Always There For Me

A girl named Rachel... leading a normal happy life...loves one direction...but what happens when all her freedom is taken away from her from the person she loves or shoul i say the person she used to to know more about her life problems...this is a Niall Horan love story!!


7. Niall or Zayn...wait what!!!

 Rachel's P.O.V

 "We have reached love" said harry!!

 I know that something is going on with the way all of them are just staring at me but i really dont care....i am just too tired!

 We all went in and may i just say that i felt like i was in heaven!!

 "ummm.....How any people lve here??" i asked while still looking around

 They all laughed a lil and then Niall replied "only the five of us babe!"


 ok calm down rach!!

 then i heardlouis say "has she zoned out??"

"i guess...what should we do?" asked harry

"umm...rachel r u fine?" asked liam

"oh yeah just" i was cut off by nial sayin "dont worry about anything...i'll show u ur room!"

 He just took my hand and led me down the hall....i heard the boyslaughing a lil and i was confused!

 "This is your room, mine is the one right opposite to yours and harry's is on ur left,zayn's to the right  and louis's and liam's are down the hall.....if u need anything just wake me ok.....i'll just give u some clothes, u can go in and i'll bring them"

 "ok!" i said and he turned but i caught his hand...he turned and looked down at our hands and i pulled my hand away and blushed!

"ummm niall i just wanted to say thank you.....but you don-" i was cut off again by him sayin "you needed help and i am just helping you...and this is not too much....i know u have gone through loads of problems and i just want to see you smile"

I blushed again and he just kissed my cheek and said that he'll be back with the clothes in 5!

i just went inside the room and sat down and just thought about what happened!

ok so i ran away from a bastard, eneded up almost being raped by some random drunk dudes but was saved by one drection and now i am in thier house!

woah....i really have no clue on what to say right now.....i was pulled out off my thoughts when niall came in and handed me some cothes...."thnx alot" i smiled and said...."its allright babe" he smiled and left my room and i went to change in the bathroom!

 i came out and went out to tell the boys that i am gonna sleep....actually i just wanted to see niall!

i went out and my jaw almost dropped....all of them shirtless...."i ummm just wanted to....umm yeah" no words where comin out of my mouth and i was red and was staring at the ground trying to avoid eye contact with them!

"whats wrong love...u need something?" zayn asked

"yeah...water!" i replied!

zayn got up and told me to follow him and we went to the kitchen.....he went to the fridge and took out a bottle and i was just standing near the counter tryin not to stare at zayn....wait no i like niall...i cant think of zayn or anyone!

"here u go love" zayn handed me the bottle

i took it and turned around..."rach are you ok?"

"yeah yeah....i am just gonna sleep....good night zayn"i repkied

i went out and told the boys that i am gonna go sleep

"good night"all of them yelled

i went in and layed down and stared at the sealing for a while and then fell asleep!


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