It's official

Lily has the whole house to herself this summer whilst her parents are away, unfortunately she still has to look after her little brother Jake.
Lily meets Harry at a summer party but her friends (Sarah and Jess) have told her not to go there, he's hot, popular but also got with pretty much every girl in school, could she keep it a secret?

Quick warning, this fan fiction isn't for the innocent fans, if you know what i mean ;)


2. Anything for you

"say bye bye to mummy and daddy Jake!" I said lifting him up onto my side, Jake was my brother, he was seven now but being a very small seven meant I could still pick him up, which came in handy when chasing him round the house for him to get his shoes on or something silly like that.
"Byee!" he waved, he was quite excited to be spending summer with me, we had lots planned and we had been alone before together when grandma died, mum and dad had to go and visit grandpa to plan the funeral for a week, I was very mature and sensible for 16, I could cook, clean and Jake knows very well his bedtime, we are both very well behaved to be honest. 
"Now I left money in the kitchen drawer, you know the one, by the sink, emergency numbers on the kitchen table, you know mine and your fathers number, the fridge is full with food and the hot water and heating is on constant, so any problems ring me, or of it's just a house issue go and see Stewart next door, he knows we are going away so don't throw any silly parties! Not that you would, I'm very lucky to have such well behaved children!" My mum prepped kissing me on the cheek
"Jake you be very well behaved for your sister and we will see about getting you that slide for the garden!" Jake gasped, he'd wanted his slide for a while 
"I'll be very good daddy promise!" Jake grinned 
"bye then guys!" Mum and dad waved, "see you next month!" 
they drove off out down the drive way and into the summers day 
"right then little man, are we going to watch some Television?" I asked enthusiastically 
Jake nodded Grinning even more, when mum and dad was her he never was allowed to watch television in the day and only a bit at night 
"come on then!" I said leading him into the house 
"now you know you're sleeping over at Kyles this weekend and Freddies on Thursday and then Matt's next week don't you? Because I need to do some revision for school" I said putting on Jakes favourite DVD 
He nodded getting comfy on the sofa 
I went into the kitchen and checked through the emergency numbers and money, there was plenty 
"brilliant news Jake, think we should have a take away for tea don't you!" I laughed 
"YES YES YES! I love you Lily!!!!" 
I went back into the living room with strawberry ice-cream, much to Jakes delight and sat and watched his film about racing cars. I heard my phone buzz so naturally checked it, 1 new message, unknown number.. 
-Hello, it's Harry, from the other night, just wondered if I could see you sometime this week?;)-
Aw bless him I thought. He didn't have to text me but he did, how thoughtful 
-Sure come over at 6 tonight?!- I replied, I could do with some company once Jakes bedtime at 7:30..
-most definitely! Can't wait to see you again!:)- 
I couldn't wait to see him either, all I had thought about was his emerald green eyes that had watched me dance that night
"I'll be back Jake I'm just going to tidy my room a bit!" I smiled leaving him to watch his film 
I ran up the stairs into my room and gave it a quick tidy, I wasn't really here to tidy it, I needed to put my makeup on for Harry.. I went into my bathroom and took a quick shower to free my hair of dirt, dried it a loosely plaited it into a side braid so it lay on my left shoulder, I pulled strands out to frame my face then started on my makeup, I applied a thin layer of foundation, coated my lashes with thick,black mascara and brushed over some blush on my cheeks. I left my bathroom satisfied pulling on my black skinny jeans, a white vest top followed by mu White sheer peter pan collared shirt. I sprayed myself with perfume and went back down to Jake.
"You look nice Lily!" he smiled unsure at my efforts
"Thankyou, well Harry, my friend is going to be joining us for our takeaway tonight Jake, so I want you on your best behaviour and he might even play cars with you on your race track! go to bed when I say won't you?" 
"Of course I will! As long as I get the Ham and cheese pizza tonight!"
"yes, yes you can have it! Harry will be here any minute so please go and put your empty ice-cream bowl in the kitchen Jake, and be polite when he's round!" 
Jake trotted off to the kitchen whilst I plumped the cushions and straightened out the sofas, I quickly hoovered up the mess me and Jake had made and sprayed some room freshened round the house, Jake returned and started watching something new whilst I went upstairs to finish tidying my room.
it wasn't long before Harry pulled up 
"Hello" I smiled at him opening the door to greet him 
"Hey! You look gorgeous!" he smiled, his tall figure meant I had to look up at his charming face.
he looked pretty gorgeous himself, he was wearing a grey tee shirt and skinny blue jeans, his body looked toned and muscular, I admired him as he entered
"mum and dad left this morning and jakes just through there, you wouldn't mind playing with his cars would you? Whilst I order us in some takeaway?" 
"of course not" he said hugging me to greet me properly 
I smiled, he was really nice to me and so happy to play with Jakes cars
"Hi Jake!" Harry said 
"Hello Harry! Do you want to play cars with me?" Jake said hopeful 
"Of course I will!" Harry sat down on the floor and started building up a track with Jake, It made me smile watching them from the kitchen, dad was always working day shifts and never got to really play with Jake, much to his disappointment.
 I got on with ordering the takeaway so I could put jake to bed later and get to know Harry more, before returning back into the living room.
"Take away is on it's way!" I said 
they both nodded, even Harry was getting into Jakes racing cars, I laughed
"what?" Harry looked up at me
"you! Haha, you on the floor playing with my seven year old brothers toy cars!" 
"oh, haha! They're brilliant!" Harry laughed, he got up and walked over to me 
"Thankyou for doing that Harry, I promise we can talk more when he goes up to bed after pizza" 
"It's no problem Lily, anything for you" 
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