Talented Directioners

The worldwide famous boy band, One Direction gets their very own talent show! Directioners, boys and girls in all ages, from all over the world, enters the competition, to show off their talent. As we get closer and closer to finding the winner, the competition gets heated... Not only between the competitors, but also between the judges! And who knows! Maybe somebody finds true love... And maybe the love wasn't so true after all...


9. Chapter eight

Laura nodded at Ann Celine and gave Marley a quick good bye hug, before she followed Ann Celine to a place, a little quieter. they walked into a small dark room filled with book cases? Wonder what they need those for. Ann Celine was really nervous. Laura could be really unpredictable sometimes. You never know if she's gonna hug you and give you kisses all over your face, or if she is gonna beat the shit out of you.  

Laura turned on the lights, and faced Ann Celine. She was waiting for her to break the silence.  

"Laura... What happened between you and Pernille?" Ann Celine asked and looked at Laura with that small innocent child look, she knew Laura couldn't be mad at. 

"I... She tried to kiss Ricky, Ann Celine... She tried to kiss him" Laura said and looked down at her hands, with a sad look on her face.  

"But Laura, think about it... Would Pernille really do that to you" Ann Celine said and took a little step closer to the blonde girl.  

"I don't know... But why would Ricky lie to me" Laura asked and looked at Ann Celine. 

"I think you do know... Deep inside!" Ann Celine sighed "Just promise me that you'll think, before shutting Pernille out..." Ann Celine said walked out of the room.

Laura stood there for a few minutes just thinking. What if Ann Celine was right? What if Pernille didn't try to kiss Ricky? What if Ricky lied to her?  

She was really confused and didn't know what to believe. She sighed and decided to think about it tonight. Now she was hungry and didn't want to miss all the free food.  

She walked out and in to the big cafeteria. Everyone was talking and eating and there where almost no food left. Damn it! Laura thought, and walked over to the start of the buffet.  

She took a plate, and started to fill it with all the delicios looking food.  

She took a piece of pizza, a bit of lasagna, some salad, nachos, a sandwich, fries, the last two puddings, and a chocolate mousse.  

She sat down on the chair that said Laura White, and started eating. She didn't even look at the person next to her.  

"Oh my god Laura! How much are you gonna eat?!" Marley exclaimed and everyone around Laura looked at her.  

Marley was sitting in front of her, and she only had a salad and a sandwich. Boring!  

"What?! I'm hungry!" Laura said and blushed. She had always been eating a lot more than normal, and people often judged her on that.  

"So am I!" Marley said, and looked at the over filled plate that Laura had infront of her.


Ann Celine smiled when she heard a girl yell "Oh my god Laura! How much are you gonna eat?!"  

Laura had always been eating so much it was unbelievable.  

She found her phone and wrote a quick text to Pernille.


To: Nille! <3

Plan convince Laura starts tonight! Find a girl, fast! xoxo

She pressed send, and started to eat her pizza.


Pernille was sitting next to this little boy named Paxton. He was only thirteen years old, she found it a bit awkward, but managed. He was telling her about all his drawings and stuff.  

She really tried to listen interested, but he was just talking so fast and about so many things at a time, that her head started to hurt... Alot!

Luckily for her, her phone vibrated, and she got a text.

"Sorry Paxton, I have to read this." She said and smiled at him. He just nodded and turned to the person on the other side of him, and began talking again. She turned on her phone and read the text.

From: AC! <3

Plan convince Laura starts tonight! Find a girl, fast! xoxo


Pernille smiled at her phone, and immediately started to look around the room for a girl.

It didn't take long, before she spotted the perfect girl! She was sitting at the dancers table.  

She took out her phone and started to write a text to Ann Celine, when a really loud bell went off. Probably time to go back.

Everyone got up from their chairs, except Laura. She wasn't finished with her chocolate mousse yet, and there's no way she'll ever leave food.

She finally finished, and managed to get out of the room as one of the last. If not the last.  

She ran through the big doors and found her seat, as fast as possible.  

Anna Cecilie got up on the stage, where the boys already where readys.

"Okay everyone. Please be quite..!" She said and everyone turned their attention back to her.  

"Now it's time for the creative ones. Paxton Marks, please come on stage."

