Talented Directioners

The worldwide famous boy band, One Direction gets their very own talent show! Directioners, boys and girls in all ages, from all over the world, enters the competition, to show off their talent. As we get closer and closer to finding the winner, the competition gets heated... Not only between the competitors, but also between the judges! And who knows! Maybe somebody finds true love... And maybe the love wasn't so true after all...


5. Chapter four


~*~*~*~*~* Pernilles POV ~*~*~*~*~*~

I just walked through the doors, when I realised I forgot my suitcase, with make-up and dresses in.

I quickly, walked back, through the doors, and bumped straight into, Ann Celine, who had my suitcase, in her hands.

"You forgot it!" She smiles sweetly at me. I grabbed the suitcase, and said a quick thank you, before walking back through the doors.

I sighed, and looked around. There where people everywhere. The staff was running around, with microphones, and food and cables, and a lot of other stuff.

There where, tables with mirrors, and chairs, and a table with food and drink, probably so the contestants can relax and calm their nerves a bit.

Not like it would help. I mean, I can barely move. I'm gonna stand infront of One Direction, in a coupled of minutes. I'm freaking out.

I slowly made my way over to one of the tables, with mirrors, clutching my suitcase tightly to my chest, feeling very small.

I sat down on the chair, and looked at myself in the mirror. I look horrible. I just spend several hours on a plane, which by the way, is not a good place to sleep. I learned that the hard way. Ugh!

I opened the suitcase and found the right foundation. I normally don't use any make-up, but I seriously look horrible, and I might, gonna be on TV.

After I finished with the foundation, I applied some nude lipgloss, and some black eyeliner, around my eyes, so they didn't become invisible on stage.

I finished of with my black mascara, and looked in the mirror, happy with thbe result.  

I closed the suitcase, and looked around the room. The same lady, that speaked at the airport, stood in the corner, and looked very professional, signing papers, and waving at people.

I looked at the big screen, in the middle of the room. Number 125 was currently on stage, a girl with long, blonde hair. She looked so nervous. I couldn't help but smile a bit, when Louis said the words 'you're through'.

She looked like a sweet girl. If I go through to round three, I better talk to her.

Someone called the number 127, so I quickly got up, and looked around the room, to find the person.

A small man, with no hair, at all, waved at me, to come over to him.  

I grabbed the suitcase, and slowly walked over to him.

"Pernille Jones?" He said.

I nodded, and smiled weakly at him.

He nodded, and quickly fastened a microphone on my shirt, and all the other electronic things, I needed to be on stage.

"Walk over there, and wait, till someone says you can go, on stage... Good luck!" He smiled warmly at me, and kindly pushed me over beside the stage.

I walked over to the place he pointed out, and ended up beside a gorgeous girl, with long wavy brown hair, up in a ponytail. She wore one of those things, you wear when you do karate.

"Hi! Caitlin!" She said and waved at me. She looked so calm!

"Pernille." I tried to smile, but it didn't feel like a real one.

Then a lady with long blond hair, came over and told Caitlin, that she had to go on stage now.

Caitlin nodded ad waved goodbye to me.

"Good luck!" I mouthed, and looked around nervously. It's my turn in a bit. God, I'm nervous!  

I have nausea! I'm gonna puke! Not kidding!

I looked around, trying to find a bathroom, but I don't think, there was one.

Another girl, came over and stood beside me. She had pink hair, and tattoos, on her arms. She looked really buff, and honestly, she scared the shit out of me! I would rather go out on stage, and humiliate me, than stand her beside her, for another minute!

Luckily, the lady from before, told me it was my turn, to go on stage.

Okay, here we go!

I took a deep breath, and walked out on stage. At first, I could barely see a thing, because of the light, but my eyes soon adjusted to the light.

I looked around, and the room was filled with people... Right in front of the stage, was a long table, with five incredible good looking guys. One Direction.

I slowly walked on to the big X on the floor.

" 'Ello love!" The curly haired dude said, and smiled sweetly at me.

