It's official

Lily has the whole house to herself this summer whilst her parents are away, unfortunately she still has to look after her little brother Jake.
Lily meets Harry at a summer party but her friends (Sarah and Jess) have told her not to go there, he's hot, popular but also got with pretty much every girl in school, could she keep it a secret?

Quick warning, this fan fiction isn't for the innocent fans, if you know what i mean ;)


3. You should stay..

I put Jake to bed after his pizza and playing a little while longer with Harry, he was completely exhausted and went to sleep no problem, much to my delight. I went back down to join Harry on the sofa 
"thankyou for Inviting me over tonight, Lily. I haven't stopped thinking about you"
"it's no problem, i haven't stopped thinking about you either"
There was a silence in the room, it wasn't awkward though, I never felt awkward with Harry around, it was odd, I had never felt this way about a boy.
"Do you want to stay tonight?" I suddenly blurted out, it was like I couldn't control my mouth, I just had to ask
"I would love too." he smiled
I couldn't believe how perfect he was, his dimples were cute and made him appear young and innocent, his eyes were a deep emerald green, I got lost in them and his brown curly locks covered his forehead, he was charming.
I broke the silence by putting my favourite film on 'P.S I love you' 
"I love this film!" Harry said 
"really?! It's my favourite!" I replied happily, could he get anymore perfect?
"Mine too!" he smiled
I grabbed some sweets from the kitchen and I cuddled up to Harry watching the film, he didn't object, I know I'd only met him but it wasn't like I hadn't had a hugeeee crush on him before, he was the hottest guy in school by far. I felt like I'd known him for ages as he wrapped his muscly arm around me, I felt protected and happy. 
"wake up lily!" 
"Lily? Wake up?" 
I woke up and it was still dark 
"Lily it's Harry, the films over but you fell asleep" he chuckled 
"oh god I'm sorry, how embarrassing falling asleep on you!" I blushed shying away to go and switch off the television 
"it's okay, you look beautiful when you sleep" he said
I quickly changed the subject, I wasn't sure how I felt about Harry liking me yet "do you wanna come up to bed then?" I questioned, he nodded at me. 
When we got to my room I realised I was totally unprepared and forgotten why I had ever said he could sleep.
"oh yeah, I have a double bed.." I said awkwardly 
"I can sleep on the floor" Harry offered 
"no I will.. You're the guest" i kindly replied 
"but what if the guest wants you to have the bed..." Harry winked 
"then I guess we will both have to get in?" I questioned 
"correct. Come on." Harry hadn't planned on sleeping so ripped off his skinny jeans and tee shirt until he was stood in his bare grey boxers, I stared out the corner of my eye, he was so muscly and he had a few tattoos dotted around his shoulders and chest. "I can put my tee shirt on if you want, its just i wasn't prepared.." he started 
"no its fine" i interrupted 
harry cuddled close to me and I felt the warmth of his breath on the back of my neck, it wasn't long before he was fast asleep and I turned to face him, his eyes were shut softly and his chest Rose and fell as he slept, His curls lay against the pillow and his soft plump lips were opened whilst he breathed softly.
I studied the tattoos on his bare chest, two birds either side of his heart, a bird cage, a coat hanger, the words '17 black' and a star were the only ones I could see from around the duvet, I wondered if there were more, what did they all mean?! Without touching his chest I traced the outline with my finger of his abs, he was so muscly and had a lovely glowing tan to his skin. Satisfied I rolled over onto my other side and closed my eyes. This was perfect. Id never felt so happy. 
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