Talented Directioners

The worldwide famous boy band, One Direction gets their very own talent show! Directioners, boys and girls in all ages, from all over the world, enters the competition, to show off their talent. As we get closer and closer to finding the winner, the competition gets heated... Not only between the competitors, but also between the judges! And who knows! Maybe somebody finds true love... And maybe the love wasn't so true after all...


8. Chapter seven

Anna Cecilie walked through the big doors and into a big room filled with chairs. She was hosting the new talent show, Talented Directioners, and was about to meet all the contestants and the judges. Then the contestants have to perform infront of eachother and the judges.

She was so lucky that she got the job. Her, and a thousand other girls had all send in applications to get the job, as the hostess, but they picked her. Out of all the other girls. Of course she was sad that she had to leave her family and her best friend behind, and she hoped that they didn't miss her to much. But on the other side, she was happy that she got the chance to leave little Denmark. She was beginning to hate that country, so a few years away from it, couldn't hurt.

As she walked on to the stage, thingy, at the end of the room, she heard a voice screaming

"Lou! Stop it!" With an irish accent, and her heart suddenly beaded a thousand times faster. You see, Anna Cecilie is a hard core directioner, and has always had a weak spot for the irish lad, with the blue eyes.

Our five boys, walked down the hallway, towards the big doors. They were excited to watch the contestants perform again. This time, there was only twohundred contestants left, so they had time to take a good look on everybody, today and tomorrow.

Louis was a bit bored, so he started to tickle his bestfriend Niall, who was walking next to him.

"Lou! Stop it!" Niall yelled and chuckled.

Louis stopped but decided that he was to tired to walk, and jumped onto Liams bag, demanding a piggy back ride. Liam, being Liam, he said yes, and they continued walking towards the doors.

They finally reached the doors, and walked through them, and into the big sale. There where chairs lined up, and a stage at the end of the room. On the stage stood a girl, with an iPad in her hands. She was doing something on it, and didn't notice the boys. Louis smirked, and then he gave the boys a sign, to follow him, but to be quite. Soon they where all on the stage, behind the girl, who still hadn't noticed them.

"Group hug!" Louis yelled, and they all five jumped on the girl, hugging her, causing them all to fall.

Anna Cecilie screamed as she was tackled to the ground by five strangers. When she realized that it was the five boys from One Direction, she froze and just stared at them. Niall waved a hand in front of her face, but for no good.

"Oh sorry, we didn't see you there love. I'm Louis." Louis said, and offered the girl his hand. But she was still frozen.

"Louis, chill! Hi there! I'm Liam! And these are my uhmm... Friends?" Liam said and gave Anna Cecilie the hand.

Anna Cecilie shaked his hand and smiled at them all. She finally got herself together and was able to act professionally.

"Hi Liam! Boys! My name is Anna Cecilie, and I'm the hostess. Are you ready for the performances today and tomorrow?"

"Yes, we are very ready! When are they coming?" Harry said, and the five boys all walked over to their chairs, next to the scene. Anna Cecilie was right behind them, still holding her iPad, which now had a huge crack in the bottom of the screen, thanks to the boys group hug.

"They should be here any minute." She said and sat down on her chair, almost besides the boys.

Niall fixed his shirt, a red polo, before he sat down on his chair. He was really excited to watch all the contestants perform again. He remembered some pretty good singers and dancers, and a lot of other talents.

Then they could hear the first girls and boys, walking on the other side of the doors.

Laura walked towards the doors, at the end of the hall. She was really excited to sing again, and so nervous on the same time. You could say that she was excitervous... No? Okay...

Anyway, she was walking next to Clair, who she had become really close to over the few days they spend together since the auditions. On her other side was Charlie walking. One of her and Clairs new friends.

They finally reached the doors, and walked through them, with a lot of other people. There where a few cute guys, but nothing to scream hurray for.

Laura noticed Ann Celine and Pernille in the crowd, and quickly looked away from them. She was not really in the mood for a fight. She found a seat in the middle, and sat down, between Clair and Charlie. None of the girls said a thing, they where way to nervous for that.

