Always There For Me

A girl named Rachel... leading a normal happy life...loves one direction...but what happens when all her freedom is taken away from her from the person she loves or shoul i say the person she used to to know more about her life problems...this is a Niall Horan love story!!


4. Meeting the the 1D boys!!

I ran till i was sure that he wont be able to find me......but then i realised that there were a bunch of guys in front of me who didnt look that good...i guess they where searching for a prey for the night.

I turned around and started walking as fast as possible and in a matter of seconds i was running and they were running behind me. I noticed a crowd of girls sreaming and i just ran into the crowd so that those guys wont be able to find me.

There was the i know what the crowd was was for my favourite band ONE DIRECTION....i cant believe i saw them and i was soo happy but then i suddenly turned around and realised that the guys who where cahsing me where right behind me and were slowly coming towards me. I dint have any other option. I had to run no matter what and anyway the 1D boys cant see me like this, and if they do... why would they even care?

I turned around and started running, and these horrible and creepy guys were following and i guess i saw Niall looking at me....anyway this is no time to think about that, i have to run and save my life right NOW!

Niall's P.O.V

I love my fans...they are so sweet and they make us feel so special...i dont know where we would be without them!

But there are a few fans who go really crazy and currently the boys and I are trying to deal with them.

Our concert just got over and we are trying to get into our van but these fans dont let us go! I search for a way out of the crowd and my eye catches this girl who looks really scared! All of sudden I got attracted to her and i badly wanted to help her cause she looked like she was in huge trouble....i was brought out of my thoughts when this fan yelled my name and told me to take a picture with her...i turned around and took the picture with the fan and then again turned to see if that mysterious girl was still there but she was not there.

I hate it when this happens...I always see a girl who i think i have chances with, but then after a few seconds that girl disappears...I guess I just have to wait till I find the right girl!

Atlast we escaped from the crowd and immediately sat in our van.....Harry was driving and Liam was sitting in the passengers seat...Louis and Zayn sat in the middle row and i sat at the back alone!
We left for the mansion which was 2 hours away from here.

After approximately half an hour of our car ride i saw this girl on the street surrounded by a bunch of guys irritating her....or should i say much worse. I could only see above her nose cause the rest of her face was covered with a scarf.

I immediately told Harry to stop the van.

Harry: Why mate?

Niall: Look that girl is in trouble...we need to help her!

Harry: Niall i understand...but those guys look really dangerous!

Zayn: Yeah Niall....u dont know what those guys can do!

Niall: But guys we cant leave her like that...we have to save her.....if u guys are scared then at least let me go help her!

Liam: Guys, Niall is right....we should go save her...we cant leave her like this!

Louis: and we are strong enough to help her...Lets go save that girl! (in a super heroic voice)

Zayn: i guess youre right...lets go guys!

Harry parks the car and we got off.

We walked close to those guys and i could see that the girl is just getting much more scared. I could see that her sleeves are torn and she was not covered properly!

I threw a punch at one of the guys and soon i saw that the rest of the boys were also fighting with those horrible guys.....we could easily defeat them cause they were drunk!

I saw the girl turn around. She started walking a little fast...trying to leave this place as soon as possible.

I threw one last punch at the guys face and ran towards the direction the girl was walking...i soon realised that Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn were coming behind me in the van. I ran and stood next to the girl and soon the boys and i were surrounding her. I moved close to her and slowly put my hand on the scarf...i was about to take it off when she stopped me and shook her head whispering "no".  I told her" Look we are not going to hurt you...we are here to save you, and it is not safe to walk on the street alone in the night....why dont you come home with us...stay there for the night and we will drop you where ever you want to go tommorow morning?"

"I guess you know that we are one direction, so chill, we wont hurt you...u are safe with us!" Liam said.

I slowly pulled off her scarf and i recognized her...she was that girl who i saw when we were trying to get into the van.......her lips were bleeding and her clothes were torn...she had bruises all over her hand....they looked as if they were slowly getting healed, which means that someone else had also hurt her a few days ago...if i found that guy who do this to her i swore to god i would kill that guy!

"Hey aren't u that girl who i saw after the concert?" I asked her.

"Y-y-yes"she stammered.

"So u are a fan?" Louis asked.

"Uh yeah....i am." she answered.

"So u should know that we wont harm you why dont u spend the night at our place and tomorrow morning we will drop u off to ur destination" I said.

"Ummmm...ok fine i guess i have no other option.....lets go." she agreed.

We sat in our same places except she was sitting next to me...."So whats your name" I asked her. "My name is Rachel" she replied.

I could see that she was feeling cold cause she was rubbing her hands together.....i took off my jacket and wrapped it around her....she smiled a little and soon she slept....her head was resting on my chest!

It just felt PERFECT!!

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