She thought Liam was just a normal guy, but soon Skie realizes she is deeply in love with Liam. Her father, however, does not approve of his daughters choice. What happens when the love you have for someone is forbidden?


1. The Party

"Dad hurry! We are going to be late!" I shouted from the backseat.

"I am going as fast as I can sweety, stop stressing." My dad said, trying to comfort me.

Today was my graduation day and I had to make a speech in front of the entire high school. My stress level was off the charts. Being in front of a few hundred people was the last thing I wanted to do, I had a severe stage fright.

"Skie, calm down we're going to be on time." My mom assured from the passengers seat. We turned on the street of my school,

"Faster dad!" He chuckled as we pulled up to the school. I, literally running, rushed over to the events center of our school.

"We'll see you in a bit!" My mom shouted as I ran. I got in and the teacher took my name down.

"Just go threw those doors to change into your cap and gown" Ms. Styne, the school counsler, said. I walked through the doors where I was united with my friends.

"Finally!" Kylie shouted.

"We thought you tried ditching the speech" Jennifer luaghed.

I threw on my gown. "Just a bit of trouble at home" I put my cap on. "But I am here" I sighed in relief as I smiled to my friends.

"I can't believe this is it, we've been dreaming of this day since forever." Jennifer said pushing her blonde wavy locks over her shoulder. Jennifer had the prettiest pair of blue eyes, with light freckles dabbed accross her cheeks.

"I can't wait to leave this place" Kylie muttered brushing threw her short, dark brown hair. She then placed her cap back on her head, her hazel eyes shined in the light provided in the large room. Just then we heard our principle over the intercom.

"All seniors please get into your places, the ceremony is beginning." I took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Here we go" Jennifer said behind me with her hands on my shoulders, guiding me out.

We all got in line, since me and Kylie had the same last name we stood in line together. My heart raced as they called my name.

"Next up, everyone lets congradulate Skie Pearson!" I was surprised by how loud everyone applauded for me. I grabbed the certificate with my name on and hugged all the administraters. As I walked off the stage my english teacher of two years whispered to me.

"Congrats Skie, I know you have a bright future ahead of you." I gave her a tight embrace and pulled away. "Thank you, Mrs. Tide" I smiled and went to sit next to Jennifer.

We both sat there and were quickly re-united with Kylie. My heart thumped in my chest as the ceremony was finsihing, I knew my time to give the speech was coming up. The principle read through all the names and the ceremony was nearly over.

"Now here a few words from one of our graduated seniors, Skie Pearson" Mr. Stewart announced. I nervously walked up the stage.

I shook hands with my principle and walked up to the podium. I set down my piece of paper with words scribbled on it. After adjusting the mic I cleared my throat.

"Hello, is everyone alright tonight?" I began. "Well I would just like to start off by saying I have had some wonderful times here." I looked around at the crowd. One certain individual stood out in the crowd. He sat there, he had a beautiful smile and the perfect shade of brown eyes. He stared at me with this look, it was indiscribable. I stood there, wondering why he was staring at me. Suddenly I realized I had just taken a painfully long pause in my speech. I peered down at Kylie and Jennifer. They were motioning me to move on. I snapped back to the moment.

"Defiantly many laughs" I looked back this mysterious person. His eyes locked on mine. It was unusual. I couldn't focus myself. I was finally able to focus when he turned to look down at his phone. At that moment on I was able to finsih my speech. When I was done there was a round of applause as I exited the stage. After the ceremony there were many pictures taken and laughs erupting.

Me and the girls decided to go out for dinner to celebrate.

"Be careful honey, be home by 10" My dad instructed. My father could be very strict at times, but I had expected him loosen up since I was graduated and turning eighteen in a few months. I nodded before going off with Kylie, Jennifer, and a few other friends.

We drove off once everyone was loaded into our friend Collin's van. A few minutes in the car and we ended up at one of my favorite restuarants. We all walk in and a waitress seats all of us.

"So Skie" My friend Christy says. "What has been going on between you and Jeremy?"

My cheeks turn bright red as I feel everyone's eyes on me. Jeremy was my ex boyfriend, I had completly broken his heart a few months when we dated. I didn't mean to, it was all a misunderstanding. Me and him have recently been texting and talking on the phone. My feelings for him were confusing.

