Second Direction

We were just normal girls who did covers on YouTube, that might just change...


2. Paris' POV

Paris's P. O. V.

After we all got ready for bed, we sat down on Addison's bed and thought up ideas for our next video.

"I think it should be at the beach! It is summer after all.." Alicia says

"YEES!" I shout. "We haven't been to the beach in forever."

Addison, Mackenzie and Skylar laugh. "ok that's a good idea." Addison says "But we kinda need to pick out a song first..."

"Ummm... Another new one maybe?" Skylar suggests.

"Yea, like... Um... I Would.. Or Heart Attack...?" Mackenzie says

"Hmm.. Yea I think maybe I Would could work at the beach.." Addison says "What do you guys think?"

"I Would at the beach sounds good to me" Alicia says and we all nod.

"Ok, Yay! So next week? I'll ask if my brother can film.." Addison says

"Ok.. Next week.. If he can't my brother said he would take up that offer of being our camera man.." Alicia says

"Oh wow really?" Skylar says. "I didn't think he would agree.."

"I may have bribed him..."

We all laugh. "Well now that we have that all figured out....." Addison grabs her iPod and plugs it into the speakers.

"Wont your mom get mad?" I ask

"No she isn't here.." Addison says

"Where'd she go??" Mackenzie asks

"Work. She works nights now I guess..."

"Ok, Addie whatever you say..." Alicia says.

Addison laughs and blasts the song she is currently obsessed with, (other than one direction.) BigCityDreams, by NeverShoutNever!

"Ugh, again?" Mackenzie teases.

"Yes, again." Addison says "get used to it, girl,"

We all laugh at her. "What?" she asks.

"nothing..." me and Skylar say In union, which makes us all laugh even harder.
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