[Mock-Fiction] II - Memento Mori

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The sequel to 'Requiescat in Pace'

Cover by Secrets Unfold


11. The Author's Last Note


- Liam gets enslaved by the Roman Empire and is forced into the Arena to fight people and animals.

- Louis gets sent to Fangorn, is run down by a Nazgul and then torn to pieces by orcs.

- And smart Justin Bieber eats both pills and gets a heart-attack after being overrun by too many biblical spirits.

*Sigh* what are the odds?


Comment removed for fear someone might get offended.


How did every like their descriptions?

I’ll be making a movella [When. I. Get. Some. Damn. Time.] for the Brotherhood’s ranks and positions – you get higher up in the ranks the more projects you pursue – so everyone is a Novice until they produce a project except those that accomplished the NMD and/or those that have posted a mock-fic, etc.



There were loads of references in the story, and the ideas came from all sorts of places [man, if I had entered this into the cross-fic contest, I would have owned it *facepalm*], so here they are. Check them all out – because they’re awesome ;P and you know it:

- Assassin’s Creed [video game]: Masyaf was featured in the first game, and can still be sighted today in Syria. The Piece’s of Eden were mysterious artifacts that were used by the Superior Peoples of old. More info can be found on their Wikipedia page, or play the game if you don’t want to spoil it. They’re awesome.

- Matrix [movie]: If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do. But I took the pill idea from there, although Morpheus explains their effects a little differently.

- Halo [video game]: Vesp’s suit comes from there. Not a huge fan of the game, but, meh, the armor’s pretty awesome.

- Dr. Who [TV series]: British sci-fi serial. The timelord idea came from there. Just saying, David Tennent was the better Doctor… The current one annoys me… along with the multi-colored Darlek…

- Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked [book]: DEREK. LANDY. RULES! I got the term ‘dimensional shunter’ from there, since ‘timelord’ didn’t sum up Vesp’s role. READ LANDY’S LATEST BOOK, I SWEAR IT’S SOOOOO GOOD.

- The Lord of the Rings [book/movie]: There is no debate in this: Best fiction ever created. NO. DEBATE. WHATSOEVER. *blocks ears*

Fangorn forest was featured in the second movie and in the third/fourth books, and was the home of Ents [r-e-a-d if you don’t know]. The Nazgul and the orcs also come from there – though, there were no witch-kings in my fiction. Richard fits that position nicely xDD.

J.R.R. Tolkien for the win. Rowling, Meyer, and all the other recent wirters can suck on that.

- The Old Testament/Torah [religious text]: All the spirit/djinn names come from there.


The Last Few Words [that I didn’t want to say without having a title…]

So, there you have it. That’s all I got. If the need arises – because of the cliff-hanger ending that everyone despises – I can still write a continuation; perhaps Taylor Swift or Chris Brown will be on my hit-list next… who knows, eh? All depends on what the Movellas staff try to infect us with next.


But for the moment, Masyaf is safe, and we’re all waiting for Ludovico to drop his attack and hopefully not destroy us all, like he destroyed Burma [I already hate him for that].


If you haven’t joined the Brotherhood yet: GO JOIN! Search for us in the groups, and remember to read the rules ;) See you there.



~ Midnight Rogue


[Yes, I signed again.

Get over it.

It’s a habit.

You can stop laughing now.

Like, seriously, stop.

No, really, stop it.

You sound like a hyena.

With it’s tail on fire.



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