She thought Liam was just a normal guy, but soon Skie realizes she is deeply in love with Liam. Her father, however, does not approve of his daughters choice. What happens when the love you have for someone is forbidden?


2. A Bit Too Nice

The heat of the sun beating down on my face woke me up the next morning. I yawned and took my phone in my hands, for the usual morning inspection. There were a few messages in my inbox, but one in particular caught my eye.


"Good morning, Skie"

I was beginning to type out my reply to him when I got a message from Kylie. I saved my messsage in my drafts and opened up Kylie's message.


"What on earth happened last night? You have to come over so we can discuss."

I read her text and replied. I had a feeling this was coming. I really shouldn't have left the party with a complete stranger, but something about his harmless face assured me I wasn't in any danger.

"Sure, I'll be there later."

A yawn escaped my mouth as I sat up in my bed. I went into my drafts and completed my message for Liam.


After showering I walked downstairs where I was usually greeted by my mom and dad. The house was completly quiet to my surprise. I searched the large house for any sign of my parents, when I came across a note on the coffee table. I sat on the couch as I lifted it up.

"Dad got called in to work, and I'm out doing a few errands. Be home in a bit love.

Mom xx"

I set the note back on the table and leaned back on the couch. Every move I made seemed to echo in the quiet house. My hands fumbled in my pocket for my phone. I peered down on my phone as I checked my messages.


"How are you?"

"I'm good thanks for asking, and you?"


"Okay, hurry over!"

"I'll try my best haha!"

I sat my phone down and jogged back upstairs to get ready. I brushed out my hair and threw on a little make-up unsure if me and Kylie were going to to go somehwere or not. I slipped on a pair of skinny jeans and a black tee. I went back down staris, grabbed my phone and left. Kylie lived only ten minutes away from me so I decided to walk, it was a beautiful day outside anyway. I got the chills remembering what Liam had told me when I gave hime directions to my house. I looked around my surroundings keeping it well in my mind that any one of these houses could belong to him.

My nerves went down a little bit as I turned out of my street. My eyes squinted in the sunny weather. I walked for a few more minutes until I reached Kylie's street. I walked down the pavement and up to her door. I heard footsteps inching closer and closer to the door as I knocked.

"Hey, come in!" Kylie smiled letting me in.

I walked in and instantly fell to the couch. She came and sat next to me, looking through herphone . I noticed her laptop open, she seemed to be on Tumblr.

"So, tell me everything" She demanded.

"What are you talking about?" I grinned.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, you wanna tell me about you hopping into a car with a complete stranger?"

"He wasn't a complete stranger." I said emphasizing the word 'complete'.

"Oh really, what's his name?" She asked, assuming I didn't know the answer.

"Liam" I said, a smile casting over my face.

"And how old is Liam, Skie?"

"He's.. uhm.. I don't know"

"See, you know nothing more than his name."

I laughed at her words and leaned back into my couch pulling out my phone. I had another message.


"Can I see you again? xx"

I was going to reply when Kylie pryed the phone from my hands.
"Hey!" I playfully shouted.

"When can I see you?" She mimicked.

"Give me that back" I laughed pulling my phone from her hands.

"He's just a freind." I assured.

"Sure" She cooed. I rolled my eyes as she changed the subject. The time went on and me and Liam continued exchanging text messages.

"Are you hungry?" She asked.

"Starved" I replied realizing I haven't eaten all day.

"Let's go to that new diner" She suggested. I agreed and we left the house. We climbed into her car and drove off. We chatted in the car the whole way, until we pulled up into the parking lot. We entered the diner and were quickly seated.

"This place is cute" I said obsevring the small resturant. Kylie nodded in agreement.

"So how are you and Jeremy?" Kylie asked. I knew she was fully aware of what happened at the party, but we decided not to talk about it.

"I don't know." I said looking down at the table. "I'm not sure if I ever want to talk to him again" I spoke up. I haden't talked to Jeremy since last night. He texted me a few times but I ignored him.

"What are you going to have" Kylie said scanning the menu. I picked up the menu and looked through it.

"I think I'll have the number 4" I said focused on the menu in front of my face. The waitrest came and took our orders, she set down two plastic cups for us. I got up to go get my drink.

"Get me a coke!" Kylie shouted holding up her cup. I smiled and picked it up. I walked over to the soda machine and put our cups under the faucet. After filling them to the brim, I grabbed the sodas in my hands and turned around. I jolted back at the tall figure in front of me, both sodas falling to the floor.

"I-I'm so sorry." I nervously spoke as he stood before me.

"It's quite alright" He laughed.

"Liam, what are you doing here?" I asked. I looked over to Kylie who was eagerly watching.

"I'm here with a friend" He smiled pointed at a guy with blonde hair sitting by the window. He looked about the same age as Liam. His hair was blonde with blotches of brown everywhere. He had crystal blue eyes and braces. There was no doubt I thought he was attractive.

"Here let me get these for you" Liam said bending over to pick up the cups. I looked over to Kylie, who was mouthing the words, "What's going on?'. I mouthed back to her, "I don't know".

I looked back to Liam, he was smiling at me.

"Here" He handed me our cups. I re-filled both cups and he stood behind me, I assumed waiting to fill his.

"You look really pretty today" I heard his voice behind me. I put the lids on the cups and turned to him.

"Thanks" I shyly said to him.

"Can I take you out tomorrow, around 5?" He asked.

"I'm not sure if I-"

"Please? I'll show you a lovely time" He said cutting me off.

I took a deep breathe, questioning wether I should say yes or no. He looked me in the eyes, mentally begging me to accept.

"Sure, sounds nice" I smiled looking up to him. He returned the smile.

"See you tomorrow at 5." I just nodded with agrin. I walked back to the table with our cups.

