Always There For Me

A girl named Rachel... leading a normal happy life...loves one direction...but what happens when all her freedom is taken away from her from the person she loves or shoul i say the person she used to to know more about her life problems...this is a Niall Horan love story!!


2. Break up and run

Rachel's P.O.V

(one month before meeting the 1D boys)

"Pls stop,  i dont want to fight again" I yelled at him.

"U were the one who started it, why dont u just listen to me when i say something? I dont care if u cry or yell at me, i am not gonna change my mind!" Steve screamed.

I dont understand whats happening to him. i mean we used to be so happy together, we used to spend time together but we also had our own freedom, but now even if i wanna go out nd spend sometime with my friend i need to get permission. He has been acting strange, he doesnt let me get out of the house without him, he doesnt let me use the internet, and i am not even allowed to use my god damn phone!  

"Whats wrong if i go out with my friends,?i have not met them for a month,!can u please explain why you are doing this to me?" i started crying.

In response, he just took out something from his pocket and kept it in his mouth!

"What now, ur taking pills to bring your anger down?" i screamed in sarcasm.

"Look dont make me angry, just go back to your room, NOW!" he said while trying to calm himself down.

"No i am not going to leave unless u show me what those pills are and tell me why are you taking my freedom away from me!" i told him and i tried to snatch the pills from him and i succeeded by stepping on his foot with my stilettos.

"U take drugs...u take god damn drugs...what the hell do u think youre doing? is this why you have been acting like this all this time...can u please explain for what joy you're taking drugs?"i screamed at him...well i guess everyone on the streets heard me too.

His phone was on the table next to me so as soon as his phone rang i picked it up. he started yelling at me and tried to snatch the phone from me but by then i had already heard what the person on the other line wanted to say.

She was a girl and she said that " Hey babe this is me Jane, remember we met last night..well i wonder if u can come home tonight and dont forget to bring condoms!" and then she cut the phone.

I was broken..i could not believe that the guy i loved, who i left my family for could do this to me. I was speechless and the only thing that came out of my mouth was "u disgust me! i hate you and i want to break up with you!"

I turned and walked towards the entrance when he suddenly held me tight by my wrist and spun me around and pushed me to the ground.

"Yeah, now u realise how it feels to be hurt by the person u love...seriously tell me, how many girls u have slept with behind my back?"i yelled at him and i started crying.

he remained silent and once again i screamed at him to tell me why he did this to me.

"You know why i did this to u, cuz u are a bitch....u have never let me sleep with u or have the pleasure i want!"he screamed.

"So u did this to me b'cuz i have never had sex with u before?" i cried out.

"Yes that is the reason...u r so dumb...u only belive in  sex after least those girls like it! Well u know what? u are gonna lose ur virginity and i am gonna be the one who is gonna help u with that..even if that means i have to rape u!" he smirked and lifted me up bridal style and carried me to the bedroom.

i kicked him and screamed for help but i guess that was of no use...he threw me on the bed and ripped my clothes..he tied my hand and started exploring my body...he started kissing me and slowly started doing something i cant explain and tore my virginty apart.......after he was done he left the room and locked the door from outside.

i tried to get up and wear my clothes but i was barely able to walk and i fell on the ground and started crying very hard and when there were no more tears left i looked at the was 1am in the morning. i fell asleep.

After that day i have always been treated the same way and i cant do anything about it.

He comes home drunk usually and then he either rapes me or beats me up.....that had become my life until one day he planned to take me out for a party to his friends had been so long since i had gone out....though his eyes were always on me, i tried to enjoy the fresh air cuz i never knew when i'd get it back. He soon got really drunk. that was my only chance, i took my bag and my phone which he left on the bar and i made my run...



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