Me and MR Horan

Hi I'm Ashleigh I'm 19 I have been dating The one and only Niall Horan for almost 3 years. This is my story of how we met


3. Chapter 2

Louis P.O.V
I felt so bad for her but any ways about a week or 2 after we move back to Doncaster I'm going to audition for the X factor lets hope I make it threw fingers crossed.

Ash's P.O.V
After Louis finished tickling me I herd my daughters cry. Yes I'm almost 15 with 2 daughters I'm so sorry if your not happy with it. Ok so here is how I got my daughters well it was when I just turned 14 my brother had his friend stay over and he is older then Lou by 1 year so he bought beer and Umm Louis gave me some and I got drunk any way I had sex with his friend but it wasn't my fault it was the alcohols fault. But now I am blessed with my beautiful twin daughters Kylah Jamie Tomlinson and Darcy Elizabeth Tomlinson.

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