Always There For Me

A girl named Rachel... leading a normal happy life...loves one direction...but what happens when all her freedom is taken away from her from the person she loves or shoul i say the person she used to to know more about her life problems...this is a Niall Horan love story!!


5. SMS conversation

Conversation between the boys through SMS.

Zayn: Hey guys... If you've noticed, I guess Niall fancies Rachel. ;)

Louis: I've been thinking the exact same thing, mate! Turn around now!

(They all turn around to find Niall removing a strand of hair from Rachel's face)

Liam: OMG, this is unbelievable! At last I think Niall's found his princess!

(They all laugh.)



"Guys, what's happening? I'm driving here! Let me in on the joke." said Harry.

"We'll let you know everything once we're home. Now concentrate on driving." whispered Liam to Harry.


SMS convo. contd..

Louis: Let's add Niall to the conversation.

(Niall joins group)

Zayn: How's everything going on behind, Niall?

Niall: What do you guys mean?

Liam: Oh, come on! Stop faking, we know you fancy her!

Niall: Come on, we just met!!

Louis: So what? We can call it 'Love at first sight'!

Zayn: Damn right.

Niall: You guys are taking this too far... But I guess, there's something in her that attracts me...

Liam: Awwh...

Zayn: I approve.

Louis: Same here!



"Niall and Rachel might be together!" Liam whispered to Harry.

"I APPROVE!" screamed Harry, waking up Rachel from her sleep.

"Uh, what's going on..?" asked Rachel, half-awake.

"Um.....nothing!" said Niall, giving a death glare to all the boys.

"We have reached, love." said Harry with a smile plastered on his face.




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