It's official

Lily has the whole house to herself this summer whilst her parents are away, unfortunately she still has to look after her little brother Jake.
Lily meets Harry at a summer party but her friends (Sarah and Jess) have told her not to go there, he's hot, popular but also got with pretty much every girl in school, could she keep it a secret?

Quick warning, this fan fiction isn't for the innocent fans, if you know what i mean ;)


7. I do want to Harry..


Harry followed me upstairs as I nervously approached my room, I loved Harry a lot and I wanted to do stuff with him, of course I did it's just it was my first time of being in this sort of relationship. Don't get me wrong, I've had relationships before, but I was a lot younger then and snogging was about as far as I ever got..
I opened my door and sat on my bed 
"you know we don't have to do this sort of thing if you don't want to Lily" Harry said reassuring me 
"No I do want too, I love you Harry!" I replied trying to sound confident in myself, I'm not sure if he believed me or not...
I went off into the bathroom to brush my teeth and put my hair up in a bun, I came out and got changed into a loose tank top and tight shorts.
"you look hot in that" Harry smiled 
He was now on the bed and had also changed into looser clothing.
"you aren't bad yourself!" I joked 
Harry jumped up off the bed and grabbed my waist pulling me backwards on top of him on the bed, he began to kiss me around my neck, he was experienced in this and I think he could sense my worry therefore was moving things quickly for me, which I didn't think was a bad idea myself.
"I love you lily" he whispered into my ear as his nose muzzled into my neck 
I bit back at him kissing his neck all over, I stripped him of his tee shirt and began kissing his bare chest 
"oh by the way, what the fuck do all these tattoos mean Harry?!" I said tracing them with my fingers 
"a few personal meanings, I'll tell you later, stop talking" he demanded using his hand to lift my face closer to his 
"kiss me" he spoke
I followed his instructions, he knew what he was doing here and his angry tone was a massive turn on. 
We began to passionately kiss one another, our tongues were locking, I could feel his presence in my mouth as his tongue twisted inside me. I felt ready for this, and I suspected Harry was too, I watched as he unbuckled his belt and ripped off his skinny jeans, I could see through his boxers he was hard, it was an odd feeling, he wanted me, quite obviously. I wasn't sure how to react. I didn't want to jump into the sex so soon so I crouched down in front of him he knew what I meant. 
"oh so you wanna play it that way" he winked cheekily 
I grinned up at him as he removed his boxers I witnessed the freedom he had given himself 
"have you done this before Lily.." 
It wasn't awkward between us but I was a little embarrassed to say I hadn't 
"um no." I said biting my lip 
"it's okay, I will guide you through it" he smiled reassuring me 
I gripped hold of his long hard shaft, he was very well packed in his area. I began stroking lightly up and down, although I hadn't done this before I wasn't stupid, I'd heard enough round school, read some books I probably shouldn't have, I knew exactly how to tease him.
I clutched harder and moved my hand up and down across his throbbing cock, he was getting harder as I worked, i changed up my paces rubbing quickly but also slowly, he definitely preferred slower motions so I made sure I moved my hand slowly up and down
"thats great Lily" I heard him say,
I didn't want to lose concentration though so I moved my head towards him and began sucking on each of his balls, he let out a small moan so I knew I was doing something right.. it was very satisfying, I loved seeing how I was making him so excited. 
Slowly I licked the side of his cock, I could tell he was turned on 
"get on with it Lily, please!" he whined at me, he obviously wasn't in the mood for any games today
It was funny seeing him the vulnerable one, I had all the control as I teased him further 
"Please Lily!" he said once more 
I didn't hesitate, I wrapped my mouth round the tip and began lightly sucking before taking in more of his dick, I glided my mouth back and forth as he moaned with pleasure
"keep going keep going!" he shouted "I cant believe you haven't done this before?!" 
I felt happy knowing he was enjoying it now, I was enjoying seeing him happy, I was still extremely nervous about it all but I didn't let on. I quickly ripped my top off to reveal my purple laced bra, I felt a tingling sensation, I knew he was excited. 
He let out a loud moan and I felt a warm fluid run down my throat, I swallowed desperately trying to satisfy him and he moaned harder again 
"fuck Lily!" he shouted out 
I swallowed the remaining fluid down and licked the tip of his still erect cock
"don't do anymore!" he demanded 
I knew it would be painful now so as it throbbed I lightly stroked his cock and finally guided him back onto the bed where we lay in silence for a moment 
"that was your first time?" he questioned
I nodded shyly expecting some criticism 
"I can't wait for your first time having sex" he nudged me winking
"OH SHUT UP HARRY!" I said a little embarrassed but happy he thought I was good
"I'm joking babe!" 
He went into the bathroom for a short time and came back with his boxers on again
"that really was amazing babe, I can't wait to return the favour" he winked at me.
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