what happened in the hallway, and she was dreading it so much. Ann Celine would go nuts on Laura, and maybe it would ruin their friendsship. And that's the last thing Pernille wanted to do right now. To lose Laura, would be devastating. She just had to find a way, for Laura to see what a jerk Ricky really is. 

Pernille decided on not, telling Ann Celine that, Laura had screamed at her, but just tell her what Ricky did in the hallway, and what he told Laura. Maybe they could solve it together, right?

It took a few minutes for Pernille to explain it, but in the end she managed. 

At first Ann Celine was shocked, then she was pissed. Who the hell did Ricky think he was?! First he, tries to kiss Pernille, and then he lies to Laura! Oh, he better watch out. 

Ann Celine thought as she sat down on the floor, and looked out in the air, in deep thought.

Pernille was now leaning her head on Jesses shoulder, and the boy didn't mind at all. Pernille was a good looking girl, with her long brown hair and big brown eyes. 

"I have an idea! But we can't do it right away. I don't think Laura will believe us, at the moment. No matter what we do. She is just to naive. But, in a week, we'll be able to do it." Ann Celine said and look up at Pernille who agreed. 

 "Let's just hang out here, and get to know each other. Might as well do something fun, right?" Rayna said. She had been quite the whole time. She didn't know that chick, Laura. 

Everyone in the room sat down, in the two double beds, and started talking. They were laughing and having fun, getting to know each other. Rayna was a great girl, and Jesse was really funny.

Nine rooms away, Laura was sitting on the bed, with Rickys arms around her, crying. She just couldn't believer that Pernille would do that. It wasn't true what she had said, in that hallway. It was nothing like Pernille to do something like that. Not at all. And she never would have imagined her to kiss Ricky. She hated that boy, for gods sake! 

But why would Ricky lie to her? He was her friend and boyfriend. No, he wouldn't lie to her, and ecspacially not about something so serious. No, Ricky told the truth. Laura was sure of it. 


Finally! :D So, what do you think of it? I changed my writing style alot, and I kinda like it this way. 

Oh well... Sorry... I would have updated this yesterday, but then I got a new movie, that I just had to watch... The Perks Of Being A Wallflower! Have you seen it? I love it!

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