A few minutes later, everybody was sitting in a chair ready to listen to what was gonna happen now. Then Anna Cecilie stood up from her chair, and made her way over to the middle of the stage. She was shaking inside, but was completely calm on the outside.

"Hello everyone! My name is Anna Cecilie, and I'll be the hostess of Talented Directioners. Right now there is 212 people in here. Tomorrow night 75 of you will be gone. At first, we're gonna re arrange you, so all the singers will be sitting together. All the dancers. All the creative talents. All the weird talents, and the rest of you guys will be called others. This morning you should have received a note, with your category. So stand up people!" She said, and everybody stood up, and walked down to the other end of the room.

"All the dancers, over here!" She said, and pointed to the left.  "Singers, next to them. Then the Creative ones, and then the weird talents. On the right we have others. Now, hurry up people. We don't have much time."

It took around fifteen minutes, but eventually everybody was in their seat.

"Okay, before we begin, I have to let you know that this will be filmed. There is cameras above us, next to us, and some in front of the stage." Anna Cecilie said and pointed around the room. Most of the girls started to fix their hair and clothes. Some of the boys smiled charmingly at the cameras, and the rest didn't really care.

"Okay, well, let's start with the dancers. Nicki Mitchell, Would you please come on to the stage?" A pretty girl walked on stage and stood in the middle. Anna Cecilie was next to her. Smiling, and ready to do her job as a hostess perfect.

After a couple of girl dancers, a boy walked on stage. The first and maybe the only boy dancer in the competition. His name was Cody. You've already met him actually. He was in the bus, with Ann Celine, Laura and Pernille. Remember? Good. He was very nervous and almost tripped as he walked on to the stage. He stood in the middle, facing the five judges.

"Hi there Cody! It's great to see a boy dancer in this competition." Louis started.

"I remember you! You had a great audition a few days ago, right?" Niall said and smiled warmly at Cody.

"Yes I did!" Cody said, and shifted from one foot to another.

"Well, we're ready when you are!" Zayn said, and smiled at Cody.

The music started and Cody started to dance. He chose to dance to Hurt by Christina Aguilera. An amazing song, who fitted perfectly to Cody's dance moves.

He twisted and turned, and did some amazing jumps, and the song ended. He had done it. Without a single mistake. And he felt so proud. The other contestants cheered and some even stood up. The five boys by the table clapped, and Cody could now go down to his chair again.

After him it was some chicks turn. Nobody bothered to learn her name, because she was so awful at dancing. Then it was Ann Celines turn to go on stage. She stood up as her name was called, and walked on to the stage. As soon as the boys saw her, they all smirked. They remembered her.

"Hi there love!" Louis said and winked. He thought that the girl was cute, and she was amazing at dancing. He was sure on, that she would make it far in this competition, so why not make people notice her?

"Hi!" She answered and stuttered a bit. She was so nervous. Not as much as the first time, but enough for her to feel dizzy.

"I remember you! Do you want some water, or should I just come and hold you, like the last time?" Louis continued and smirked at her. Ann Celine blushed a deep shade of red, and looked down at her hands.

"Lou leave the girl alone. We're ready when you are babe!" Liam said and looked accusingly at Louis.

Ann Celine nodded and put herself in her start position. She started to dance to the song Love Lockdown by Kanye West. One of her favorite songs. She used to dance to it with Pernille and Laura, and had several times tried to teach them some dance moves. Laura was good with her hips, but she pretty much sucked at everything else. And Pernille was really good at the hip hop moves. Ann Celine loved the mix of Hip Hop and Ballet. You could take your favorite things, from both styles and mix them into an amazing performance.

She finished dancing and everyone started clapping and cheering. Well everyone except Laura. She was angry at Ann Celine for taking Pernilles part in the big fight, that'll probably ruin their whole relationship.

Ann Celine was happy with the big applause and sat down again. After her it was Lauras friend, and roommate Clairs turn to go on stage. She was really excited, and couldn't wait to show her dance moves off. She fixed her purple tank top, before she took the last two steps, and was on stage.

"Hi Clair!" Anna Cecilie said, and smiled at her, before she sat down on her chair again.

