Always There For Me

A girl named Rachel... leading a normal happy life...loves one direction...but what happens when all her freedom is taken away from her from the person she loves or shoul i say the person she used to to know more about her life problems...this is a Niall Horan love story!!


1. Love

Rachels P.O.V

Love is so complicated but still very beautiful right? It hurts but also makes u very happy. Everything seems right and u know if u go wrong anywhere the person u love will always be there for u. U spend most of the time with him/her and u don't care what others think about u cuz u know that ur love is there for u.

I mean....Thats  what i thought in the beginning!

Love is not easy.......u just fall in love and then u realise ur mistake....i mean i am not saying that all guys r the same but if u were in my situation u would've felt the same way as i felt.

I guess i'm not gonna be able to trust anyone for a long time and especially not after what Steve did to me.

Yes, Steve is my ex and the worst guy i have ever met!

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