[Mock-Fiction] II - Memento Mori

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The sequel to 'Requiescat in Pace'

Cover by Secrets Unfold


6. Four - Revelations

Death is a transition... a chance to review all you have learned.”

~ Vesp



Vesp had his eyes closed the whole time Liam was gone and he opened them just as Liam reappeared. It wasn’t a pretty sight. His head was punctured in four different places, and was facing a disturbingly unnatural angle. He was soaked in crimson gore, claw and bite marks riddled his body and his gaping belly was removed of all its innards. His skin was deathly pale – completely removed of blood.


Louis and Justin gulped at the sight, whilst the others remained unhindered by the sight. Louis presumed it was something they were all quite familiar with [especially with the masked lady and the hooded man doing what they do]. The inventor – the one who’d suggested this idea – smiled, satisfied with what ancient, brutal history had tormented Liam with and she withdrew to her original place in the corner.

“Well, that’s a clear mark of a failure,” said Vesp, holding his hand out before Louis, “You’re next.”

Louis stared at the older man, bile rising in his throat. And it didn’t help when Justin finally lost his nerve and threw up all over Louis’s shoes. But he had to be the bigger man [perhaps the more stupid one, but Louis preferred positive thoughts at this point in time].


He swallowed down the bile and ignored the sick feeling in his stomach, and focused on the open hand in front of him. The blue and red pills glinted in the half-light. Liam had failed because he chose to be tested in a reality. He was an idiot for choosing that. A complete moron. Hadn’t he paid attention to the giggling heir? The one who took the blue pill would be tested by something they most desperately desire. How hard could that be? A child’s desperate desire was bunnies – and there was no way bunnies could eat you out in the way the animal that had eaten Liam out. Louis picked out the blue pill and swallowed it without rethinking his decision.


And he was a complete moron because of it.


Just before Louis disappeared in the light of the Apple, Vesp stared hard at him and then stood erect – taken completely aback at whatever he’d discovered – and then Louis was gone. A show of hands appeared, and ideas began to spill out all over again, the excited pandemonium flooding through the room.


Richard looked away from all of this. He wasn’t all too keen on overkill. Rogue was right in one thing – she was aggressive as hell, but right all the same – this was nothing more than sadistic torture. A single blow would have been more fair, especially in the case of a bad poet, a philandering monk and a nutcase. He held his hands behind his back, and kicked up the dust under his feet, and tried to avoid the sight of Liam’s mangled corpse. He was an assassin, yes, and he’d already become a legend in every land – but even legendary assassins had their limits.


Or so he thought.


Vesp raised a hand and everyone silence. Rogue tore her gaze away from the window and looked up at the sudden stop to the commotion. She’d always wondered how Vesp did that. Whenever she tried it, they all laughed at her [as if she was something to be laughed at]. Maybe it was his power as a timelord. Maybe it was because of his age. Maybe it was because he had firearms strapped to every single part of his body. Of the three, she decided the last was the most plausible reason.

I really need to get myself one of those suits… she mentally noted.

Rogue saw the state of Liam’s body, and cocked her head to a side, more intrigued than disgusted, and then shook her head with every shred of pity she could find within herself [which wasn’t much, but it was enough].


I know I beat him up, she thought, But at least I didn’t try to eat him alive…


Vesp cleared his throat, and said, “There seems to be a… er… how do I put this…?”

“What’s wrong, Vesp?” asked Jess quickly, her girly voice ringing inside the room.

“Well, you know how a thing that Louis most desperately desires has to test him?” asked Vesp, trying to explain, looking uneasy.

“Yes…” said Jess.

“Well… uh… oh, goodness this is awkward…” Vesp put a hand to his forehead, “The thing he most desperately desires is… is you, Richard.”


Everyone turned to Richard, and it was clear that anyone who dared make so much as a peep would die. Richard stood straight, his mouth fixing into a straight line and his fists clenching in humiliation and in anger. No-one said anything for a long moment [hell, no-one dared to], and then Richard let out a cold sigh.

“How do you even know that?” he said tersely.

“Psychic,” said Vesp, with a shrug.

Slowly, one after the other, everyone began speaking again – but not too loud.

“Now, now,” said Vesp, raising a hand to silence them all again, “Please. I reckon because Richard is… er… you know… desired by Louis, he should choose the test.”

“Just hold on one second,” said Rogue, “You just –”

“Rogue, I understand you’re the second most desired thing –”

“WHAT?!” she roared.

“But it’s only fair we let Richard suggest first, and if he doesn’t have anything in mind, then you can choose,” said Vesp, “Richard, do you have a –”

“Oh, I have a suggestion all right,” said Richard, through clenched teeth.


Richard said a whole load of things he probably wouldn’t have said if he wasn’t so enraged, but what was said was said [not that it will be repeated here], and he gave a very long, distinct test.

One more thing: It was near impossible to pass.

“Richard…” said Jess, frowning, “You can’t possibly be that cruel.”

Richard turned his hooded head in her direction, and said, “Requiescat in Pace, Tomlinson,” he paused and then added coldly, “There. Does that make it better?”



* * * * *



Louis was in the white place. There were all the letters of the alphabet in front of him, arranging and rearranging. One by one, the letters that were not needed disappeared, whilst the others remained.

There was one A, an F, a G, two Ns, an O and an R.

They rearranged to make a word that Louis did not understand:




What the hell…? he thought, as the white place exploded before his vision and everything went dark.



* * * * *



When Louis woke up, he saw the hooded man standing in front of him holding a bow, an arrow notched firmly into it, aiming for his head. Louis closed his eyes, and sheilded his face with his arms.


As if that would help.

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