A young boy ran up on stage, with a sketch book in his hands and a set of pencils.

"Let me guess... You're gonna draw?" Zayn said and smiled at the little boy.

"Yep!" Paxton said, and sat down on the chair, someone had found for him.

He soon started and five minutes later, there was a beautiful drawing of Zayn.  

The boys where impressed, and Paxton sat down again, getting an applause from everyone.

A few more went on stage, and then it was Anna Leahs turn. She took her sketch book and a box, and tip toed on stage. She was very bouncy, because she had the perfect idea for her performance.

"Hi love!" Louis said and smiled sweetly at the girl.

"Hi Louis!" She said and jumped a bit.

"You're excited! So, what are you gonna do today?" Niall said, chuckling a bit.

"I'm gonna draw you guys, sitting at your table..." Anna Leah said. "In front of Big Ben. All in pencil and charcoal."

The five boys nodded impressed, and she started drawing. A little while after, she finished, and proud of her work. The boys where really impressed, and she walked off stage again.

Then it was Pernilles turn. She took her suitcase and walked on stage.

"Hi Pernille! I remember you! You where the one that turned Zayn into a girl!" Harry said and smiled widely at the girl in front of him.

Zayn looked down at his hands and blushed a deep scarlet red.

"So what do you have in mind for today?" Liam asked.

"I need someone to help me on stage. A girl please. With long red hair. Meaning, Ann Celine my friend!" Ann Celine smiled and ran up on the stage, where she sat down on the chair.

Pernille immediately started to give her a full face mask on. She used the colors, blue, purple and pink a lot. Ind the end she had made an impressive mask. It was a bit hard to describe, but Ann Celine had, black lines around her head, and on the forehead, some circles and two hearts. Around the eyes it was blue. Under the eyes where made some black lines, so it kinda looked like she cried, but then again, it looked nothing like that.

Yeah, hard to describe. But the impressive was not the make up, but the fact that she only took 5 minutes to do it.

"How did you do it so fast?" Louis asked and looked at Pernille with raised eye brows.

"Well, I was seven years old the first time I made this mask, and I have been making it ever since, so my hand kinda just does it by itself by now..." She said and smiled.

"Well, thank you!" Niall said and all the boys smiled at her, and she sat down again, Ann Celine right behind her.

A few more contestants went on stage, no one where particularly good, they where alright.

Then Anna Cecilie walked back on to the stage, wearing her big smile.

"Okay people. The weird talents and others, will get to perform tomorrow morning, so be here by nine o' clock. Or you're out of the competition. Simple as that. For tonight, you are allowed to be everywhere, but you have to stay inside the hotel. The busses are waiting for you outside. Have fun!" She said and all the cameras turned off. Which meant that everybody relaxed again.

The contestants all got up from their chair, and slowly made their way out to the busses.

Soon everyone was at the hotel, either in their room, chilling in the lobby or eating in the restaurant.

Can you guess where Laura where? Yep that's right, in the restaurant! She was waiting on her boyfriend Ricky.

Ten minutes later she was still waiting.

Thirty minutes later, still waiting.

After fifty minutes of waiting, she gave up, and ran out of the restaurant, completely red in her head from embarrassment. Everyone in the restaurant had kept looking at her, and every time she looked at her phone or watch, someone whispered something, or rolled their eyes at her.

A few tears ran down her cheeks, and she continued out, into the bathroom in the lobby.  

Laura looked at herself in the mirror. Her mascara was slowly starting to run down her cheeks, because she forgot to use her waterproof mascara the same morning. Stupid thing to do!

Laura took a piece of paper, and dried her cheeks, getting the worst of the mascara off, and forced herself to stop crying. Something she was very good at. She slapped herself on the cheeks, and was ready to face the world again. Or, that was until her phone vibrated and she got a text.

From: JO!

Laura... I think you need to see this... Come on to floor five in front of room 305... HURRY!


It was from Ann Celine?



Don't hate me too much!! I'm so sorry I haven't updated for a while now!!

But I'm back now, and this time I mean it!!!

Wonder what Laura has to see..? Maybe all the Ricky drama's over soon? Or has it all just begun?

Love ya! xxx

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