Talented Directioners

The worldwide famous boy band, One Direction gets their very own talent show! Directioners, boys and girls in all ages, from all over the world, enters the competition, to show off their talent. As we get closer and closer to finding the winner, the competition gets heated... Not only between the competitors, but also between the judges! And who knows! Maybe somebody finds true love... And maybe the love wasn't so true after all...


2. Chapter one *EDITED*



I was in my own world, walking around with my new turquoise headphones, listening to Kiss You by One Direction, and doing the laundry, I sang along when my favorite part of the song came.

"Oh baby, baby don't you know you got what I need, Lookin' so good from your head to your feet,"

While I wasn't looking, someone tackled me to the ground, causing my headphones to fall off. I looked up, into the familiar, brown eyes of my bestfriend, Pernille. Behind her stood Ann Celine, my other bestfriend, and she was laughing so hard at my reaction, that she was clutching her stomach.

"Hi Laura!" Pernille greeted me, and got up from the floor, pulling me with her.

"Hi babe!" I chuckled, and gave her a bone crushing hug. After that Ann Celine gave me one.

"What are you girls doing here?" I asked and looked at them, slightly accusing. They were supposed to work on a English assignment at Pernilles house, since they were in a group together.

In the other hand, I'm with the class dork, Kasper. He's just so annoying and insisted on that we finished the assignment, on the same day. I mean, who does that? Well Kasper does obviously.

"We finished the assignment, and decided to come over and make your Friday night ten times better!" Ann Celine answered, and she pulled me towards my room.

"Wait a minute, young lady!" My mom said, as she stood by the door, her arms crossed, and a stern look on her face.

"What mom?" I gulped. She can be so scary sometimes, especially on Fridays, because she is always so tired, and grumpy.

"You have to finish the laundry, first!" She commanded.

I sighed, and turned around to finish the laundry. Luckily, Ann Celine and Pernille helped me. After an hour, we were finished, and we made our way up to my room.

"So, what now?" I asked them and plopped down on the floor. Pernille laid down on my bed, and Ann Celine was on the chair, by my desk.

"We could go on twitter and facebook, and stalk our boys?" Ann Celine suggested, referring to One Direction, who we are very big fans of.

She grabbed my computer and we all took place in the bed, me in the middle, since it was my computer.I logged onto twitter, and searched for One Directions official twitter account. There were two new tweets.



Directioners! Please be aware that #Go1DenTicketWinners will be announced on the official BringMeTo1D site, not over Twitter 1DHQ x



The boys have some pretty big news for all of you Directioners out there with a talent. Tune in at 8pm! 1DHQ x


"Only half an hour . . .  I wonder what it is. . ." Ann Celine said, mostly to herself, I think. Suddenly her stomach, started to make really loud noises.

"Hungry?" I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Yeah. . ." She said sheepishly.

"I'll go order a pizza, while you guys can continue, stalking the boys." I got up from my bed, walked downstairs, to my mom.

"Mom? can we order a pizza please?" I smiled sweetly at her.

"Yeah, why not. Just stay away from the living room, I have a headache!" She ordered, closing the door at my face.

I turned around and walked over to the phone on the wall, in the kitchen. I dialed the number, since I know it by memory, and waited for the familiar voice of Ricky.

"Holla chicka!" Ricky begun.

"Hi Ricky! You do know that's not Italian, right?" I corrected, in a superior tone.

"Oh hey Laura! Yeah... I guess... So what can I get you? Hanging out with Ann Celine and Pernille again?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Just a guess. So, just the usual?"


"Are you picking up, or should get Anna to deliver it?" He asked.

"Delivery please! We're really tired tonight." I replied.

"Aren't you always?"

"Hmm... I've never thought of that... Anyways, See ya!"

"Bye Laura" And he ended the call.

I hung up, and made my way over to my room again. Me and Ricky, are actually really good friends. He's in my class, and we hang out a lot, especially in school. Pernille and Ann Celine, is not quite fond of him though. . . And for that I feel really bad for him, because he has a serious crush on Pernille.

"The pizza is on It's way!" I yelled and plopped down on my bed.

"Who's delivering today?"


"Great!" Pernille snickered and turned her head back to the computer. Anna is Ricky's twin sister, and really sweet. But they don't like her either.

"Laura? Can we sleepover?" Ann Celine asked and gave me a look of her sweet puppy eyes. She is so good at making those. I suck at it, actually.

"Yeah I guess, but you didn't bring anything. . . ?" Not that it was a problem. They'll just borrow some of mine.

"Can't we borrow, a hoodie and a pair of shorts, and we know you have some blankets, and we can just all sleep in the bed, or on the floor?" Pernille gave me her usual talk.

"Like all the other times, yeah?" I smiled at them and walked over to my huge closet.

