Second Direction

We were just normal girls who did covers on YouTube, that might just change...


3. Addison's P. O. V.

Addison's POV

We woke up late the next morning. After we ate brunch and got all prepared for the day, Alicia had a suggestion. "Hey, why cant we film at the beach sooner? I mean it doesnt have to be next week...."

My eyes got big. "Lets go today!!" I said

"Ohmygosh. Yessss!" Paris says

"Umm.... Ok" Skylar says

"Lets do this!!" Mackenzie adds.

So we got already for our I Would video. Wearing our shorts and bringing our bathing suits, we start walking towards the beach. The sun already at high noon.. "This is gonna be awesome!" Skylar squeals.

"Yes yes yesss!" I say. We get to the beach and barely anyone is there, perfect, we dont want tons of people around. "Well.. My brother said he'd meet us here in an hour.. So.. Until then.." I grab Skylar and Alicias hands and run to the water splashing all of us. Alicia screams. "HEYY! Im still wearing my shorts!" She says walking up the beach and taking off her shorts to reveal her bikini. We all do the same, i push Paris into the water and she screams and splashes me, we all get into a splash fight until Mackenzie screams "STOP!" We all turn to look at her,
"....what?" Paris asks

"Just... Just... Oh my god..." Mackenzie says and i turn around following her gaze up the beach until it lands on 5 guys, "Oh my...." I trail off not being able to breath.
"Why are they here?!" Skylar asks, being the most comprehensive one of us. "Uh muh guhd." I say, as the boys come walking towards us. "No no no no no no no no.... This isnt... What... No...." Paris says. We all just stand there... Until Alicia must have realised how awkward we all must look, standing there gaping at them. She pushed me down into the water, snapping me out of it. i screamed "HEY! What was that for?!" She motioned her head to the other girls, who were still staring. I pushed Mackenzie, which splashes Paris and she screamed, which made them all realise what was happening. "Oh gosh oh god oh lord oh gosh oohhh..." I say. The boys were coming over to us... Well.. Louis, Harry and Niall were, I take Paris's hand and start walking towards Louis. "What are you doin?" She asks "You are gonna talk to Louis, and if you dont im forcing you to." I stuck my tongue out at her. We walked up to Louis and he stopped walking, Niall and Harry kept walking passed us, even though i caught Niall looking at Paris.. I think.

"Um... Hi..." Paris says

"Hey, im Lou-"

"You dont have to tell us your name..." I say, in shock he is actually talking to us.

"Oh, whats your names then?" He asks

"Im Paris,"


"Nice to, uh, meet you girls." He smiled shyly at Paris, i nudged her and she snapped out of it. "Oh uh .. Nice to meet you too."

"So uh, what are you girls here for?" Louis asks Paris. I decide to let them talk alone. I walk towards where Liam and Zayn are walking slowly towards us. Wow... Theyre really slow. I think laughing to myself. I walk up to them and Zayn smiles but Liam looks shyly away. "Uh... Hi" i say
"Hey," Zayn says. Ohmygosh... He nudges Liam "Oh... Uh... Hi.." He said
"Umm..." I searched my brain for something to say. "Uh.... OH! Vas Happenin?" I say with a smirk. Liam laughs and looks at Zayn "She beat you to it." I laughed "yes..." Zayn just rolled his eyes. "So... What are you guys here for?" "Oh... Um.. Well... We were making a video.. To put on youtube.." A sign of recignition went to Zayns face. "Ohmygod. Are you the girls who do covers of our songs?... You called yourselves 'second Direction'?" Zayn smirks
"Um... Yes... Thats us.. Heh" i blush... Then my eyes get wide as what he said sinks in. He has seen us on youtube..... "Liam.. You know that video i wanted to show you guys? That was if these girls. Theyre actually quite talented.." I blush again, i couldnt move now. I was completely frozen. Zayn Malik. The Zayn Malik just said we were talented...
"Well, you dont have to show us the video now. We could hear them first hand." He turns to me "I mean... If you guys would... Uh... Well... Never mind... "
I just stand there completely still. I probably looked like an idiot. I look down, and remember im only wearing my bikini. I blush even redder and put my arms down trying to cover my legs, unsuccessfully. "Oh my gosh.... Well i mean..."

Everyone else comes up behind me. I think all the girls are dealing with this way better than me..
"So, Paris said you were gonna make a video..." Louis says
"Yea, me and Liam were just going to see if theyd sing for us"
"Ive seen youve girls videos.. Your good." Niall says
"I wanna hear you guys sing!" Harry says.
"Ok!" Alicia says. Of course.. She doesnt mind singing in front of people... "Umm...." I start. "Please?" Liam says quietly. I looked at his face and almost melted... "Ok...." I said without really thinking. 'Dang what did i get myself into...' I think to myself. "Ok well... What song?" Mackenzie asks "uh... Whichever.." Harry answers her, smiling. "Ookay..." Skylar looks nervous. Not as much as me. But nervous. "How about What Makes You Beautiful?" Paris suggests. "Ok.. That means you start Addie.." "Um... Oh.. Ok... 'Your insecure dont know what for..." I start and we sing it exactly how we did in our video.
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