"I wanna be drunk when I wake up,
On the right side of the wrong bed,
And never an excuse that I made up,
Tell you the truth I hate,
What didn't kill me,
It never made me stronger at all"


1. One More Day


Well, I can be a little dramatic when I'm talking about my own life but, I live in a world all black and white. Nothing give right for me. 

My life change completely in the time that my parents died. Since this event, I live at London, this is not a cool thing. I just hate this place! The people here are, in your majority, a little thick.

Well, I live here with my uncles, Betty and John. My life here is summarized in stay in my room all the time that I'm not at school and, at school, run of a group of girls that hate the fact that I exist. My uncles don't like me so much, and they make a point of saying it to my face. They just are with me because my parents are death and they are required to stay with me. 

How I said, now I'll start with the true drama!

No one talk with me at school. Not that they don't talk with me, I don't talk with they. They're just a group of idiot people who just care about the clothes that you wear and how much money you've got. And I hate this! There the people are so ... futile!

Okay, back to the reality! Today it's monday, the day that a lot of people hate! But, we're all in holidays, so no one cares about wake up early to go to school or work until the night come.

I wake up and look at the clock, still was 7 am. and, probably, I could not sleep again so I just get out of my bed and changed clothes.

With secure I don't will stay here today!  Okay, today it's day 24 at december but, I refuse a stay home today. You'll maybe is asking, "Where you will spend Christmas?" and the answer I don't know!

I get out of 'my' house getting ready to stay out until all the other members of my family go back for they houses and let me live my live without have to see they face anymore.

The streets was really empty of people today. Probably, everyone in the house of they relatives celebrating the big day would be today.  


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