"Hi!" I said, trying to sound happy and excited... Obviously, not succeeding, by the look on Louis' and Zayn's faces.

"What's your name?" Liam said, and smiled kindly, and glared at Zayn and Louis.

"I'm Pernille!" I said, this time, a bit calmer.

"Well, hello Pernille! So, tell us a bit about you, and what you're gonna perform for us, today!" Niall said, and smiled sweetly at me.

Okay, here we go. What to say, what to say...

"Okay, well, I'm seventeen years old, I'm from London, we're I live with my mom, dad, and younger sister. I'm here with my two best friends, who's also contestants. A singer, and a dancer. I'm a stylist. I do makeup, hair and clothes, and want to become a stylist or designer, or both. I would like, to get one of you guys up here, and then I'm gonna turn you into a girl." I said and smiled proudly at them.

It was actually Lauras idea. They looked slightly surprised, but they also smirked a bit.

"And, who do you want to come up?" Harry asked winking at me.

"Zayn!" I smirked at Zayn. He looked a but surprised, but he got on stage.

"Uhmm, can I please get a chair?" I yelled, hoping that someone heard me.

Fortunately, a man heard me, and came in with a chair.

Zayn sat down, and I winked at him.

"Please, start the time!" I said, and the man from before gave me a thumbs up, showing that he had pressed start.

I quickly opened the suitcase, and began working my magic. Luckily he recently shaved, so I could apply foundation.

One minute later, his makeup was perfect, and I swear, if you looked past the clothes, and his hair, he looked like a girl.

Then I found, a wig, with long, wavy dark brown hair, and placed it perfectly. It totally looked like it was his natural hair.

"Get up!" I ordered, and found two dresses in my suitcase.

"What? No! No, no, no, no, NO!" He said, when he noticed the dresses. I heard the boys laugh at him, behind me, so I turned around and glared at them. They quickly shuted up, and looked serious.

Then I turned around, and glared at Zayn, causing him to gulp.

Wow. I didn't know I was that scary.


Zayn got up from the chair, and looked at me nervously.

I just smiled an innocent smile at him, and handed him a blue dress, with a small black belt. I really like blue... It's just so pretty, and blue!

He slowly walked backstage, to change, and came back, wearing the dress, and some nylon stockings.

Honestly... I couldn't see it was Zayn... He looked exactly like a girl, I met, in Italy a few years ago.

I heard laughter behind me, so I turned around, and saw the boys laughing their heads off.

"That's amazing! How did you do that?" Harry said, trying be a bit serious.

"I guess that's for me to know, and for you to find out!" I simply said, and smiled at them.

They looked a but confused, but brushed it off.

Then Zayn walked backstage, to change back into himself again.

A few moments later, he was back, and looked completely normal. He sat down between Niall and Liam.

They both smirked at him, obviously trying to hold back a laugh.

"Okay, let's vote!" Harry said, still chuckling a bit.

"I'm saying yes! That was hilarious!" Liam said, and smirked at Zayn, who blushed.

Zayn mumbled something into the microphone, that sounded like Beth. But that would be weird, cause my name is Pernille...

"What was that?" I smirked at him.

"Yes!" He said this time a bit louder.

"I agree with Liam, I'm saying yes!" Niall said and laughed.

"Well... I must say that, you did a great job with the make-up... The hair looked a bit fake, but that wasn't your fault. I liked the thing with the dress... So I'm saying yes!" Louis said and smiled.

"Five yes' you're through!" Harry said and smiled at me.

I... They said yes?!

I squealed, quickly packed my stuff. I said thank you, at least a hundred times, before running backstage, where I hugged almost everyone! I even gave this guy, a kiss on the cheek.

I was just about to walk back to the others, when a lady came over to me.

"You have to go back to the hotel now, where you'll be shown to the room, with your friends and family." She smiled kindly at me, and shoved me over to a door. I nodded, and walked through the door. Outside there was a big bus, filled with other contestants, they probably went through to round three too.

