She thought Liam was just a normal guy, but soon Skie realizes she is deeply in love with Liam. Her father, however, does not approve of his daughters choice. What happens when the love you have for someone is forbidden?


11. Phone call

It was a beautiful day out. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping. I was walking home from class, my dad had work so he couldn't pick me up. I didn't mind though. Liam had called me lastnight. Me and him still remained close friends, but there was still no doubt in my mind I loved him. He was telling me how he got himself a new house, and job. Life seemed to be going great for him, I was happy. We'd often times talk about how we missed eachother, and he would always tell me he loved me. I always said it right back to him, what we had was confusing.


"Skie" I heard someone call out my name. I stopped in my tracks.

"Skie!" The voice called out again, it almost sounded like... No, i-it couldn't be. I turned around in shock. My smile nearly turned into a frown when I saw Luke walking towards me.

"How are you" He smiled, his blue eyes sparkling in the sunlight. I blushed slighty anad replied.

"I'm okay" I smiled.

"Where you headed?" He asked.

"Just home" I looked up to him, his height towering over me.

"That's no fun" He chuckled.

'Well I've got nothing else to do" I grinned.

"We shoud hang out" He said, smiling down to me. I looked up at him, looking into his eyes.

"Sure" I smiled.

"Great, I know the perfect place" He smiled. I followed him down a bunch of different streets I haden't yet discovered.

'So how old are you?" He asked.

"Just turned 18" I replied. He nodded, with a smile. Of course.

"How old are you" I asked.

"19" He said. I mouthed the word 'Oh' looking down.

"Here" He said bringing us to a stop. In front of me was a beautiful park


Liam's P.O.V


I sat on my couch in my new living room. It was quite big. I had to get out of my old flat, everywhere I turned reminded me of Skie. I missed her so much. Harry was coming over today. Ever since Skie left I had shut everyone out completely, I was to broken. I didn't want anyone to see me that way. I was flipping threw the channels when I heard a knock at the door.


"Liam!" Harry shouted as I opened the door.

"Harry!" I smiled back letting him in. He walked in ahead of me looking around the new space.

"This place is sick" He said smiling back to me.

"I know" I said. "Want something to drink?" I asked walking over to the fridge.

"Sure" He sspoke sitting on the table. I reached into the refridgerater and pulled out a beer for Harry. I tossed the can to him and he caught it.

"So how have you been? He asked popping open the can.

"I've been... fine" I said sitting at the table with him.

"Talk to Skie lately?" He asked. I just looked at him for a second. Just the sound of her name brought tears to my eyes. I sucked up and smiled.

"Yea, we still stay in touch." I replied.

"She texted me last night" Harry said sipping his drink. My head shot up.

"What did she say?" I asked.

"Just asked how I was doing, you know, stuff like that" He replied. I felt a bit relieved, I always noticed something between Skie and Harry. I guess they were just really close.

"You know, me and her became really close" Harry said, as if he read my mind.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Yeah, she tells me everything." He said.

"That's great" I smiled. Harry smiled.

"So what's new?" I asked.

"Taylor called me again last night" He said. We both looked at eachother and burst into laughter.


Skie's P.O.V

Me and Luke sat at a park bench, talking about everything and anything. It was so pretty out, the sun was shining.

"So what part of England are you from?" He asked.

"Well I'm originally from South Yorkshire, but my mum and dad moved us to London when I was twelve" I replied taking another sip of my frappe` Luke got me from Starbucks.

"Sounds neat" He smiled. I noticed Luke had one deep dimple on his left cheek, I loved dimples. I just smiled up at him. We had been sitting here over two hours.

"Wow, we've been here for quite a awhile" I said looking down at my phone.

"Yeah, we have" Luke smiled, looking around.

"I should get going" I said slowly standing up.

"Let me walk you" He smirked.


Later That Night.


I collapsed on my bed, scrolling threw my phone. It was about 2 a.m I was caught by surprise with a call from Liam. This was our usual routine.

"Hey Liam" I answered.

"How are you?" He asked.

"I'm okay, slow day" I replied.

"What time is it there?" He asked. Liam always seemed so facinated with the time differences, and pretty everything about me being in a different country.

"It's 2 am Liam" I giggled.

"That's so weird" He said.

"We go through this every night" I smiled. Liam began talking, but I got a text from Luke and ignored what he had to say. I read the text, I could hear Liam mummbled on about something.


You're beautiful :)

I smiled and put the phone back to my ear. "What was that?" I asked.

"Oh nothing, just telling you about today. Harry came over."

"Harry? I miss him!" I said.

"He's over right now" Liam said.

"Tell him I said hi!" I said in excitement. Me and Harry had stayed in touch, we often called and texted eachother.

"You're on speaker" Liam spoke.

"Harry!" I shouted.

"Skie!" I could barely hear him, it sounded as if he was across the room.

"Miss you" I said, smiling

"MIss you too!" He shouted back.

"Okay, that;s enough of Harry" Liam said.

"Well I should get to sleep, exams in the morning" I said.

"Goodnight Skie, love you" Liam said.

"Love you too" I replied, smiling. I hung up and got into my covers. My phone buzzed, I expected it to be Liam.


Goodnight Skie ;)

I laughed softly to myself, Harry was something else.

"Night Harry.(:"

I replied setting my phone on the small table next to my bed.







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