It's official

Lily has the whole house to herself this summer whilst her parents are away, unfortunately she still has to look after her little brother Jake.
Lily meets Harry at a summer party but her friends (Sarah and Jess) have told her not to go there, he's hot, popular but also got with pretty much every girl in school, could she keep it a secret?

Quick warning, this fan fiction isn't for the innocent fans, if you know what i mean ;)


5. I can think of lots of things..

"Thankyou for letting him stay over Sue, it just I really needed to get some revision done whilst mum and dad are away!" I exclaimed
"oh its no problem love, Jakes no bother, we will have him anytime you need a break!" Sue, Freddies mum replied
"Thankyou Sue, see you later Jake!" I wandered down the drive, with Jake gone for the night it was time to go and meet Sarah, I walked up to the milkshake shop and she was there waiting.
"HIYA!" I said running up to her and giving her a big hug! 
"Hey! I've just ordered us a shake. I presume you wanted strawberry?" Sarah asked
"of course I did!" she knew me so well 
"so what've you been up too?" Sarah said
"well I have to say I can only be with you for an hour really, whilst Jakes away for the night I'm helping mum and dad paint his room fresh and tidy it!" 
"oh that's fine, I have dance in an hour too!" Sarah replied
"but apart from that, nothing really.." I lied "what about you.."
"oh nothing much either really, Jess has got a job now and you're busy a lot of this summer! It's going to be rubbish for me!" Sarah frowned 
"I'll be here! Maybe not as much as last summer, but you will still see me!" I said remaining positive 
last summer had been really hot and Sarah Jess and I all went to Sarahs mums summer house overlooking a cool blue lake, we'd had so much fun there and all of us knew when Jess got her job it wouldn't be the same.
Our milkshakes arrived which cheered Sarah up for a bit but my phone soon vibrated 
-hey babe, on my way back to yours, hurry!:) .xx- 
"who was that?" Sarah naturally asked 
"uhm just my mum reminding me I need to be back soon, speaking of which I probably should go now, um I'll text you! See you soon!" I said rushing out the door. I couldn't wait to get my hands on Harry. Especially now we had a free house 
"okay I hope every things okay!?" I heard Sarah shout as I rushed out the shop 
"GREAT THANKS!" I shouted back 
I ran home and just caught up with Harry on the drive up to my house 
"you didn't have to run, when I said hurry I didn't mean.."
I grabbed hold of his wrist and pulled him through the front door
"you're eager aren't you?" Harry laughed 
I pulled his back onto the floor and stripped him of his jacket. I placed my hands around his neck and pushed him against the wall, I  started kissing him all over, he put his hands round my waist and kissed me passionately, his curls stuck to his head with sweat as our tongues intertwined together, he lifted me up, hands on my thighs as I straddled round him and carried me onto the bed upstairs I kissed his neck rolling on top of him leaving him small red marks which soon faded along his neck, he bit down on the delicate skin behind my ear stroking it along with his nose 
"I fucking love you Harry" I whispered into his ear 
"I wasn't expecting this on my walk home I have to say" he laughed 
"yeah well, I missed you" I winked 
he pulled me right on top of him and kissed my neck all the way up to my jaw and then onto my cheeks edging nearer towards my lips, finally I felt his lips on mine and his Tongue enter my mouth, I played along with it winding my Tongue round his with my fingers running through the delicate curls on his head, He rolled me onto his back and I felt his heavy breathing against my chest his deep green eyes stared into my Hazel brown eyes, he slowed down and I felt his plump lips touch mine once more, "I fucking love you too" he whispered back. 
Harrys hot body rolled off of me and we lay in silence for a few moments 
"so free house then, what do you wanna do?" he cheekily smiled 
"ooh, I don't know, what about you.." I giggled
"I can think of lots of things we can do, together, just us" 
"like what" I said pretending as though I didn't know 
"hmm, well maybe we could watch films, or urm maybe we could spend a lot of time in this bed" he said nudging me and laughing 
"I think i definitely prefer the latter option" I said smugly 
"oh really" he winked at me and tickled me beneath the duvet
"stop it Harry!" I giggled "stop!" 
"I will stop if we can spend lots more time in your bed!" he shouted
"fine fine stop!!!" I said squirming free of his hands 
"deal then" he excitedly said 
"hey that wasn't fair!" I laughed 
"what wasn't?" he said as his hands threatened to tickle me again 
"NOTHING!" I exclaimed 
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