It's official

Lily has the whole house to herself this summer whilst her parents are away, unfortunately she still has to look after her little brother Jake.
Lily meets Harry at a summer party but her friends (Sarah and Jess) have told her not to go there, he's hot, popular but also got with pretty much every girl in school, could she keep it a secret?

Quick warning, this fan fiction isn't for the innocent fans, if you know what i mean ;)


6. I'll take care of you

I knew Harry had already had sex before me, but I wasn't sure if he was aware it would be first time. It would be awkward but I had to tell him..
"Harry um there's something I should probably tell you" I said feeling a hot flush come on
"what?" he asked 
"well, um.." I said getting all embarrassed 
"come here it's okay whatever it is!" he said comforting me
"well I haven't actually had sex before, like I'm a virgin..." I said shying away from his grip 
"that's okay babe! It's nothing to be shy about, I'm glad you told me it means I can make it all the better for you!" he smiled 
"yeah.." I said worried 
"look lily, we don't have to have sex if you don't want to, it's completely up to you, but you know I would never hurt you, I love you so much Lily" He said cuddling up to me above the duvet 
I smiled at his comfort, he had this way of making me feel at ease so quickly 
"no I do want to Harry, I'm just a bit nervous, you know incase you think I'm rubbish.. Then you will hate me...."
"hey stop talking like that! I could never hate you! I promise I'll be easy on you" he replied softly 
"thankyou Harry" 
"now let's go watch some good films hey!" he crouched down for me to climb on his back, I clambered onto him and wrapped my arms around his neck as he walked me out the door and downstairs 
"No!" I screamed clutching onto him as hard as possible, suddenly he flinged me onto the sofa from his back
I screeched out as he did, shutting my eyes in terror 
"RAWRRRR!" he screamed jumping onto me making me scream even louder 
He flicked the television on and scanned to Film4 and gasped "LILY OPEN YOUR EYES GUESS WHATS ON!" 
"what what?!" I said lifting my head from behind him
"Notting hill!" he said jumpy
"YAAAY!" I replied 
Harry got up and drew the curtains before cuddling up into me and watching the film. I felt his arms wrap round my waist and he comforted me, free of any worries i previously had 
I sent mum a text saying Jake had been invited over to stay at Freddies house so I was doing some revising, it was kind of true, well not really... Maybe for biology? Jess also text me about her first day of her summer job, she seemed happy enough with it, I mean working at the local zoo was a better job than some people at school had got, one of my ex friends Stacey was working as a cleaner and babysitter, I'm quite sure it doesn't get much worse than those two jobs.. 
"you okay babe?" Harry asked sweetly 
"yes thankyou, you?" I politely replied 
"yeah I'm good whenever I'm with you!"
"awe Haz" I said, he was so thoughtful about me, always checking I was okay with everything, he never got boring. 
The film soon finished much to our disappointment and Harry started up one of his tickling fights again "I'm gunna get you!" he chanted, being more prepared this time however I ran for it, up the stairs, back down again into the living room and kitchen, out into the garden, he caught up with me a few times and had me in fits of giggles as I tried to squirm away I was laughing whilst running around everywhere
"stop it Harry I cant breathe! I cried out
He kept on chasing me and soon grabbed me by my waist and flung me around "got you! Got you!" he sang 
"no let me free!" I whined 
He tickled me further causing me to squirm and giggle
"stop Harry stop!"
he let me go for a few seconds and I made a run for it upstairs into my bedroom, I held the door with all my might until I couldn't any longer, he burst in grabbing me and chucking me on the bed 
"stop it harry! No more tickling!" I screamed out
He clambered onto the bed stripping himself of his light blue tee shirt , obviously hot from all the running, I clutched my top and brought it over my head, he was going to see me naked fairly soon, I was sure of it so I may as well join him, 
"wow" he said "nice body beautiful" 
I blushed a little and hid away from him under the duvet
"don't be shy Lily, or do I have to come and GET YOU?!" he shouted at me 
I tried not to laugh as he tried to get hold of me under the duvet, whilst I was away from him I took off my shorts so I was just in my underwear, luckily when harry left before I'd taken Jake to Freddies house id had time to slip on my black underwear with pink lace stitched to the edges, I reappeared from under the duvet 
"oh, hi there" he winked "you're looking hot, and you must be, my girlfriend?" he joked 
"hmm yes unfortunately so" I cheekily chirped in 
"oi!" he playfully hit me
"but your girlfriend isn't happy right Joe because you still have trousers on" I winked at him 
"well I better quickly make my girl happy then hadn't I?" I nodded in agreement and he slipped off the black skinny jeans he wore.
"so what now?" he asked 
"now I'm going to make my boy happy!" I teased 
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