I quickly walked inside, and sat down on the only seat left. It was next to a girl with straight, long blond hair and blue eyes. I immediately felt self conscious because, she was, like, so beautiful.

"Hi! I'm Rayna!" She said, and smiled at me.

"Hi Rayna, I'm Pernille!" I smiled sweetly back, and got comfortable in the seat. After all, I don't know how long I'm gonna be here.

"So, excited? I never imagined I would move on, to round three..." She said, obviously trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah me neither! What's your talent?" I asked. Then the bus started moving, and we drove off.

"I'm a DJ. Always have been! What about you?" She chuckled a bit, and looked at me.

"I'm a stylist!"

"OMG! That's so cool! You have to style me some day! It could be so fun!" She exclaimed at looked really excited.

I smiled and agreed. She is really sweet.

Then we arrived at the hotel, and everybody got out of the bus. We all walked inside the hotel, where we met a lady, holding an IPad.

A couple of girls walked over to her and she said something, before they all moved over to the stairs.

"I think we have to talk with that lady over there!" Rayna said, giving me a shock.

I nodded and we both walked over to the lady. There where a few people in front of us, so me and Rayna used the time to get to know each other.

Finally it was our turn.

"Names?" She asked us, and smiled.

"Rayna Jeu!"

"Pernille Jones!"

"What a coincidence! You're both living in room 313! With another contestant, Ann Celine? Your friend I think!" She looked st me with a questioning look.

"Yep! Sounds good!" I said, and smiled.

"Great! Well, all your luggage is in your room, and heres a key! Have fun!" She handed us a key, and we both walked over to the elevators.

"So, who's Ann Celine?" Rayna asked me, as we stood in the elevator. We were alone.

"One of my bestiends! We're three. Ann Celine, me and Laura." I smiled at the thought of them.m

"Cool! So, are they both contestants?"

"Yeah! Ann Celine is a dancer, and Laura is a singer!"


"Are they good?" She smiled politely at me.

The elevator stopped at floor 6, and we both walked out, looking for room 313.

"Yeah... Amazing!" I said, and smiled at her. "This is our room!"

I used the key to open the door, and we both walked in.

The room was beautiful! Two double beds, and a single bed, a big TV, all in natural creamy colors! The beds was big and looked soft, and really comfortable!

I walked into the bathroom, and it was huge! It had a jacuzzi and everything! Lovely!

I walked back into the bedroom, and saw Rayna, jumping on the bed.

"I have just always wanted to do that!" She said, and jumped down on the floor.

"The bathroom is amazing! A jacuzzi and everything!" I said, and smiled. "Where are the others?"

Then the door to the balcony opened, and Claire walked in, with a guy. He was a bit taller than us, had brown hair, and blue eyes. The same facial features like Rayna. Probably her brother or something. I hope it's not her dad... He is way to young for that!

"Hi Pernille! Rayna!" Claire said and came over to give me a hug.

I hugged back, and smiled at the guy.

"I'm Jesse! You must be Pernille!" He said and winked at me.

"Yep that's me! I'm Pernille! The one and only!" Oh, god! Why must I always embarrass myself in front of cute guys?!

They all looked at me, with an raised eye brow, and Jesse smirked at me. I blushed and looked down, on my hands.

"Anyway... We have to make rules, and sleeping arrangements etc." Rayna sat down on one of the double beds.

"I want to sleep in a double bed!" Jesse said, and smirked at me.

"Oh my dear brother, that's not happening. You, are sleeping in the single bed! We can't have any girls getting pregnant, can we?" Rayne said, and smirked at me. Oh my god! Does she think I likes her brother? Cause I don't!

He sighed, but sat down on the single bed.

"Who's sleeping with who?" I asked and looked at Claire and Rayna.

"That sounded wrong!" Claire said and laughed.

Okay, she misunderstand everything! Seriously! It's weird!

