Second Direction

We were just normal girls who did covers on YouTube, that might just change...


1. Addison's P.O.V.

"It's almost uploaded!!" I shout from my room. We were uploading yet another One Direction cover on YouTube, this time it was They Don't Know About Us. I walk to the kitchen with my laptop,
"Guys, it's up!! Wanna watch it??" we all crowd around my laptop. I play the video and it starts with me and Alicia playing the piano, and Paris playing the Ukulele. As always, I sing Liam's parts, Mackenzie sings Harry's parts, Alicia sings Zayn's parts, Paris sings Louis's parts, and Skylar sings Niall's parts. We all sing the chorus.

"Ohmygosh!! We are soo good you guys!!!" Skylar says, after we watch.

"Especially you guys!" I say

"No, especially ALL us!" Paris says.

We laugh, "Guys we got 17 views on it already!" Mackenzie says

"Wow, I love how we still get excited with every view, even though our other videos have like 500,000.." I say, closing my laptop.

"I know right!" Alicia laughs.

"I guess it's nice to know we're being noticed.." Skylar says

I walk to the fridge and pull out a
tub of Pillsbury cookie dough.

"Time to celebrate?" I say laughing. "I could bake this... But I'd rather just eat it out of the tub.."

"It says 'do not eat raw cookie dough'" Paris says

"The most broken rule in the universe." Alicia says, while I get us each a fork. No, we don't use spoons.

"Can you guys stay tonight?" I ask "My mom said it was fine..."

"YES!" Mackenzie says, she starts jumping up and down. We all laugh and start discussing our favourite topic, One Direction, of course!
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