I'm unsympathetic why not smile for everyone on the street, I'm antisocial because it does not speak to everyone, I'm thick because I speak what many would not like to hear, I am stressed by not having the same conversations always , I'm strange because I don't do the same things that all the others do. I'm not trying to be dramatic to express my feelings. Can you give me these and more millions of adjectives, but you will never understand who I really am, after all, nor I myself understand.


1. One more day


Woke up and immediately went back to reality. Everything colorful and minimally cool that existed in my dreams soon become black and white and lifeless. My life is the kind of thing that people usually call monotonous, boring and dull. Actually, it's all that and then some. My life is all about going to college and be ruled by all and go home and be alone in my room trying not to be part of my parents' constant bickering. I rose slowly from the bed trying to get used to the light. I walked slowly into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. It is simply amazing how I can get whiter with time. My blonde hair was completely disheveled, as if this were some news! Got ready and left the room wishing that my parents had already left. And, perhaps luckily, they were not. I grabbed an apple in the kitchen and walked to my college so hated. I got there early, as always! There were few people, and those who had, or noticed me, which is a good thing. Two years ago, when I moved from country people judged me because I am from a different country and, as I walked in the middle of the year, things just went from bad to worse. Earlier some even spoke to me, people most excluded of course, but at least it was someone. However, a few months later all changed so suddenly that neither had time to think about it, out of nowhere, one day I arrived at school and all had completely changed. Result, today I am the complete excluded from school, that's good on one hand and bad for everyone else! I entered the room and sat in his usual spot. The first table in front of the teacher's desk. It was already marked pen all because of the hours and hours I spend here just waiting for the time of departure. I'm not super smart or anything to sit in the front room but I prefer to take a smarter than me sit in the back and I feel more excluded than I already feel. Classes went by fast today and soon was walking home by an alternate path that I discovered some time while trying to escape a gang of girls who love to annoy me. I got home and still no one was there, I went straight to my room and turned on my PC. After a while just staring at the screen, I noticed a window flashing in the corner of the screen. Giulia was talking to me, she is one of my best friends, too bad she can not come to live in London as I do. '' Hello Nina, how are things over there? '' '' In the same! So, any news? '' Typed quickly '' No ... Only that soon will start the party Juni'' '' Oh! I wish I could be there with you ... '' '' We also wish you were here. But now I need to go get ready, then we'll talk. '' '' Bye'' Our conversations lately has not been as long as before. Well, her and all my friends in Italy we do not have much more matter. There I used to be the most popular of the college, that who all the other girls wanted to be and that everyone loved. I was really happy there, but unfortunately everything has its time, and my time ends when I put my feet on the airport.
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