"Yeah, yeah...! Now, I kinda want to sleep next to Ann Celine, would that be alright with you?" I asked them and fiddled with my fingers.

"Yeah, sure!" Rayna said, and smiled at Claire. Claire smiled back, so I figured it was alright. I walked over to the double bed, that Rayna didn't sit on, and layed down.

Maybe I should text Laura, and tell her I'm not coming back... Ups!

I picked up my phone and wrote a quick text.

To: Cheeselover<3

Hi babe! I'm at the hotel, wasn't allowed to come back! :( Have fun, and good luck! I know you can do it!!! <3 xxx

I pressed send, and sat up again. Then my phone buzzed. That's weird... Laura did deffinetly not text back, already. She takes like five minutes, at least! I quickly opened it, and... It's from Ricky..?

From: Ricky the asshole

Hi Pernille! :) I was wondering, if we could meet up, now? I need to talk with you about something. ;)

Okay... What's up with him? I have never talked with him before... Like, alone. So why the heck, does he want to talk now?


To: Ricky the asshole

Uhmm hi? I guess... Where?


I pressed send, and got up.

"I'm gonna have to go for a second. Gotta go yell at Laura's boyfriend." I smiled politly, and walked out of the door. I walked down the hallway, my heels click-clacking as I did. When I reached a white bench, my phone buzzed, twice.


From: Ricky the asshole

There is a white bench, on floor 6. Seeya there! ;)


From: Cheeselover<3

Hello!!!! Boo... But we misseseses you! :( Thanks a lot! It's almost my turn! UGH! Wish me love! <3 xxx


I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. Laura loves to make up new words.

To: Cheeselover<3

You do know 'misseseses' isn't a word, right? Well, then good love! I know you'll do great! Just relax and picture the boys naked! ;) <3 xxx


To: Ricky the asshole

I'm already there...!


I sat down on the bench and tapped my foot impatiently on the floor, and sighed. What is taking so long?! I don't have all day.  

Then he came out of a room, a bit further down the hall, and walked up to me. Finally!

"What took you so long?! I don't have all day!" I spat at him, as he sat down beside me on the bench. I moved a bit away, since he was way to close. I could smell him all the way from here.

"Sorry babe. I just had to take some clothes on!" He winked at me. What's up with him?! Is he..? No het can't be...?! He has a girlfriend! My best friend!

"Babe?!" I looked at him skeptically.

"Yeah..! Look Pernille I have an offer for you." He smiled at me.

"What?" I raised an eyebrow.

"I... I like you." He blurted out.


"Wha... What?!" I stuttered, completely taken back. I mean... I hasn't even been 24 hours, since he and Laura got together... What is he doing?!

Then he suddenly leaned in. I leaned back, away from him.

Then, suddenly, I was practically lying down on the bench, with him on top of me, trying to kiss me. He crashed his lips to mine, desperately trying to get some reaction from me. All I did was to push him away from me.

"What the heck Ricky?!" I yelled. "You're dating Laura! My best friend! Remember her?!"

"What? We don't have to tell her!" He smirked at me, trying to kiss me again. This time I pushed him down on the floor.

I quickly got up, and walked towards my room. The someone grabbed me by the arms, and threw my up, at the wall.

Ricky! He leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"Come on babe... I know you want to!" He started to kiss down my neck.

"Get away from me!" I yelled and pushed him away. This time he grabbed my arm.

"Fine! If that's what you want! But say a word to Laura, and you're done!" He threatened and glared at me.

Then I slapped him, across the cheek, and turned around.


Yay! New chapter!!! :3

I really like this one! :3

Bet ya'll didn't expect that, did ya?!

Haha... I really love drama, so you better get ready for a lot of it!!! :3


Guess what?!

I can't find Annika! I know, it's terrible! Please, if you see her, tell me! I think she is mad at me!! :(

Just... If you see a purple elephant, about the size of a car, but not really that size, please tell her I miss her, and that I'm sorry?? :'(

Love ya! ;3

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