"Which hoodies do you want to borrow?" I looked up at all my many hoodies. I'm not kidding when I say I have around forty-five, I just really love them.

"I want the Batman, one!" Ann Celine yelled, and so I found the one with the batman sign on the front, threw it to her with a pair if light green shorts.

"I want the bear!" Pernille, flashed me a smile and so I found my bear hoodie.

It's really cute. It has a bear face, on the front and under the face, It's holding a bowl filled with honey, you know, in the print. And then it has bear ears on the hat. I threw I at her, with some grey shorts.

For myself, I found my black hoodie that has, 'I Have Issues' printed in white on the front. I paired it with peach colored shorts.

I walked into my bathroom, quickly changed, and threw my hair up in a pony tail with my white silk ribbon. I walked back into me bedroom, and sat down on the bed again. Pernille and Ann Celine had already changed, and was stalking the boys.

"What time is it?" I asked, suddenly remembered the big announcement.

"Seven fifty-five why?" Ann Celine looked confused, until she realized what I was talking about.

"The announcement!" Pernille said, and hit herself on the forehead with her hand.

"Hi girls!" My brother, Casper entered the room with a pizza box in his hands.

"Hi Cas!" Pernille and Ann Celine chorused, and turned their attention back to the screen.

"I see you brought Pizza?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Pizza?" Ann Celine jumped up, and ran over and took the pizza box out of Caspers hands.

"Yeah, I met Anna, in the driveway, and figured it was yours. . ." He looked slightly taken back by Ann, but left the room again. Probably to go and Skype with his girlfriend Cath.

"Let's eat!" Me and Pernille, joined Ann Celine on the floor, and began eating.

We just finished eating the last piece, when I remembered...

"The announcement!" We all flew up on the bed, to my computer, and logged onto Twitter.

It didn't even take me four seconds, to find their twitter. I found the link to the announcement, and quickly pressed play.

"Hi we're One Direction!" They said in unison.

"And we have a huge announcement for all of you talented Directioners, out there!" Liam announced.

"We are having our very own..." Harry trailed off, while Louis and Niall did a drumroll.

"Talent competiton!" Zayn finally said.

"Yeaaahhh!" They all chorused.

"So, if you have a special talent," Niall continued.

"It could be anything," Louis commented.

"Like singing," Zayn said.

"Or dancing!" continued Liam.

"Or stuffing animals, for kids." Harry joked.

"You have to make a video!" Niall intercepted.

"Please make a video!" Louis begged.

"And send it into us!" Niall continued again.

"And maybe, just maybe, you'll go through to round two!" Liam smiled.

"So hurry up! We want to see you, and your talent!" Harry announced.

"You have until Friday at Six PM to send in your video!" Zayn reminded.

"Bye!" They all said.

"We love you!" Niall said, ending the clip

We all just sat there with out mouths open. A talent competition...? I definetly did not expect that!

"Ann Celine! You have to send in a video of you dancing!" I exclaimed looking at her. Pernille nodded and looked at her, too.

"But. . . I can't . . . I mean . . . In front of them?" Ann Celine stuttered.

I quickly pulled her up from the bed, and started shaking her. "You have too! OK? This could be your big chance! You are an amazing dancer, and you deserve this!" I rambled on, while shaking her.

She put her hands, on top of mine, and made me stop. "Laura stop!" She said, so I did.

"Fine . . . I'll do it!" Me and Pernille sighed in relief. "But only if you do it too!" She smiled at us.

"But . . . We can't dance . . . ?" I was confused.

"No silly! You'll sing, and Pernille will show her amazing styling skills!" She threw her hands out, and made a small happy dance.

Me . . . Singing?! But I can't sing! Only in front of my friends and family, but that's it! And I don't even have a nice voice!

"Fine by me!" Pernille shrugged, and sat down on the bed.

"I can't sing!" I exclaimed, and threw my hands up in the air.

"Yes you can!" They both said and looked at me like I was crazy.

"No! And besides, I don't even know, what song I should sing. So, sorry I can't do it."

"Ok, then I wont dance. ." Ann Celine sat down next to Pernille, with a pout.

"Uh! I . . . I . . . fine! I'll do it! But what song should I sing?"

I sat down on the floor, with a defeated look on my face.

"The one you wrote, a few weeks ago! What's it called . . . Uhmm . . . You And I!" Pernille looked really excited now. That's never a good thing.

"This is gonna be a peice of cake!" Ann Celine exclaimed, and ran over to my camera.

Are we gonna film now? While I'm wearing this?!

"Laura, where would it be best to film you singing?" Ann Celine asked, and looked all around the room.

"Sit over there!" Pernille pulled me over to my chair by my desk, and sat me down.

I made a big sigh, and looked at the girls with an raised eye brow. "Am I gonna wear this?" I pointed at my  shorts and my hoodie.