"Yeah, what's up between the two of you?" Jennifer asks.

"Nothing is going on, we're just friends." I said sipping my water.

"I saw the way you acted last week at the football game" Jennifer teased.

"Really. We're just friends guys" I assured everyone.

"Oh and why did you keep messing up on your speech?" Collin asked.

As soon as he spoke I looked up and almost choked on my water. Not at his question, but what I saw on the other side of the resturant. It was that guy, the guy that distracted me at the ceremony. Why is he here? What did he want? I looked him and gave him a half smile. He chuckled and turned to the girl at the side of him.

"Skie are you okay?" Collin asked handing me a napkin. I noticed I got water on the table, I grew embarrassed as I realized what I had just done.

"Yeah I'm fine, I jus-" I trailed off mid sentence looking back at the guy across the restuarant. He wasn't looking at me, but I sat there and looked at him. I examined all his features. Short shaved hair, brown eyes, soft pink lip. I couldn't help but admire his looks.

We all carried on our conversations until our food came. When we finished eating we all got up and walked outside. As we walked back to Collin's car I noticed my phone wasn't in my pocket.

"Hey guys I left my phone on the table. I'll be right back"

"Okay, hurry" Jennifer said. I walked backed into the restuarant, my head looking down at the floor. When I looked up I jumped back as this tall figure stood in front of me. I looked into his eyes, I was face to face with the mysterious man who has been staring at me all night.

"Uh.. Excuse me" I awkwardly muttered.

"Looking for this?" He spoke holding up my phone. I stared at him confused.

"How did you- ?" He cut me off.

"You left it on the table, I wanted to take it over to you"

"Oh.. Well, uhm thanks" I said taking my phone from his hands.

"My name is Liam, by the way." He grinned.

"Skie" I have smiled.

"Nice to meet you, Skie"

"You to, Liam"

"I took down your number, if you don't mind"

I got nervous knowing this complete stranger was fumbling through my phone.

"Not at all." I smiled. I turned an walked away.

**Next day**

I opened my eyes the next morning, it was warm and sunny outside. I sat up yawning as I stretched my arms. I searched around for my phone to check my messages. I looked through them until I reached the bottom. It was from Liam.

"Goodmorning :)x"

"Morning" I quickly typed then set the phone down. I got up and started the water in the bathroom. I stepped into the shower when it felt warm enough. When I was finished I wrapped myself in a towel and walked into my room. I sat on the bed and checked my phone. I had another message from Liam.

"Are you alright love?"

"I'm good, and you?xx"

I set my phone down, a small smile on my face. Although a bit creepy, Liam was cute. I threw on some clothes and brushed through my hair. I walked downstairs and was instantly greeted by my dad.

"Sleep well?" He asked.

"Like a baby." I laughed. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out, it was from Jeremy.

"Are you busy later on?"

I had a big smile on my face, it was obvious I still had feelings for the guy.

"Not at all (:" I replied.

My mom set down a plate in front of me. There were pancakes and eggs steaming on the plate.

"Thanks mom" I smiled cutting into my pancakes. My phone vibrated again, I expected it be from Jeremy.

From: Liam

"I'm fine hun, I was wondering if you would let me take you out tonight?"

I ignored his text and kept on eating. I felt another vibration and picked up my phone, it was Jeremy this time.

"Great, Collins throwing a party. I was wondering of you'd wanted to come with me ;)"

"Sounds fun! I'll be there" I replied.

I sent the text and replied to Liam.

"Sorry, I have other plans. Maybe another time."

*At the party*

Jeremy picked me up at around 7 pm and we drove to Collins house. When we arrived there were already people taking shots. Jeremy held me by the waste to his side while he greeted everyone. He seemed to know everybody.

"Want to take a shot?" Jeremy asked pointing to the counter filled with various bottles of alcohol.

"Sure" I smiled. He walked me over and handed me a small glass cup. He poured himself and I one. I took the cup in my hands and swallowed the alcohol. The bitter taste lingered in my mouth for a few seconds. Jeremy poured himself another and swallowed it quickly. As my friend turned me around I noticed him pour another.

