Me and MR Horan

Hi I'm Ashleigh I'm 19 I have been dating The one and only Niall Horan for almost 3 years. This is my story of how we met


2. chapter 2

A/n ok guys instead of using the " thing I'm just going to go like this. Ash~ bla bla ok.
We finnished packing my room up 2 hours later.
Ash~ do you need any help Lou? Louis~ naa I have already packed. Ash~ ok then would you like a sandwich? Louis~ why not. Ash~ what do you want? Louis~ surprise me.
I knew what I was going to do I was going to prank or whatever you call it Louis. He has lived in Australia for 4 years and still hates vegemite well guess what he is having on his sandwich. Ash~ BOOBEAR IT'S READY AND WHEN YOU GET DOWN THE STAIRS CLOSE YOUR EYES!
Louis walks down the stairs and then closes his eyes he stops at the bottom of the stairs then I tell him to take a bite and as he does he spits it back out. BOOBEAR~ YUCK YOUR GOING TO PAY FOR THIS ASHPOTATO I knew what that ment so I ran around the house I found a place to hide but he found me and started to tackle me. After 5 min of consent tickling he stopped I ran out of breth like 3 mins ago.
A/n sorry for the short chapter it's really early it's 2:10 AM love you all my mofos and feedback please
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