[Mock-Fiction] II - Memento Mori

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The sequel to 'Requiescat in Pace'

Cover by Secrets Unfold


9. Seven - They Can't Eat You Alive

When death happens, only memories are left.”

~ Inkball Press



When the darkness cleared, Justin gasped at the sight before him. He was absolutely astonished by it. He could never have been more pleased in his life. The place was a vast hall, the walls free of wallpaper, a cold grey; and all over the hall where statues and paintings. In front of Justin was the huge skeletal figure of a T-Rex, and similar statues and paintings were all around him. He walked up to the monument of the T-Rex, his footsteps echoing, and felt the velvet rope that sealed off the area.


The Dinosaur House.


That’s what he used to call it. It was actually called the Natural History Museum, but it had always been the Dinosaur House to Justin. He’d loved coming here as a child, but remembered sadly that that was the last time he’d set eyes on the wondrous place – as a child. It was like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory to him, only better. Willy Wonka didn’t have dinosaurs.


The museum was dark and empty. The lights were on, but he saw no guards patrolling and he heard no people chattering away. This was his day. He could go through the whole museum without people to distract him or his mother to beckon him away from any exhibit. He didn’t know what he’d do afterwards, but Justin shrugged and reckoned that if he had to die, then this would be the best place to do it.


He went from room to room, seeing all sorts of things he must have missed out previously.

Brontosaurus. Raptor. Pterodactyl. Stegosaurus [his personal favorite] Triceratops. Nessie [that wasn’t the things real name, it just reminded him of the Loch Ness Monster]. Wooly Mammoth. Neanderthal man. Homo erectus.

Justin felt absolutely splendid. He tarried into the next room, and was confused by what he saw.


The room was bare except for two statues. One was of a raven, and the other of a white swan, both facing away from each other. He walked up closer to them, not understand why they were in the Dinosaur House. The signs beneath the exhibits read: Malphas and Malthus. He shrugged and then turned away, walking back to the entrance slowly. Then something hit him on the back of his head, and he stood straight in shock. He spun around and looked around the place.

Nothing. Nobody.


Wait a minute… he thought, and gasped.


The raven, Malphas, turned its head slowly towards him. Justin didn’t move. Malphas tilted its head to a side and snapped its beak soundlessly.

I could really use some Prozac right now, thought Justin, quaking.

It wasn’t long before the swan, Malthus, joined in with the other bird. They both raised their wings at the same time, and shrieked. Justin covered his ears, the sound making his eyes water and his knees give way.

“Stop!” he yelled, “Stop that now!”

When he looked up, the bird was gone, and a bare-chested man with black wings stood next to him, and evil smirk on his face.

“That wasn’t a song lyric,” he said, his green eyes flashing with menace.

“No,” said a softer voice, “No, it wasn’t.”

Justin turned around to see another man, but with wings so white it hurt his eyes.


But this was no angel.


“All this time,” said Malthus, “Pretending to be nuts for no reason, eh?” he snorted.

Malphas laughed also, “What was that like, Biebs? That poor abbess taking care of you all that time? That masked fool of a woman pitying you because she reckoned you deserved it? What was it like? You even worse than Jezebeth, you are.”

“But you know what they say,” Malthus gripped on of Justin’s arms, “No crime goes unpunished, and, hell, I never thought I ought to be saying that.”

“Yeah,” laughed Malphas, “Dad hears that and he’s going to blow a damned fuse.”


Both winged men took off, and Justin yammered as he was carried through the air. There was no coordination between the two, so Justin was cartwheeling and hurtling through the empty museum space screaming his lungs out. It wasn’t long before Malthus and Malphas got bored of him, and started playing catch with the terrified liar.

“I’m sorry!” he screamed, being flung from one to the other, “I’m sorry.”

Justin crashed through the T-Rex bones, and scrambled up; scared that the demons would grab him again. There was a soft hiss coming from somewhere, but otherwise, Malthus and Malphas were both gone.


Justin turned to the side, and wretched all over the polished dinosaur bones, and then walked out of the pile and steadied himself on a cold wall. He took a few deep breathes. He then walked away to find an exit. But it was not there.

But this is where the doors are meant to be! Justin thought miserably. He smacked his forehead, and turned around.

What the…?


Trot, trot. Trot, trot.


No, no! Justin thought, backing away.


Trotting towards him were two other demons. One had horns and hooves, a forked tail swishing behind him; the other a 7 ft. man with a ram’s head. Both were wielding Rex’s bones like clubs.

Beelzebub, thought Justin, and Azazel.

Azazel bleated softly, lowering his head. Both demons stopped. Then Azazel broke into a run, and butted Justin in the stomach. Justin was thrown of his feet, breathless and his head cracked against a wall. He blacked out, and regained his vision, blurry at first, but then clearing, only for Beelzebub to crash a bone down onto his head…


…Justin woke up in an empty, big room. He rubbed his aching head, and look around, standing up slowly. He saw two of the most beautiful women he’d ever see. Both were nude, they green wax eyes calling to him. The first was tall and slender, her fiery red hair reached down to her wide hips; and a scaly serpent was wrapped around one of  her arms – her slim fingers pointing into the unknown – and the snake’s head was licking at her perfect face. The second woman was facing the other way, one hand on her hip. She wore a gold circlet on her head, resting on long black hair.

Lilith and Jezebeth.

As soon as the names registered into Justin’s head, he yelped, turning and fleeing.


But it was already too late.


“A man?” said Lilith.

He snake spat at Justin and stretched, coiling around his neck, and pulling him back to its mistress.

She held his face in one hand, her nails digging into his skin, “Malphas said you were trouble,” she said, “but he didn’t mention how adorable you were.”

“Indeed,” said Jezebeth, “far too adorable to let go,” she knelt down beside Lilith, “to let live,” she sneered.

The two women cackled as an army of tiny little creatures stormed into the room and started attacking Justin. They were small pixie-like creatures with cruel purple faces, and pointed ears that were too big for them. He bit at Justin’s ears, his nose; they ripped away his clothes, and dug their evil fingers into every part of his skin.


He screamed and yelled, but all in vain. Malthus and Malphus flew into the room, snorting and mocking; whilst Azazel and Beelzebub knocked down a wall, and trotted in. Justin one place to the next, but saw nothing but horror. He screamed and screamed until his mind could no longer scream…

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