"My god, what happened?" Kylie curiously asked.

"I'ved got a date tomorrow." I half smiled, looking over to Liam.

*Next Day*

My father wasn't so thrilled to hear I had a date tonight, with a boy. He still saw me as his 'little girl'.

"Be in this house by 8" He spoke sternly.

I walked upstairs to my room, it was currently 4:13. I had never been on an actuall date before, and wasn't sure what to wear. It was hot out so I decided to wear a pink floral tank top and shorts. I slipped on my sandals and strolled into the bathroom to fix my hair and make-up. I brushed out my long light brown, naturally straight hair. I heard the bell ring as I finished applying mascara to my eyelashes. I grabbed my phone and jogged downstairs.

I gulped as I saw that my dad had opened the door.

"Take care of my daughter." He said looking at Liam.

"I will sir." Liam spoke trying to make a good first impression. I could tell my dad was uneasy about the situation. He was like this about everyone I dated, especially Jeremy.

"Bring her back at eight, no later." My dad spoke.

"Will do" Liam smiled.

"Okay let's go" I gently pushed Liam out the door with me. "Love you dad" I said as he shut the door.

"He seems nice" Liam chuckled.

"He really is, he's just protective."

"I could see why, you're beautiful"

I blushed at his words. He opened up the car door for me and shut it when I climbed in. He walked around and got into the car.

"So uhm, Liam, where are you going to take me on this date?" I asked as he drove away.

"Strikers" He said concentrating on the road.

"Bowling?" I asked in excitement. I excelled when it came to bowling. This date might actually be a 'lovely time'.

"You like bowling?" He asked turning a corner.

"Yeah, it's okay." I smiled looking out the window. He drove for a while before we reached our destination. We got out and walked into 'Strikers'. I watched as Liam payed for everything and lead us to the bowling area. We sat down to put on our shoes before getting back up and beginning our game.

"Good luck" He said with a red bowling ball in his hand. He rolled the ball and it raced down the lane. He knocked down 8 pins and looked at me, proud of his achievment. I smiled at him as I stepped up. I grabbed a blue bowling ball and rolled it down the lane, knocking every pin down.

"You've played before?" He asked shocked.

"Just a little" I smiled. Our game continued for what seemed an hour. I rolled my last ball. When I knocked over every pin I pumped both hands in the air at my win. Liam smiled at my success.

"I let you win" He laughed.

"Suuure" I chuckled.


"A little" I replied. He sat me at a table before walking over the food court. He came back a few minutes later with two plates of nachos and two cups of soda.

"My favorite" I smiled.

"So how old are you?" Liam asked picking up a chip flled with cheese.

"I'm 17" I replied. "But I'm turning 18 in August"

"I'm turning 20 in August" He smiled. I was about to speak when his phone rang.

"I'm sorry" He spoke pulling out his phone.

"Hello?" He answered. I could a faint voice on the other side.

"I'm kind of bus-" He was cut off. "Alright, I'll be there" He hung up the phone.

"Want to come with me to a friends house?" He asked. I looked down at the time. It was 6:24

"Sure" I smiled.

We both got into the car and drove away. We finally arrived at a very large house minutes later. Liam opened the door for me and led me up to the door. He knocked at the door. The boy who opened the door was the same boy who was at the diner with Liam yesterday. He greeted Liam letting us in.

"Skie this Niall, Niall Skie" Liam smiled.

"Nice to meet you" Niall smiled leading me to a couch.

"You too" I smiled.

I sat down and looked around. There were many pictures in the house. I looked to my right at small paper framed up. It read:

"In loving memory of Alexis Elizabeth Slater". There was picture of a girl with dark brown wavy hair and blue eyes. She was very pretty.

Liam and stood near a counter top across the room, speaking about something. My thoughts were interupted by a vibration in my pocket.

From Kylie:

"How's the date?"

"Very nice actually" I replied. I felt someone sit next me on the couch. I urned to see a boy with brown curly hair and green eyes.

"Hi, I'm Harry" He said, a big smile on his pink, plump lips. I smiled back at him.

"Hi, I'm Skie" I grinned.

"You here with Liam?" He asked.

"Yeah" I replied looking at Liam.

"Good, he's a real nice guy" He said before getting up and entering the kitchen. I checked my phone, it was almost 7. Liam and Niall walked over to me and sat down, Harry followed shortly after.

"Harry have you been introduced to Skie?" Liam asked.

"Yes, and she seems like a nice girl." He smiled at me. Liam smiled and turned back to me.

"So how long have you known Liam?" Harry asked.

"Not that long, this our first date actually." I replied. Harry smiled at me and turned his attention to the tv. Harry was sitting quite close to me.

"Harry, who is this?" I asked pointing at the picture Niall had framed.

"That's Niall's ex girlfriend, she died a few months ago. They were desperatly in love."

My eyes widened. "That must have been horrible for him" I said.

"It was" He said back to me. I looked back at Liam and Niall who were deep in converstaion on the couch oppostie of me and Harry.

"So what do you think of Liam?" Harry asked.

"He seems very nice" I smiled looking over to him.

"He is, a bit too nice if you ask me" Harry joked. I just giggled at his comment.

"Are you ready?" Liam asked.

"Yeah" I smiled.

"It was nice to meet you both." I said to Niall and Harry before walking out. Liam lead me to his car and let me in. We drove away after he entered the vehicle.

"So did you have a nice time?" He asked smiling at me.

"It was fun" I smiled back at him. I looked at him for a bit. There was something about the way he smiled, the way he looked at me. I couldn't explain it. He turned his head to me and I turned away quickly hoping he didn't catch me. He smiled, I had been caught.

When we arrived at my house he walked me up to my door.

"Hope to see you again" He said before placing a soft kiss to my cheek.

"You too" I smiled.


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