"Hey! You made it!" She said hugging me. I smelled the alcohol on her breathe and knew just by the way she was acting she was a bit tipsy.

"Yeah! Nice to see you!" I smiled.

"Have you drank anything yet?"

"Yes, I just took a shot"

"Only one? Here." She said handing me a red plastic cup. It was filled all to the top and contained red liquid inside.

"What's in this?" I asked.

"Half vodka and half fruit juice" She laughed. I smiled and took a drink. It was very strong, I knew there was more than half vodka in it.

Jeremy wrapped his arms around me from behind. I smiled and turned to him.

"Having fun?" I asked sipping my drink.

"Yea, and I can tell you are too." He looked down at my cup. We went and sat on the couch next to Kylie. We all sparked a conversation, when suddenly I froze. I spotted Liam across the room talking to Collin, he had a drink in his hand. I watched from a far at them. They broke out in laughter every now and then. When they were done Collin walked over to the three of us. Me and Liam caught each others eyes. He stared at me for a second and then smiled at me. I turned my eyes on Collin who was talking to Jeremy.

"Hey Collin, who that guy over there?" I asked gesturing to Liam without him noticing.

"Liam?" He asked looking over at him.

"Yea." I said

"He's my cousin, he just moved here from Wolverhampton. Why?" He asked.

"No reason, just wondering" I said setting my eyes back on Jeremy. His blue eyes locked onto mine causing me to smile.

The party carried on and I noticed Jeremy getting drunker and drunker by the hour.

"Wanna go upstairs? I have to talk to you" Jeremy asked.

"Sure" I said. He lead me up the stairs and into a room. He shut the door, it was a lot quieter in the room.

"What did you wanna talk to me about?" I asked. He sat dangerously close to me.

"You" He said leaning into me. Our lips crashed together, I could taste the alcohol on his lips. I kissed him back. He brought his hand up and cupped my breast.

"Jeremy, stop" I whispered.

"C'mon just-" He trailed off as he kissed me again. He layed me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. Our lips crashed together again. He started to unbuckle his pants and I felt uncomfortable.

"Okay Jeremy, get off." I said. He didn't move. I tried gently pushing him off put he held my arms down.

"Jeremy, let go" I spoke a bit louder.

"I want to make you feel so good Skie" He whispered in my ear, I could smell the alcohol on his breathe.

"Jeremey get off me!" I almosted shouted. He held me down tighter and ran his hand up my shirt.

"Jeremy stop!" I yelled trying with all my might to break free. He wouldn't let go of me. I began to panic.

"STOP!" I screamed. I couldn't get him off of me. "HELP!" I screamed at the stop of my lungs. He covered my mouth started kissing my neck. I tried yelling out again but all that came out was a muzzled scream. I started panicking again and moving around.

Suddenly I heard a loud thud on the door as it flew open. Liam came rushing in. "Hey, what are you doing to her!" He shouted.

Jeremy looked up and Liam pushed him off of me. Jeremy fell to the floor I got up and ran to the door. I stayed and watched as Jeremy tried to run up to Liam, but was sent to the floor with a blow to the face. I raised my hand over my mouth as Jeremy hit the floor.

Liam looked over to me.

"Are you okay?" He asked walking towards me, I just stood there frozen. He walked right up to me.

"Do you need a ride home?" He asked

I slowly nodded. He grabbed my hand led me outside to his red car. My friends gave me mixed confused faces as I walked out with Liam. He opened his car door for me and let me in. He climbed in the drivers seat and started the car. We drove off away from the party. It was a quiet awkward car ride.

"Thank you" I said softy. He turned and smiled.

"No problem." He said.

"So, you live around here?" I asked.

"Yeah around here, which way is it to where you live?" He asked.

I gave him the directions and he thanked me.

"Hey, I live on this street" He chuckled.

"Really?" I asked as we pulled up to my house.

"Yeah, just a few houses down"

I unbuckled my seat belt and got out the car.

"Thanks for everything" I said as I got out.

"No problem, I'll text you"

"Okay" I mumbled before shutting the door. I got out keys from purse and opened the door, I looked back as his car as he drove away. I walked into my house and up my stairs. I was supposed to by home an hour ago. I slipped into some comfortable clothes and went into bed. I instantly drifted off.

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