"Why not? You look sexy!" Ann Celine yelled, earning a groan from my mom, when she walked by my room.

"Oops!" She giggled.

"Just let me put some make up on you, and you'll look great!"

Pernille came over to me, with my grey eye shadow and my mascara. Thirty seconds later, Pernille had made my eye make-up perfect, and I was also wearing some long grey socks, I had pulled up to my knees.

"Ready?" Ann Celine, said and smiled at me.

"What am I supposed to say?"

"On the website it says that you have to say, your name, age, and were you're from." Pernille answered, and looked up from my computer. She was controlling the music.

"Okay. . . I'm ready."

I'm so gonna regret this! Then the red light, on my camera started. Okay, here we go. . .!

"Hi! My name is Laura, I'm seventeen years old, and I live in London! I'm gonna sing, a song I wrote, a few weeks ago. . . So, yeah. . ."

I sighed, closed my eyes and waited for Pernille to start the music.


I feel the music in my veins 

And it feels so good 

In the club, there is no tears 

I am alright

Everybody's getting drunk 

Here there is no pain 

I can be anyone I want to be 

I am alright

The beat is all I can feel now

Only music in my ice cold heart 

Nothing here can hurt me 

No man here can fool me

Cause I don't give a shit about love 

And I'm so through with all your fake honesty 

It's over, my time to shine 

I'm better off without you, here by my side

So now there is no other you and I, you and I 

You and I, you and I'I'I, 

You and I, you and I, you and I

There is no other You and I, You and I  

You and I, you and I'I'I, 

You and I, you and I, you and I


I don't care about, what they say 

I know about, all the girls 

But know I don't really give a shit 

I am alright

The music is making me growing 

The only thing that keeps me going  

is me knowing 

Nothing here can hurt me 

No man here can hurt or fool me

I have no more time 

For you to hurt my feelings 

Done enough to prove I'm all 

That I believe in 

We are at the end, no more stupid lies 

I'm better off without you here by my side.

So now there is no other you and I, you and I 

You and I, you and I'I'I, 

You and I, you and I, you and I

There is no other You and I, You and I  

You and I, you and I'I'I, 

You and I, you and I, you and I

There is no other You and I, You and I  

You and I, you and I'I'I, 

You and I, you and I, you and I


I smiled as the music stopped, and opened my eyes again. I made a small wave to the camera, and Ann turned it off. Both her and Pernille looked at me, with big eyes, and with their mouths open.

"What? Wasn't it good? See, I told you! I can't sing!" I sighed and walked over to my bed, to sit down

"Laura! That was amazing!" Ann Celine looked at me, still a bit shocked.

I blushed, and looked down on my hands.

"Ann Celine, your turn!" 

Ann Celine smiled, and made her way over to my closet to find something she can dance in.

A few minutes, her hair was in a ponytail, and she was dressed, in the right clothes. I found her favorite song to dance to, on my computer, and Pernille was at the camera. She started the camera, and Ann Celine started talking.

"Hi! My name is Ann Celine, and I'm seventeen years old, and I'm from London. I'm gonna dance to, one of my favorite songs, Can't Say No, by Connor Maynard."

She was so excited. I pressed play, and she began, dancing. She was so amazing! I can't even describe it, but the way she moved her hips and twisted her body, it just looked so good! I don't know anything about dance, but I know enough to see that she is a professional! The song ended, and Ann Celine, waved at the camera before Pernille turned it off.

"Pernille, your up!" I smiled at her, and walked over to my make-up table. You see, she was gonna do my make-up. She is really fast at it, and it always looks perfect.

She quickly removed the make up I was wearing, and I was ready. 

Ann Celine grabbed the camera, and Pernille threw her hair up in a messy bun.

"Three. . . Two . . . One!" Ann pressed play, on the camera, and I made my stone face.

"Hello! My name is Pernille, I'm seventeen years old, and I'm from London. My talent is styling, so I'm gonna do my bestfriends make-up." She smiled sweetly at the camera, and then she began.

It only took two minutes, and I looked flawless. Seriously, she covered all my scars, and bruises with foundation, so my skin looked, well, flawless. She made black, smokey eyes, and putted on some nude lip gloss. I looked stunning! Pernille did a wave at the camera, and Ann Celine turned it off. We all started screaming and jumping, and ended up in a big group hug on the floor.

"I can't believe this is actually happening!" I yelled.

"Shut up! Go to bed!" My mom was in the door, wearing her pajamas, her hair was everywhere, and make up all over her face.  She looked so scary!

"Yes mom. . ." We all said on the same time. Yes they call my mom, mom. . . But I call their moms, mom too, so it's completely normal!

We all got up, and I found two blankets for them. We all laid down on the bed, under the covers.

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