I like him....but I love someone else

My name is trinity. This is my story of how I became close to my favourite member of one direction.......(Still needs to be edited and stuff)


1. The rush


Trinity’s P.O.V

I was on the phone to my best friend Veronica; we have been arranging to go shopping all week for an outfit to wear to the one direction concert.

“We absolutely have to find the perfect outfits ever” She said squealing into my ear.

I sighed “I know and we will, I promise”.

She hung up the phone so I began getting ready for our shopping trip; I looked into the mirror at my nest of curls on my head. I ran a brush through my hair, effectively taming my curls and making them hang in tight curls. After taming my hair I pulled a blue singlet over my head and pulled a pair of denim shorts on as it was hot this time of year. I added lip gloss, eye liner, mascara, eye shadow and blush to my face. Once I was happy with my appearance I grabbed my wallet and walked downstairs.

Veronica pulled up in her brand new baby blue convertible, yeah she is 16, a year older than me but we are besties. I walked outside and opened the door to the convertible and sat in the seat and closed the door. I had a wide smile on my face.

Veronica noticed my smile “Looks like someone is excited for shopping” she giggled.

“Why yes, yes I am” I laughed and leaned my head back, taking in the sun as we drove.

We arrived at the shops 25 minutes later. I hopped out of the car and smiled widely seeing the shops. Veronica and I linked arms and walked in. we decided to go to the most popular clothing outlet. We walked into the shop and I saw it, I saw the perfect dress I have ever seen in my life, I ran to it and grabbed it.

“Veronica, this is it this is the dress” I squealed excitedly.

She smiled pushing me to the changing rooms “Well try it on bub”.

I did as she said and pulled it over my head after removing my clothes. I walked out to show her, she smiled widely.

“You look fabulous, that’s the dress, buy it” She said talking loudly.

I smiled and walked over to the lady and purchased my dress, the lady put it in a bag. I turned around to see Veronica had found her outfit, so I waited for her to get her dress which was beautiful. After we both got our dresses we walked out into the hall. As we were walking, a rush of directioners came running at us. I panicked.

Before I knew it, Veronica and I were separated. I hid behind a wall, there was a massive rush. So many directioners. They wouldn’t be here unless one direction was here. I smiled at the thought, I peeked out from behind the wall and the rush was still going. I slid down the wall and sat waiting for it to end.

While I was sitting down, I heard a noise come from behind me; I freaked out and turned around. I saw no one. I went back to peeking from behind the wall. The rush had stopped so I stood up and proceeded to walk back out to find Chrissy, but a hand grabbed my wrist and I squealed. Another hand covered my mouth and pulled me back behind the wall.

“Don’t squeal otherwise they will find me” A voice whispered from behind me.

I instantly tensed “Please don’t hurt me, whoever you are” I said with fear in my voice.

I was spun around to be face to face with the man. I had my eyes closed tight afraid of looking at him, in case he hurt me.

“Open your eyes, please” The man’s voice said pleadingly.

“O-okay” I said and opened my eyes and gasped.

I was face to face with Zayn Malik. I was lost for words and didn’t know what to say at all. I just stood there dumbfounded. My phone rang. I looked at it and it was Veronica ringing. I answered.

“Where are you” She demanded

I sighed “Umm well right now I am face to face with Zayn Malik” Zayn looked at me bewildered.

“Whatevs” she said sarcastically.

I got slightly angry “I aint lying, look meet me at home, Zayn won’t let me leave oh and I will get a picture to prove it” I hung up the phone.

I turned to look at Zayn again, smirking at him. He shook his head. I giggled fan girlishly and covered my mouth, I have sworn to myself that I would never giggle like that and I did.

“Somebody is a fan” He said softly.

I blushed “Maybe I am, Maybe I am not”.

I heard him exhale softly “What’s your name?”

“Trinity” I said softly, still face to face with him.

“What a pretty name”, I could see a smirk forming on his lips.

I heard footsteps and saw Paul walk in and look at Zayn.

“We have to get you out of here, right now while the fans aren’t here” Then Paul saw me. “And we will give her a lift home” I nodded and walked with them.

We walked out unnoticed to a limo, the fans were surrounding it. Paul barged his way through the crowd and let us into the limo.

A/N This is also on wattpad, I am posting my story to different sights so yeah
Hope you enjoy my story! I am new to this so I am trying my bestest!
Taylah xx


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