"Hi there!" Claire said, and smiled at the judges.

"Hi love! So what song did you choose?" Louis said, and smiled kindly at the girl.

"Easy To Love by The Jezebels." Claire said and smiled. That sing was really good, a little up beat in the chorus, but still simple in a way. The song finished, and she sat down happy with her performance. Of course the crowd cheered, and she smiled and waved to a lot of them. She soon sat down, and was ready for another performance.

It took some time, but finally the last dancer walked on stage. She was good, but nothing to yell hurray for.

Anna Cecilie walked on to the middle of the stage, and asked for silence.

"That was all the dancers. Now it's time for the singers!" Anna Cecilie said and called a girl on stage. It was Mary. Or as we know her, Marley. she was the girl that Laura talked with, right before their first performance. She was really pretty with her brown hair, and her eyes where so green it was unbelievable. She was asked a few questions by the judges, and then she was ready to sing.

The music started and she was ready.

"I've been roaming around, I was looking down at all I see
Painted faces fill the places I can't reach
You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody" she sang, and walked a little bit on the stage.

"Someone like you and all you know and how you speak
Countless lovers under cover of the street
You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody
Someone like you" after the chorus she was ready for the second verse.

"Off in the night while you live it up I'm off to sleep
Waging wars to shake the poet and the beat
I hope it's gonna make you notice
I hope it's gonna make you notice" she ended the song and everybody started clapping and cheering on her. She was amazing, and even the judges was standing up.

She bowed and sat down on her chair again. She was a bit embarrassed with all the attention but on the same time, really happy that she got this reaction, just by singning.

Two hours later it was time for the last singer. Laura White. She was really nervous as she made her way up to the stage. But on the same time, she was really happy. She was about to do her favorite thing in the whole world. Singing.

"Hey there Laura! I remember you! Did you find your shoes?" Harry started of by saying, and all the boys started laughing along with Laura.

"No, I forgot all about them actually! What about you?" Laura said, and smirked at Harry.

"I never lost my shoes..?" He said confused.

"Exactly! Well, I guess I'll just start singing then?" Laura said, winked at Harry and then she placed her self in the middle of the stage.

"This is my confessional on 
Pen and paper I'm gonna right this down
Saying things you never thought
That were on my mind, 
Let the truth pour out
Cause I'm tired of the games
I won't lie, no I'm not ok, 
You were wrong, you're to blame, 
Now the world knows your name." She started and looked straight at Pernille when she sang the you're to blame part.

"So here you go, 
You finally get a song about you on the radio
Are you happy now that you broke me down? 
Now I curse the day that I met you
I hope you know this song is about you, 
This is no mistake, yes I meant to
I hope you know this song is about you, about you! 
This song is about you, yeah!" She sang the chorus and took a deep breath before beginning on the second verse.

"Seem I'm feeling better now, 
I like the way our heads lifting off my chest, 
Should have done months ago
If I knew back then it would feel like this, 
Cause you done all the games
I won't lie, no I'm not ok
You were wrong, you're the blame
Now the world knows your name" she finished singing, and everybody broke into applause.

All the boys where standing up, and they where all smiling.

Great! Then they are not kicking me out of the competition, Laura thought, and walked dow  to her seat again.

Anna Cecilie walked to the middle of the stage again, and  everybody became quite.

"Now it's time for dinner. You go down the hall and to the left, to a big restaurant thingy, where you sit on the chair, with your name on. You'll be sitting in the categories, just for your information. We'll meet in here again, in half an hour. Now, chop chop! We don't have much time!"

Everybody practically jumped up and ran out of the door and into the restaurant. Laura was walking in the back with Marley, who she just 'reunited' with. They where talking and laughing, when someone tapped on Lauras shoulder. It was Ann Celine.

"Can we talk?" She said...


So, I don't think this is my longest chapter, but I just wanted to post it! I'm hoping to post the next chapter this week, but maybe you'll have to wait till next week...

Anyways, do you know what?! I ate ice cream last night! 
I'm guessing you didn't knew that...

Love ya! xxx


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